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Shin Translations Team


– Translator(Active)

Watch anime and manga when not translating. Favorite anime of all time: One Piece/ Current favorite manga: One Punch Man



– Editor(Partly Active)

Have liked manga & anime since the 90’s, played FF11(had every job at 75(before abyss was added) and Mjollnir[whm relic], play mousehunt/swordquest on facebook, lived in Japan for around 4 years in Sasebo on Kyushuu Island. Occasionally run half marathons, and am currently a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do/Hapkido.

Basic Hiragana Lesson


– Editor(Active)

Currently working and entering college part time soon! also not really an avid anime fan I prefer prefer Wn or Lns like The New Gate, Konjiki No Wordmaster( Also add me for 3vs3 RL, must not be Nub :>)


– Editor(Active)

Started watching anime when I was in 4th grade (dubbed), went onto reading manga, and am currently obsessed with LNs and Wns. Fulfilling my obligatory year in the military.

And various other editors & helpers


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