BBYW Vol. 3 Chapter 43 (WN)

Chapter 43 – The Colony’s Shadows

“W-We had no other choice!! Do you even know what happens to those who dare oppose Lord Drake!? They’re captured, taken to the palace, and tortured without mercy!! We are only trying to protect ourselves here!!”

The man spat excuse after excuse, trying to justify their position.

I sat through his desperate speech, unfazed, then grinned sarcastically.

“Is that so? I bet these sisters would have liked to save their own lives too, though.”


“Not that it does have anything to do with me.”

I shook my head and lowered my sword.

Seeing that I had pointed my weapon down, the man was apparently relieved: he pointed at me and laughed.

“Haha!! Hahaha!! Yes, that’s it!! Get out of our city already, foreigner! Don’t think you can do as you please and get away with…”



I swung up my blade, too fast for the untrained eye to follow.

The finger pointing at me fell down, hand and all.

“Aah..aah…aah…! My…haaaand!!!”

“Yeah, your circumstances have nothing to do with me. But…you’ve killed women that could have become mine, you see? And there’s a hefty price to pay for that.”


The man grabbed his severed hand and ran off. The other residents too escaped into their houses.

“What disgusting people…it’s just a waste of time to deal with trash like this.”

So I grimaced, then proceeded to finally take down the sisters’ corpses from the crosses.

I carefully laid down the bodies, barely covered by tattered robes, on the dark ground.

“I’m going to send someone to bury you later. Please be patient, just for a while.”

“M-Master…thank you so much!”

Sue, who had been clinging onto Sakuya, walked towards me, with uncertain steps.

“Are you all right, Sue?”

“Yes…I lost control…I apologize.”

Sue slightly bowed, then kneeled down next to the bodies.

“Mother Mary…sister Reina…this is Mika…aah…even Naiah. O great light in heaven…”

Sue looked at the sisters’ faces, one by one, holding her hands in prayer.

Her words were not obscene like mine — obviously — but came from the proper rites of her religion.

I couldn’t bear looking at her pained back, and pulled Sakuya closer.

“Lord Dyngir…”

“Yeah, let’s leave her alone for now. More importantly…”

“Yes. The enemy?”

Because of the earlier commotion, I could feel countless gazes on us, coming from the houses and surroundings. Among them, one in particular had a clear, distinct air to them.

Maybe realizing that they had been found out, an ancient man emerged from an alley.

“My, my, my…you’ve noticed me?”

“Who or what are you, geezer?”

He was clearly not your average old man. Either a seasoned mercenary, or a skilled assassin. That’s the kind of atmosphere that surrounded him. The same that surrounded us.

“Your swordplay just now was impressive, young man. You are surely a master of the art, and for that, I have a request for you.”

“I don’t even know your name, what makes you think I’d take it?”

Maybe if you were a pretty lady…I mentally added, and waved the man away.

The old man nodded pleasantly at my dismissive demeanor, then his face wrinkled in a smile. 

“Indeed, indeed. I am in service of Lord Lauros, minister of this Garnet Kingdom.”

“The minister…?”


The old man’s tone grew deeper. He came closer and started whispering — he couldn’t let his words reach too many ears.

“I wish to request the assassination of this country’s governor, Captain Drake.”

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