BBYW Vol. 2 Chapter 6 (WN)


Chapter 6 – Four Rogues Under One Roof


Among the residences concentrated in the royal capital’s noble district, one mansion stood out especially.

House Thunderbird, which prospered thanks to maritime trade, was unrivaled among the Four Houses in terms of financial power. The size and luxury of its manor was clear proof: both dwarfed the other noble residences of the district.

“It seems like the other two have arrived already. Come on in, Dyn.”

“All right.”

Echidna led me down a corridor and opened the door at the end.

In the spacious guest room, I saw the Thunderbird house servants and two other people.

One of them was Sharon Utgard, heir of the northern Margrave house, still wearing her black attire from the ceremony.


Sharon glanced at Echidna and me when we entered and silently raised the wine glass in her hand, as a greeting. She then brought it to her lips.

“Nh…mmh. One more.”

“Ah, yes, right away.”

After downing the contents in one gulp, Sharon almost shoved the glass in the hands of the maid at her side, who promptly filled it.

“Nh…mmh. One more.”

“Ah, yes, right away.”

“Nh…mmh. One more.”


The maid filled the glass, Sharon took it and quickly knocked it back, going back to square one. No signs of stopping.

The table before her was rife with cheese and dried meats, but they appeared untouched. She probably kept guzzling wine, without a snack in between.

The other guest, who changed from the white ceremonial robes to a more casual attire, was Valon Sphinx, heir to the western Margrave.

He too was drinking wine, but not by drowning himself like Sharon: he savored every sip.

“Mmh, so delicate. This is truly fine wine.”

“Your praise honors us, Milord. This is a 20 year old bottle from the southern sea.”

“The south produces quality grapes, after all…hm?”

Valon noticed our arrival and looked in our direction. The moment our eyes met — 

“Dyngir Maxwell!! You!!”


— he stood up from his chair and yelled at me.

Leaving the befuddled servant behind, he stomped the floor towards me.

“How dare you show your face before me!? After fleeing from my challenge! You coward!”

“Ah, er…it has been a long time, Mister Sphinx. My apologies, but this is all so sudden, I do not understand what is happening.”

“Don’t play dumb! You ditched the martial arts tournament this year, didn’t you! Our duel hasn’t been settled yet!!”


The tournament held every year in the capital? Oh, right, I didn’t go this year.

(After the engagement cancellation and all the mess that followed, I went back straight to the province. I didn’t have time for tournaments, anyway.)

The engagement’s breakup, Sullivan’s assassination attempt, Sullivan and Selena’s punishment and its aftercare. It’s been a hectic six months, so the tournament’s existence had completely slipped my mind.

(Both last year and two years ago I fought Valon in the finals…and I won both times, didn’t I?)

I thus finally realized why he was so angry.

I didn’t participate just because I was too busy to, but from Valon’s standpoint, the underclassman who defeated him twice ran away without giving him the last chance to redeem himself.

I had no choice but to lower my head and explain myself.

“My apologies, I have been quite busy this year. Troubles with the royal family, you see.”

“Uhm…Prince, the former Prince tried having you assassinated, was that it? It is good to see you safe, and…well…my sister was worried too.”

“Oh, your sister. Her name was Naam, yes?”

I happened to meet Naam, Valon’s younger sister, before the martial arts tournament two years ago. She had come to see her brother before the finals. She had a dark complexion and black hair, just like her brother, so she had left an impression on me.

“Yes, Naam!! I finally won the tournament this year, but after I returned to the province she’s always in the clouds, worrying about you! What exactly is there between you and my sister!?”

“…there isn’t anything, actually. I just talked to her a bit, two years ago and last year. You were there too, both times…oh right, at that time I heard that her birthday was close, so I took the liberty to send a gift. Was it delivered?”

I replied, slightly tired of Valon’s overbearing attitude, but he turned it up even more.

“It was delivered indeed! These days Naam is staring at that glass tabletop clock day in and day, mumbling and sighing! To think that only a few years ago she was always behind me, saying big brother this, big brother that…! She won’t even get into the bath with me anymore, and when she talks to me it’s always about how you were at the academy…! What did you do to my sister, you fiend!?”

“…may I ask how old your sister is?”

“She’ll turn twelve this year!! So what!?”


In Valon’s eyes, I must have looked like a pedophile.

I might be a womanizer, but I never laid my hands on girls that young…

“Er, well…I will send a birthday gift this year too. Please tell her I said hi.”

“Like hell I will!! GRAAAAAAAH!!”

“Nh…mmh. One more.”

“Please, have mercy…!”

Valon stomped the floor in frustration.

Despite the loudness of our argument, Sharon continued drinking, undisturbed. There were already 10 empty bottles on the table next to her: the maid serving her was on the verge of tears.

“Well then, now that we are all here, may we get down to business?”

Echidna probably thought things might spin out of control soon, so she clapped her hands to get our attention.

She then slammed a hand on the table and pointed a finger in our direction.

“We shall now start the First New Generation Margraves Conference!”

The maids behind Echidna blared their trumpets, as the butlers followed with well-rehearsed clapping.

“…what now?”


“Nh…mmh. One more.”

Echidna’s energy far overwhelmed ours. Valon and I looked at her in disbelief, while Sharon continued drinking, without paying a shred of attention.

Thus gathered the four young men and women representing the next generation of the Four Houses, the greatest defensive military power of the Lamperouge Kingdom.

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