BBYW Vol. 1 Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – The Lance Maiden is Relatively Easy

“Hnn! Haah! Yaah!”

“Hoh, phew, hah, mph.”

The silver-haired beauty — Shana continued swinging her lance. The lance she was wielding now was a wooden one, so it was not lethal per se, but, if it struck a critical spot, it could still cause bone fractures.

Each one of her strikes was meant to defeat the opponent before her, but I dodged all of them relatively casually.

“And that’s all, folks!”


I waited for the perfect timing to grab the lance’s handle with my left hand and pull it towards me, as I thrust the wooden sword in my right hand to her neck.

“Game over, I win again.”

“Aah, I lose again…”

I announced my victory and Shana let go of her lance, slumping down on the ground. Her eyes brimmed with tears.

She was two years older than me, but her expression in these moments was kind of childish and lovely.

The place we used for our sparring match was the garden of my private residence.

After our moonlit duel in the slums, I took the unconscious Shana back to a nearby inn. There I tended to every nook and cranny of her body, with utmost care, and finally let her go.

I had already fully enjoyed my privileges as the victor, so I had no intention of restraining her any further than that: so if she said she would return to the empire, I would not try to stop her.

“How can I go back like this, with my tail between my legs!? I demand another duel!!”

Shana, however, only requested another contest.

Maybe it was her warrior’s pride, or maybe she just hated losing, but she challenged me again, unaffected by how thoroughly I had had my way with her.

I wasn’t keen on having a duel to the death with someone I had slept with, naturally, so I set some conditions for our next duel.

Condition 1 : 

The duel will be conducted with wooden weapons for mock battles and killing the opponent was forbidden.

Condition 2 : 

If Shana Salazar wins a mock battle, Dyngir Maxwell will face her again, with actual battle weapons and at full power.

Condition 3 : 

If Dyngir Maxwell wins a mock battle, Shana Salazar will serve him as subordinate and lover for one month.

“This was my 20th win in a row. Isn’t it time you give up? At this rate you’re not going back to the empire in this life.”

I then tossed the wooden lance at her feet.

I had already won 20 times, so Shana would have to serve me for almost 2 years.

Since I could keep a beautiful master of the lance at my side in a completely honorable manner, the duels were nothing but a blessing for me.

“You should have realized already that you’ll never defeat me with these conditions.”


I talked down to her on purpose, and Shana looked away from me, pouting.

After all, the conditions of the duel put me at a clear advantage.

In our duel in the slums, Shana cornered me more than once.

That wasn’t because our fighting skills were equal, but because I held back and fought without the intent to kill.

If we fought with sparring weapons, without the danger of death from the start, I did not need to hold back.

Shana’s mastery of the lance ranked among the best I had ever faced. However, she was not the best.

In other words, it also meant that I had fought multiple times against warriors superior to her.

Her technique of spinning the lance and using the generated centrifugal force to attack was troublesome to deal with, but it was a technique I already learned how to counter. If she used a wooden lance, stopping the tip even with my hands wasn’t difficult. No matter how many times we fought, there was no way for me to lose.

“Mmgh…how frustrating. I wanted to draw out your full power no matter what, but…”

“My full power, hmm…our last duel in the slums wasn’t enough?”

“I had the impression that you held back much of what you could do at that time. If my instincts are right, you still have aces up your sleeve.”

“Hmm, I wonder…”

I shrugged in response to Shana’s suspicions.

Then she blushed and showed an annoyed expression.

“I cannot possibly go back to the empire before you and I have another duel to the death. I suppose I will have to continue this life for a while, to seek a chance for revenge.”

“Well, works for me.”

With a provocative beauty like her at my command, I had nothing to complain about.

I stabbed my wooden sword into the ground, took Shana’s hand, and helped her stand back up. I used the momentum to go ahead and embrace her.

“Ah, hey now. It’s still noon.”

I caressed her behind, and Shana protested.

“It’s fine, it’s fine.”

Respecting the rules of the duel, however, she did not resist, so I let my hands advance beyond the slits of her dress. The feeling of her sweaty thighs was so pleasant, I always felt I could just keep touching them forever.

“You’re hopeless…let us go inside at least…”

“I feel like doing it outside today. Don’t worry, I’ll finish by the time you have counted all the clouds in the sky.”

“Mmh…what a troublesome master I have.”

Shana blushed and rubbed her thighs against each other, feeling awkward.

I had made her mine several times already, but maybe because she always lived the life of a warrior, her reactions were still inexperienced and adorable.

“If we stay here, won’t we be seen in the nude by someone?”

“You wouldn’t like that?”

“Of course not. I have become used to being seen by you, but I loathe the idea of being seen by others!!”

“I see. I guess I should send away the peeping tom then.”


I quickly pulled the wooden sword from the ground and threw it towards one of the oak trees growing in the garden.

The instant the sword stabbed into the oak tree’s trunk, a man clad in black jumped out from the shade behind it.

I prepared for the man to attack us, but he jumped over the residence’s fence and disappeared from our sight with incredible speed.

“Ooh, how fast!! That man must be really skilled!”

I was genuinely impressed, but Shana seemed shaken.

“W-w-what was that!? An assassin!? W-when did he get there!?“

“He’s been there since we started the mock battle, that’s for sure. You didn’t notice?”

I shrugged in reply. At this rate, the day Shana could defeat me was still very far away.

“And you act like this with an assassin watching…? I am starting to doubt your sanity…”

“I do what I must, no matter who watches. Even the battlefield is a good place to make love to a woman…that’s the kind of man I am.”

“I see…hero and fool are truly two sides of the same coin…”

Helplessness, admiration, disappointment…I sensed a mixture of emotions in Shana’s tone.

I shrugged again and pulled her closer.

There was still time before lunch: I might as well use it for another short work out.

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