BBYW Vol. 3 Chapter 28 (WN)

Chapter 28 – The Pretty Boy’s True Face

“Hehehe…I’m going to get everything ready in a moment, so hang tight, okay?”


Bartolo Blutlied…also known as Cristina, brought the young boy to her cabin and positioned him on the bed.

Cristina sat down in front of the mirror and started leisurely removing her makeup, using water dotted with rose petals, all the while sneaking glances at the boy through the mirror.

The black-haired, delicately handsome boy was sitting still on the bed, looking down.

His healthy-looking lips trembled slightly; tears hung from his eyelashes.

“Look at you, all scared…so cute! Don’t worry, I’ll take you to heaven very soon…”

Cristina hummed to herself, periodically licking the drool leaking from her mouth.

She could equally enjoy the company of older gentlemen or sturdy young men, as long as they matched her visual preferences, but she had a soft spot for boys younger than thirteen.

At the age between infancy and adulthood, they were like pupae about to turn into butterflies.

One wrong touch and their wings would develop crooked, preventing them from being able to fly straight.

Just like Cristina herself, who couldn’t fit into the standard “man” or “woman” frame of mind.

“O-K! All ready!”


After removing her makeup and doing the proper skin care routine, Cristina pushed the boy down and covered his small body with her much larger figure.

She delighted in the terrified expressions of the huddling boy for a few moments, beaming a full smile.

“It’s okay, you’re just going to become an adult. It’s something everyone goes through at a point in their life.”


“Oh? What is it, dear?”

The boy whispered something, but his voice was too faint for Cristina to hear.

Cristina tilted her neck, putting her ear closer to the boy’s mouth.

“…I am utterly disgusted.”


“I said that I am utterly disgusted.”

The sound of a piercing needle. Drop by drop, the bedsheets were stained red.


Cristina leapt away from the boy and touched her neck.

Her fingers soon encountered something metallic: a look at the mirror showed a very thick needle poking out of her neck.

“W-What…what did you…!?”

“I warned you, I am in a terrible mood right now. Can you guess why?”


The boy stood up from the bed.

His eyes were no longer tinted with fear, instead casting a cold, sharp look in Cristina’s direction.

The killing intent was almost visible: the boy barely seemed like the same person as before. Cristina couldn’t help but shriek.

The boy rose to his feet, as eerily as a specter, and lifted three fingers towards Cristina.

“There are three reasons why. One, I was touched by a man other than my master. You might be a woman on the inside, but your appearance is that of a repulsive man. I can’t say it was a pleasant experience.”

One of the fingers bent inwards. Slowly but surely, the “boy” approached Cristina.

“W-What are you…”

Cristina, her voice trembling, unconsciously. edged backwards.

She hadn’t yet fully grasped what had just happened to her. No one other than the boy could have stabbed that thick needle in her neck: it was crystal clear, yet her mind refused to accept it.

“Two, I had to cut my hair to carry out this infiltration mission. I did propose it myself…but Lord Dyngir prefers women with long hair. He even has a new woman with him now, and I risked lessening his attention towards me with this idea. It’s irritating.”

The “boy” bent another finger and pulled out another needle, from who knows where.

“Three…no one figured out I was a woman. Even if my chest and hips are not too large, to pass as a boy just because I cut my hair and wore pants…is vexing.”

“Y-You can’t be…!?”

It couldn’t be true.

Cristina wished it was all a lie.

Her final prayer, however, was answered without emotion.

“Yes, I am a woman. What of it?”


Cristina screamed as she bolted out of the room.

“WOMAN!! WOMAN!! WOOOOOMAAAANNNNN!!!! GOD NO!! I touched her!! Filthy!! Gross!! OBSCENE!!”

For Cristina, a woman trapped in a man’s body, other women were nothing but a source of envy, hatred and fear.

Especially women blessed with beauty, something she could never attain no matter what, were her number one natural enemy.

Cristina ran out as fast as possible, with every ounce of strength left in her, busting the cabin’s door open in her way.

“Don’t you think you are overreacting a bit…?”

The girl disguised as a boy…Dyngir’s maid and assassin Sakuya had been taken aback by Cristina’s sudden and violent change. She looked at her captor scamper away, perplexed.

“Oh, I lost her…well, the needle was coated in poison, so it’s only a matter of time anyway, but…should I chase her?”

Sakuya eventually realized that she had lost sight of her assassination target — an unacceptable mistake — and, while still slightly confused, started tracking her prey.

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