Announcement: New light novel translation coming soon! Starting a New Life for the Discarded All-Rounder

To all readers, we have decided to translate a new light novel! (Since we’re almost caught up with the latest volume of The New Gate, it may take a while to wait for the next release)

This could be a teaser or a long-term project(let’s see how it goes). Details below.


Novel title: 追い出された万能職に新しい人生が始まりました (Oidasareta Bannou-shoku ni Atarashii Jinsei ga Hajimarimashita)

English title:  Starting a New Life for the Discarded All-Rounder

Shortened title: ~Discarded All-Rounder (DAR)

Author: 東堂大稀 (Toudou Daiki)

Illustrator: らむ屋 (Ramu-Ya)


Novel synopsis:

“Anyway, you’re out.”

And with that, Roa, a young man with the “All-Rounder” job was kicked out of the Hero’s party.

The “All-Rounder” job was the lowest of the low for an adventurer.

The adventurer guild gave it such a nifty sounding name, but few people ever used it.

 “Servant”, “Delivery Boy”, “Jack of all Trades”, “Help”, “Novice”.

Less polite people went as far as calling it “Parasite”, or just use “All-Rounder” in a very sarcastic tone.

To put it simply, it was a job capable of doing anything except fighting – the lowest ranked job for specialists of menial chores.

After 7 years of working this bottom of the barrel job, Roa was kicked out of the party and began a new life…