BBYW Vol. 2 Chapter 20 (WN)

Chapter 20 – The Creep Dances Willingly

【 POV: Grett Baal】

“It takes guts to show your face before me, I’ll give you that.”

“…I am aware of the trouble we have caused for Your Highness too, due to the recent events.”

I glared at the man kneeling before me, as if showing deference.

The man, named Snowe Halphas, was a knight and my brother Lars’ second in command.

He surely knew in advance about the plan of sending Rossellia to the Maxwells. It might have even been his idea.

I barely managed to contain the impulse to cut him down on the spot.

“So? What brings you here?”

If it’s not interesting enough, you’re going to suffer the cruelest death man has ever imagined…that was the intention implied in my tone. Snowe raised his head and answered, a grave expression on his face.

“Prince Grett, I have come here for the sake of fulfilling your wishes.”

“My wishes? Know that if you are talking about Rossellia, I will not allow it. After sending her away to an enemy country, how could you…”

“No, I am not talking about the Princess. I have come to humbly offer a way for Your Highness to become emperor.”

I frowned.

“Someone like you is able to make me the emperor? That’s amusing. Do go on.”

“Thank you, Your Highness. Soon, our First Imperial Army and the Imperial Knights will lead a coordinated attack on the Maxwell province. We wish to obtain the assistance of your Second Imperial Army for this campaign.”

“I should assist my brother, you say? Utter nonsense.”

I sneered at the absurdity of Snowe’s words, but he shook his head, now lowered again.

“It is true that, if the operation succeeds and the Lamperouge kingdom falls, Prince Lars would fulfill the late emperor’s will and inherit the throne. But that would only happen if Prince Lars survived the fall of Lamperouge.”


I reflected for a short while, then confirmed Snowe’s intentions.

“…then, what you are proposing is to join this alliance of yours to take down Maxwell, and take advantage of the confusion to murder my brother too — is that right?”

“Brilliant intuition, Milord.”

“Hah, save the praise. My superiority to Lars is a well-known fact.”

However, I add: I could understand the words spoken by the man before me, but there still was something unconvincing.

“Your full name is Snowe Halphas, correct? If I remember, your brother was a knight too. You would assist me in becoming emperor, even if it meant killing your brother in the process?”

My question caused a storm of emotions in Snowe’s expression: rage, pain, regret — a series of emotions coursed through his face.

“….five years ago, in the battle against House Maxwell, Prince Lars abandoned my brother, Eis Halphas, to certain death. The responsibility for the defeat fell entirely upon our House Halphas, and my brother — who was once called one of the “Twin Wings” — had his honor and reputation dragged through the mud.”

“So you want to avenge your brother, then?”


Snowe nodded, silent.

(I see…Lars let his brother die, at Maxwell’s hands. This plan would mean killing both of them — two birds with one stone. He is not the younger brother of Eis Halphas, the “Wise General”, just for show, I suppose.)

My lips curved into a smile.

(Using Rossellia for their plans is still unforgivable, but there is merit in cooperating with this plan. Once Lars is gone, what happens to the kingdom is inconsequential…as long as Rossellia is back, I’ll make her my wife…and if she refuses…)

I could always make use of the turmoil caused by the war to lock her up in the dungeons.

Rossellia is lovely in her beautiful dresses, but I do want to see her in prison clothes too, all ragged and dirty…

“Very well, yes, I think I will join in your plan. As I am sure you are aware, any betrayal would mean…”

“Naturally, Milord. My eternal loyalty for you, Prince Grett…”

The flames of hate danced in the eyes of the kneeling knight.

As I gazed upon them, I contemplated the life that awaited me once I brought back Rossellia… 

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