BBYW Vol. 3 Chapter 22 (WN)


Chapter 22 – Monsters and Red Sunsets


Meanwhile, the Lion Kingdom pirate ships that attacked Brutos were anchored near a small island not too far from the Sapphire Kingdom.

Bartolo…now Cristina Blutlied had brought 10 large pirate ships from the Lion Kingdom. Around the small island, however, a much larger fleet was gradually assembling.

“What a splendid sight…I’m getting wet just by looking…”

“…is that so.”

Cristina was enraptured by the sight of the ships surrounding the island. The subordinate next to her managed to subdue the sheer horror he felt at her sight and utter a comment.

Along with the ships, the reinforcements sent by the Lion Kingdom were gathering in the island Cristina used as a temporary base.

The fleet now numbered more than 100 ships, of various sizes, manned by over 2000 pirates.

“Even if Brutos refuses to surrender, we could even crush them with numbers at this rate. Mwahaha…a perfect setting for my grand debut!”

“…is that so…urp…”

“…urp? Did I hear that right?”

“Apologies…a fly got up my nose.”

Cristina, decked in heavy make-up as usual, glared at her subordinate, then sighed wistfully.

“If only you men were a bit more useful, we wouldn’t have wasted all this time on the Sapphire Kingdom. You better not mess up tomorrow, okay?”

“Certainly. If they surrender, we will capture the governor and all of the town’s leading figures, then take control. If they don’t, we will blow away the soldiers with cannon fire and take over by force. That is all right, yes?”

“Yes, yes it is!! If you do a good job, I might even kiss you!”

“Eeek!! Anything but that, please!!”

“And what is that supposed to mean!?”

An irritated grimace rose on Cristina’s face.

“It can be pretty troublesome to be as beautiful as I am, since it can be intimidating for others…is true beauty fated to be never understood by commoners?”

“Truer words have never been spoken, Lady Cristina. So true I feel my urge to kill is rising.”

“Why in the world would you feel an urge to kill!? You’re not making any sense!”

The subordinate, in order to escape Cristina’s uncomfortable pressure, tried changing the topic.

“Incidentally, what should we do in case there are no soldiers at the port?”

“Oh? How would something like that happen?”

“Well, they might be scared and run away.”

“Hmph! Just take over the governor’s palace then! Did you really need to ask such an obvious question?”

Huffing and puffing, Cristina continued giving instructions to her subordinates.

“You lot!! Make sure to supply the flaming arrows and explosives to the reinforcements! We still don’t have enough ‘Overthrowers’, remember!!”

Cristina had brought 10 “Overthrower” cannons from the Lion Kingdom.

They were newly developed weapons, so their numbers were still limited: making just one of these cannons required a massive amount of time and money.

“I would really love for them to surrender quietly, though. If we mess up the port too much, we won’t be able to use it after the town becomes ours.”

“Hopefully they will make the wisest choice.”

The subordinate raised his head and noticed that the sun was setting.

The sky looked particularly red that day: as if it sensed the blood that was about to spill. Cristina’s subordinate felt a chill run down his spine.

“What a beautiful sunset…I feel it’s already celebrating my victory.”

“It must be praising your beauty, Lady Cristina…pfft!”

“You better watch out, one of these days I might really kill you…”

And so…a long day ended, and the day of the final battle began.

Who will emerge victorious in the battle over Brutos — the young hero or the abominable monster?

“…why do I feel like someone just insulted me?”

“It must be your imagination…bfft!!”

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