BBYW Vol. 2 Interlude Part 2 (WN)


Interlude – Dietrich Maxwell’s Adventure


Part 2 – The Silver Blade Cleaves the Seas



“Goddammit, will you shut up!? My head’s gonna split!!”

I, Dietrich Maxwell, leapt forward on the deck and slashed the man before me. The dark-skinned man full of weird red tattoos sprayed blood everywhere as he fell overboard.

“Tch…head feels like it’s going to explode…”

I really drank too much last night…I was too excited for my first sea trip.

I felt like two fully armored knights were having a duel to the death inside my head, metal clashing against metal.

“K-Kill him!! Offer that man to the gods of the SEAAAAA!!!”

“Shut up, shut up, shut up!! I’m gonna puke all over you, dammit!!”


The tattooed men attacked me with their axes, spears and whatever they had, but I cut them down and threw them out, one after the other.

I dodged and parried all the blades coming my way, then took advantage of the following openings to let the goons taste my blade.


“Just shut up, just…die.”

I cut off one arm of the yelling man and kicked him overboard. I then picked up the anchor he was holding and threw it at one of his comrades, who was fighting against a mercenary.


“Y-You saved me…”

“Yeah, you better be grateful. And buy me a drink.”

“You’re going to drink more!? Aren’t you hungover!?”

“You won’t? Then you’re going to die too.”

“I-I will!! I’ll buy you a whole barrel!!”

Ooh, nice. I was just joking, but that went better than expected.

“Looks like it’s going to be a feast tonight.”


“Nah, you die. Cheers, mate.”

Another tattooed man thrust his spear at me, but I cut his head off. Blood spurts from the wound, some of it hitting my cheek.

“Ah, yes…I love this kind of bloodbath.”

Alcohol tastes even better after a fight to the death. It’s one of the few things I learned in the twenty years I spent in this world.

Especially if my opponents are scum that pick on the weak.

“W-What the HELL is this guy!?”

Because of the hangover, I wasn’t sure how many I had killed already. The tattooed men were about half the number they were at the beginning, so I should have killed around ten.

“Retreat!! Let’s RETREEEAAAT!!”

The tattooed men scampered away from our ship. They cut off the ropes tying our ships together and the two pirate ships sailed away.

“W-We’re saved…!”

“We won!! We’re still alive!!”

The sailors and mercenaries cheered loudly. The ship brimmed with the joy and relief of having survived a fatal situation.

“…nah, not good enough.”


“What are you all cheering for? They’re getting away. If even one of our enemies is still alive, it’s like we have lost.”

I stood on the edge of the ship and raised my sword. The tip was pointed straight at the pirate ships. They were already about 20 meters away: the sea currents quickly carried them away from us.

“Hey, what are you…”

One of the sailors called to me, but I focused solely on my targets.

Then — 

“Cut’em down, Lancelot!”


I swung down my sword.

A silver flash shot forward, slicing through the seawater, ultimately cleaving one of the pirate ships in two.

“What the…!? You hit them from this distance!?”

“Hahaha. One down…one to go….urrp!”

“Whoa!! This guy just puked!!”

I had swung my sword seriously for the first time in a good while: my head started spinning wildly and I became dizzy. My stomach started shaking just as much, forcing me to throw up its contents.

The nearby sailor was unfortunate enough to be hit cleanly by my regurgitations and screamed.

“D-Damn…I’m gonna kill them…nah…I’m gonna die…”

I watched the pirate ship disappear as I slumped down on the deck.

“Hahaha…even the pirate killing hero can’t win against the power of alcohol, huh? Just what the hell is this guy…”

The sailor’s tone was a mix of disbelief and respect. His words barely reached my ears, as my consciousness faded to black.

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