BBYW Vol. 3 Chapter 12 (WN)

Chapter 12 – A Foreign Port and a Maid Outfit

The port town of Brutos was the entrance of the Sapphire Kingdom.

A town burned by harsh sunlight, where the sea winds carried the suffocating smell of the tides.

Brutos was a melting pot of people from all over the world, where trade ships came and went without pause.

But the port town was not populated only by merchants and sailors.

The local taverns and food stalls also sent their crew to hunt down potential customers.

I stood on the edge of the ship, looking down at the bustling crowds.

Sue, standing next to me, was watching the waves of people running across the city, with sparkles in her eyes.

“This place’s the same as ever too…not one thing changed.”

“You have visited this city before, Master?”

“A few times, when I was a kid, yeah. Now don’t leave my side, Sue.”

“Yes, Master!!”

I strictly told Sue to stick close to me and went down to port.

As strong sunlight creates the darkest shadows, cities as bustling as this breed plenty of crooks.

A girl as naive as Sue would be kidnapped in seconds if I left her alone.

“Hey, you two!!”


I planned to head straight into the town, but a man wearing half-plate armor stopped us. He had two more men in tow, wearing the same kind of armor.

The man in the lad, skin burned by the sun, probably around 30 years old, gave the impression of a mercenary working as ship escort, but the emblem hanging from his chest revealed his position.

As it turns out, he was a guard, hired by the local lord.

“This ship is yours, yes?”

“It is, is there a problem?”

“It looks just like a ship of a pirate crew on the wanted list…do you mind answering a few questions?”

The guard glared at me with suspicion.


The ship we came to Sapphire with was formerly the property of the Snakebone pirates.

We removed their flag and other telling signs of a pirate ship, but such a surface-level camouflage wouldn’t trick people with good eyes and memory.

Ten years ago the security level wasn’t as high, so I had let my guard down.

One of the other pirates on the ship, to rescue me from that predicament, jumped down and walked in between me and the guard.

“Oh, please, officer, let’s not make a big deal out of this…”

The short pirate, a devious grin on his face, placed a small leather bag in the guard’s palm. A bribe, basically.


The guard squeezed the leather bag one, two, three times, checked its texture…then tossed it into the sea.


“You might have gotten away with bribing until now, but now that I am captain of the guards, don’t think it’s going to work anymore! No pirates or illegal drugs are getting into this town!!”

The guard rebuked the pirate, then glared at me even more sternly.

“You’re coming to the guardroom. We’ve got a lot to talk about!”


I clicked my tongue and put my right hand over my face.

I could easily cut down the guard, but what would mean not being allowed entry into the port anymore.

The problem was not me myself being interrogated, but the other pirates would surely spill the beans with some prodding. It was only a matter of time until they got caught.

(This is bad…should I kill this guy, and come back later?)

In the worst-case scenario, we’d give up on resupplying here and head straight towards the Garnet Kingdom.

Then, just as I was about to resort to that plan…

“Wow!! So many people!!”

“Look!! Those people are all black!!”

 “Hahaha!! Seagulls!!”

Bright, innocent voices echoed from the deck. It was the slave children’s first time in such a large port town, and they couldn’t suppress their excitement.

They had been playing and running around the ship as we sailed here, as to release all the stress piled up during their imprisonment.

“Look at those kids…hah.”

The guard looked at the children trying to flick beans at the seagulls and chuckled.

“Apologies, I guess it was all my imagination. You’re free to port.”

“…well now. Thank you for your service.”

“Yeah, make sure the kids don’t get lost. Stay out of the back alleys, especially!”

The guard briskly slapped my shoulder and left, followed by his companions.

We managed to get out of the pinch, apparently.

“Geez, and we just got here…”

“Indeed, trouble seems to follow you everywhere, Lord Dyngir.”


Someone called my name from behind, and Sue let out a curious yell of surprise.

I turned around, my face turned into a frown, and protested to the maid who suddenly appeared behind me.

“…don’t say stuff like that, Sakuya. This trouble was inevitable, wasn’t it?”

“Someone who invites ‘inevitable’ events without meaning to do so is called a ‘troublemaker’, Lord Dyngir.”

“Really now…I’ll have to remember that.”

Even under the sweltering sunlight, Sakuya, “Fangs of  Steel” assassin, wore her maid outfit impeccably. As I replied to her pungent remarks, a wry smile formed on my lips.

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