BBYW Vol. 2 Interlude Part 12 (WN)

Interlude – Dietrich Maxwell’s Adventure

Part 12 – The Ruler of the Seas

 “W-Who the hell is that!?”

The fleet commander Galahart Blutleid, witnessing his ships sinking one after the other, shouted in surprise.

A man armed with a single sword was responsible: it was like a nightmare in human form, straight out of those eastern demons’ tales.

The Lion King crew had surrounded the White Demons’ ship in an arc-like formation, but the right-wing was already collapsing.

“Is that a man or a monster!? Since when did the White Demons have someone like that!?”

Facing a monster like Draco Omari was already arduous enough; to have one more inhuman opponent was simply absurd.

Galahart cursed his wretched fate and slammed his binoculars on the deck.

“B-Boss!! What should we do!?”

“Don’t call me boss…! Tch…if it came to this…”

Galahart made a harsh decision.

“Left-wing, continue firing at the White Demons!! Center ships, give that man a taste of gunpowder!!”

“B-But if they do that, our comrades will…”

“Doesn’t matter!! Do it!!”

The Lion King ships were all packed with gunpowder. If it was all lit on fire, even a monster capable of cutting ships in two couldn’t escape unscathed. Galahart decided to get rid of the new threat before it could cause even more damage — even at the cost of sacrificing part of his crew.


The crewman followed Galahart’s order and prepared to fire. He would shoot right after the swordsman landed on the next ship. One second before he could, however — 

“You don’t pull your punches, huh? I like that!!”



The crewmate’s head was blown off, and the blood spray reached all the way to Galahart.

“You’re…Draco Omari!?”

“In the flesh!!”

Cackling loudly, doused in fresh blood, was indeed Draco Omari.

Galahart’s mortal enemy was standing before him — fully naked.

“You damned…how!?”

“Gahaha!! It was a nice little swim!!”

Still laughing, Draco Omari shook the seawater off her limbs.

“You focused on him too much — forgot all about me!! And now you’ll pay the price!!”


Galahart clenched his teeth, vexed and frustrated.

Draco Omari was completely naked and unarmed, while he had more than 20 veteran warriors of the sea on his side, all armed to the teeth.

Galahart knew well, however, that they were the cornered rats. He had taken the trouble of preparing the encirclement plan exactly to avoid such a direct confrontation.

“Time to end this! I have no use for you anymore, anyway! I’m going to devour you here!”

“No use…for me…?”

Galahart frowned. He couldn’t ignore such words.

“That’s right! I could have killed you and your Lion Kingdom people anytime I wanted, but I kept you alive until today! Just because I thought you could be of some use!”

“What…are you…”

“But it’s all over now! I found someone a lot better, after all! Gahaha!! Want to die here?”


Galahart’s rage was close to the boiling point. The desire to kill the woman before him was his greatest driving force, but she looked at him like nothing more than a pawn.

Galahart’s heart was overcome with humiliation and hatred.

“I’m going to kill you…!! I’m going to destroy you…!!!”


Galahart drew the scimitar at his waist and charged the woman before him, followed by his subordinates. Their combination, trained by years of sea battles, was like a well-oiled machine.

Yet — 


Draco Omari swung her fists.

Her pale white skin was painted once again in red, as the pirates’ bodies were shredded to ribbons.


“Gahaha! Thanks for the meal!!”

In less than one minute, the pirates had become puddles of flesh and blood.

Captain Galahart too was lying on his back, a gaping hole in his chest.


“You weren’t half bad, you know? Pretty close, actually!”

Draco Omari entered the man’s waning field of sight.

Her white skin doused in fresh blood, the woman flashed the brightest smile.

(Aah…you’re so…)

— so beautiful.

As beautiful as ever, no matter how many years passed.

Galahart Blutleid, commander of the Lion King pirate crew, drew his last breath as he gazed upon the beauty of the mortal enemy he had chased for years.

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