BBYW Vol. 2 Chapter 13 (WN)

Chapter 13 – No Assaulting, Violating or Defiling


“Yes, my Lord.”


I called the young assassin’s name out of the blue. She appeared before us suddenly, causing Rossellia to react in surprise.

“Give me a needle!”

“Yes, my Lord.”

I took the needle Sakuya gave me and stabbed my left arm, without hesitation.

“Eeeh!? What in the world are you doing!?”


Enduring the pain transmitted from my left arm, I once again looked at Rossellia. The beautiful golden-haired princess’ expression was of utter confusion. Skin as white as a pearl, lips as red as a rose. Lovely shaped eyes and nose, all positioned with the most perfect balance.

Truly, a divine masterpiece. I wasn’t much of a believer, but looking at Rossellia made me think that maybe, there truly was a God up in heaven.

(She’s so beautiful…but I can still resist.)

Thanks to the pain, I managed to disrupt my focus enough to not fall for the charm of the young lady before me. If I hadn’t stabbed my arm, I might have laid hands on her already.

(No wonder the old man was so wary. Men would go to war over her…)

Princess Rossellia could surely become lethal poison for a country, depending on the role she played. Sullivan, for example, would have fallen for her so bad that he might have sold off the kingdom, I’d wager.

(To think that she was kept hidden in the imperial court all these years…the late emperor was a fool for never using her. Or maybe he just had a soft spot for his daughter?)

“Er, ehm, is everything okay? You’re bleeding…”

Rossellia looked at me in apprehension, as blood kept dripping from my arm. I tried to sound as bright as I could.

“Oh, it’s nothing. I saw a spider climb on my arm, you see. I apologize for making a ruckus.”

“Y-You would stab your arm because of a spider?”

“Well yeah, there are some nasty venomous spiders around here. If I left it alone, something  shocking could have happened.”

Maybe not to me, but to the beautiful young lady before my eyes, though.

“A-Are there really such dangerous spiders here? In the Maxwell province?”

Apparently, our lethally charming maiden was not too fond of spiders. Rossellia frantically looked at her arms and legs, patting down her dress.

“Please do not worry, Princess, we are watching over you.”

“Y-Yes, please do, thank you very much.”

The escort knight reassured Rossellia, who cleared her throat and resumed talking.

“I apologize for the embarrassing scene. Let us continue.”

“Never mind, I was the one to start it after all.”

I paused for a moment.

“In any case…who’d ever expected you to offer your own hand in marriage, a rather daring plan you’ve come up with.”

“That is the only way to settle the current turmoil afflicting the empire. I believe House Maxwell is already aware of what is going on recently in my homeland.”

“The conflicts over the succession to the throne have turned pretty grim, right?”


Rossellia nodded, without trying to hide anything.

“At present, the empire is in a state of confusion and uncertainty, because of the conflict between the three princes and potential heirs to the throne. If this succession war isn’t put to an end immediately, more and more citizens will become victims of the political conflict.”

“I see. So I take it you’re on First Prince Lars’ side?”

Since she wanted to marry me and take down Lamperouge, that seemed to be the case.

(I never met the guy, but…Lars doesn’t strike me as the fitting to take the throne. Maybe the other princes are worse?)

We only talked for a little while, but Rossellia gave me the feeling of being pretty level-headed. If she supported Lars in the race, he was likely the most fitting heir among the three brothers.

“My brother Lars has indeed been plagued by failure in the recent past, but he is an upright man who treasures his subordinates and the people. No, if someone of your caliber could support him, I am positive he would become an able emperor!!”

“Really now….”

Well, the hero I met five years ago, Bjorc Zagann, had chosen Lars as his master. He had to have the makings of a ruler in him, I guessed.

“You would sacrifice yourself to an enemy country for your brother? As you probably know, I can be quite the bastard.”

I leisurely scanned the princess from head to toe. Her physique was lean and thin, her chest — frankly speaking — meager. Her white skin, however, looked majestically delicate, surely a wonder to the touch.


Rossellia shuddered under my disrespectful gaze, but bravely glared back at me.

(Well well…)

I might sell my body, but not my heart. I could clearly feel the resolve burning in her eyes.

(She’s a good, strong woman. She doesn’t have only the looks, but a firm spirit in her.)

I wanted to bring her to bed and use all the techniques I cultivated over the years to make her surrender to me…I bet it’d be fantastic.

As I was delving in such delusions— 

“Do not look at the Princess with those lecherous eyes!!”

Rossellia’s other servant interjected. The lady knight, too, glared at me as if she wished she could kill me on the spot.

“It’s fine, Luna.”

“B-But, Princess…!”

Rossellia gently spoke to the maid that tried to defend her.

“Lord Dyngir is a man that might become my husband. Do not be disrespectful.”


The maid named Luna begrudgingly stepped back, still staring daggers at me through her glasses. She was clearly not convinced and did not attempt to hide her hostility.

(The maid here and the knight behind her are both pretty high quality too…I’d love to bring all three of them to my chambers…but.)

I exhaled deeply.

Though to be honest, my mind was made up from the start.

(Aah, woe is me. This is truly a shame.)

With such sincere thoughts of regret in my mind, I spoke up.

“I have clearly felt your resolve, Princess.”

“Thus, will you…”

“Unfortunately, though, I must decline. I cannot lend my assistance to you, nor the empire.”

Though Rossellia’s charms swayed me, I expressed my decision clearly.

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