BBYW Vol. 1 Short Story


Digital Version Short Story – Dyngir and Eliza’s Morning


Lamperouge kingdom, eastern province, Margrave Maxwell’s manor. Dyngir Maxwell, successor to house Maxwell, often got up late.

Every night he would take one or more of the maids working in the manor to bed with him, playing with them until late at night, so he always got up past noon.

However — things were different that morning.

The sun was just peeking beyond the horizon when a maid visited Dyngir’s room to wake him up.

“Excuse my intrusion. Young master, it’s morning.”

The maid who entered the room was Eliza.

A physique growing more mature every year, curves accentuated by her maid attire, she walked towards her master’s bed.

“You are going to leave for work, yes? You must get up soon or you will be late.”

Eliza shook Dyngir, covered by blankets over his head, and called to him.


Dyngir, however, curled his body into a ball and resisted.

“Honestly…this part of you still hasn’t changed since you were a child.”

Eliza put a hand on her thigh and sighed deeply.

She had served Dyngir for 10 years already.

In her eyes, however, his body had grown but he didn’t change much inside. She still thought of him as a troublesome little brother.

“A little more…let me sleep…just 10 more minutes…”

A muffled voice could be heard from under the covers.

“That won’t do!! You’ll be late!”

Preparations for departure could take a long time. If she allowed him to fall asleep again, it would be pointless to have prohibited all night “games” and sent him to bed early the night before.

Eliza frowned, then started shaking the blankets again.

“Wake up, young master! You are not a child anymore, you cannot sleep in like this!”


“If the margrave’s heir is late the whole house will be shamed! Wake up already, come on!”

Eliza called to her master as if scolding an unruly child, as she continued hitting the blankets.

When she decided to take off the blankets, something unexpected occurred.


The blankets wrapped around Dyngir suddenly spread in the air, engulfing Eliza like a snake’s jaws catching its prey.

“Aaaaahhh!! Yo-young master!?”

Taken by surprise and pulled into the bed, Eliza shrieked.

Dyngir embraced the poor maid from behind and buried his head in her slim neck.

“Hmm…this cushion is really comfortable.”

“Young master, please wake up! No pranks, or I will get an…nh!”

“So warm…this is heaven…”

One of the master’s hands sank deep into the maid’s ample bosom, starting a rather lewd exploration.

“Haah…nh…young master…! Anh…”

Sweet moans escaped Eliza’s lips.

Dyngir was still half asleep, but his hands could move in terribly skilled ways nonetheless.

The master held down the struggling maid and started enjoying the carnal pleasures she offered to the fullest.


A high-pitched shriek echoed throughout the manor’s early morning.

Approximately one hour later, Dyngir sluggishly got out of bed.

“…what? How did this happen?”

He frowned and looked honestly puzzled at Eliza, disheveled and breathing heavily next to him.

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