BBYW Vol. 2 Interlude Part 16 (WN)


Interlude – Dietrich Maxwell’s Adventure


Part 16 – Pirate Treasures


After taking down the Sea Hydra, Grace and I proceeded deeper into the cave. Gourd and the others stayed behind, so we were on our own.

“Are you really sure about leaving them?”

“Can’t help it, the Sea Hydra needs to be dealt with fast. If you can remove the poison properly, the scales and skin can fetch good money, and the gallbladder has its uses too.”

“Hmm, I see.”

Grace’s tone was the same as usual: her arms — with my shirt still wrapped around them —  had recovered from their skeletal state too.

She had returned to normal, as if nothing had happened, and I didn’t even feel surprised anymore.

The large room where we fought the Sea Hydra was the residential area, apparently. As we advanced through the cave, the buildings became fewer, the path narrower.

After about thirty minutes of walking, with only a lantern guiding us in the darkness of the cave, we finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel.

“This is…”

“Yes, this is the deepest part!”

The room was shining golden: there were piles of jewels and treasures in every corner.

The many windows set above us let the moonlight in, which illuminated the mountains of riches.

There were several tons of gold coins and bullions alone, then gemstones, works of art…I couldn’t imagine the amount of money it was all worth together.

“…damn, there’s enough gold here to surpass an empire’s national budget…”

“Even if a hundred pirates lived a hundred lives, they couldn’t use up all this fortune! Gahaha, gathering all of this must have been some feat!!”

Grace walked straight towards the other end of the room. I followed her steps, while gawking at the treasures all around me.

Eventually, we found a human silhouette, hidden by the piles of gold.

“A skeleton…”

“There it is.”

It was the remains of a man, wearing black clothes and a hat stitched with a skull patch.

“This is the owner of all these treasures, as well as that Sea Hydra. Captain Drake.”

“Captain Drake…”

I had heard the name before.

An infamous criminal in ancient history, who ransacked many towns and countries, and also became one of the causes of the fall of the ancient magic civilization.

“The legendary villain croaked in a place like this…? After gathering all this treasure and fame, that’s how he ended…?”

Witnessing the pirate’s solitary demise, surrounded only by treasures, hit deep in the heart of the wanderer I had become.

My own end was probably going to be just like his.

“If that was a pity, you should shove it up there! Criminals have their own way to go!”

Grace searched the corpse and took the sword hanging at its waist.

“Well, we could show some mercy and at least make him a grave. Though I’m going to take this as payment.”

“An old sword like that? Is it worth a lot?”

“This is the magic sword called “Magic Killer. I’ve been looking for it forever.”

“A magic sword, huh…”

Something like my Lancelot, then.

I had only seen Grace fight with punches and kicks, so I wondered what had gotten into her head.

“But it’s not for me to use. This is…for you.”


Grace pushed onto me the sword snatched from the corpse. The dull and dusty decorated handle fit in my hand.

“For me? Weren’t you looking for this?”

“I was looking for you too. This sword, and a swordsman capable enough to use it. No point in only having one or the other.”


I gazed at the old sword for a while.

Its decorations had visibly deteriorated through the centuries, but I could tell just how incredible a magic tool it had to be.

It was a more than enough fitting replacement for my trusted sword, now lost.

However — 

“…nah, no need.”

“Hm? What?”

“I feel that this sword is not what I want. And I’m not the person that she’s waiting for either.”

Swords and swordsmen were like lovers. There had to be affinity between them.

Unfortunately, the affinity between me and that sword was terrible. I felt that we would just reduce each other’s strengths.

“Is that so…gahaha, guess I saved my hide again!!”

“Eh? What was that?”

“Hm? Nothing important! Anyway…”

Grace’s heel rose high, then dropped on Captain Drake’s remains. The dried-up corpse shattered, turning into white dust on the floor of the treasure room.

“…farewell. Sleep well, Drake.”


The usual feral smile had returned to Grace’s face.

For some reason, however, I had the feeling that she was holding back tears.

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