BBYW Vol. 3 Chapter 45 (WN)

Chapter 45 – Protests, Excuses, and Intercourse

After the midnight meeting was done, I returned to the ship, anchored at the port.

In the captain’s cabin I used as a bedroom, Sakuya and Sue were on the bed.

They were both fully naked, for some reason: Sue was lying down, as if in defeat, and Sakuya was on top of her, arms crossed with pride.

“I have won today. Technique proves superior to power.”

“…really. Good for you.”

Sakuya had exacted her revenge, apparently. Despite her usual lack of expression, she gave off a triumphant air.

I was very interested to know what exactly they had been up to in my absence, but I decided to sit on a chair and gather my thoughts.

“What did that minister have to say, then?”


I explained to Sakuya what I heard from Samuel Lauros in the villa.

As I spoke, her gaze became gradually sharper.

“…please do not tell me you have accepted.”

“Hmm…maybe I did? My memory’s kinda fuzzy…”

“…you really have. Yet again, I am baffled.”

Sakuya frowned her brows and sighed lightly.

“What good will it do you to save this country, Lord Dyngir? We should leave immediately, instead.”

Sakuya questioned my decision in a rather strong tone, very unlike her usual obedient maid self.

“Our reason for coming to this country was to accompany Sue here, was it not? That promise has been kept, so there is no reason to stay any longer. No point in exposing us to danger.”

“Right…that would be the correct thing to do.”

There were no faults in Sakuya’s reasoning.

I was the future heir of House Maxwell: the fate of the people of this country was not my business.

To get involved in foreign matters and risk getting burnt in the process was not worthy or commendable, especially for someone with a position of responsibility like me.

I looked away from Sakuya, turning my eyes up towards the lamp hanging from the ceiling.

I contemplated the flickering light, looking for the words that could convince her.

“…well, it’s not like I’m doing it for free, okay? There’s a proper reward.”

“What kind of reward could a conquered country offer? Certainly nothing more valuable than your life, Lord Dyngir!!”

Sakuya clearly shot down my argument, grabbed my face and forced me to look her in the eyes.

“You aren’t going to say that you will do it for Sue’s sake, will you!?”


“Or for those crucified women? The prodigy of House Maxwell, swayed by emotion!?”

“I-It’s not like that!! Not at all!!”

Put on the spot, as if I was being accused of cheating, I broke free from Sakuya’s hold.

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t feel anything for Sue, born and raised in this country, and the sisters who died protecting their beliefs.

I had another reason, however.

“Captain Drake…there’s something about that man.”

“The man assigned as governor by the Lion King pirates, yes?”


I nodded to Sakuya.

Ever since I heard that Drake was the target of the assassination, I felt a sort of tingle, something burning inside me.

Was it frustration? Irritation? I couldn’t be sure, but my mind would always return to that man I hadn’t even met yet.

“Just saying the word fate makes me feel sick…but it feels like this was destined to happen. Like the world is too small for both of us to live at the same time…like we were fated to be rivals. That’s the bizarre connection I feel.”

“A connection…?”

“I bet that even if we left this country now, I would have to fight the man called Captain Drake, someday, somewhere. A fated connection with a man is the last damn thing I want, so I’m cutting it off here.”

“…if you say that, then it cannot be helped.”

Sakuya sighed deeply, then embraced me from behind. She whispered next to my ears, her tongue flickering in and out.

“If my Lord Dyngir made his decision, I will follow to the ends of the earth. As my one and only master, my soulmate, my beloved man so wishes.”

“Sorry for the trouble…as usual.”

I turned my neck and pressed my lips against Sakuya’s.

The first kiss was light, like a greeting, but gradually our tongues started intertwining, our fluids exchanging, in a deeper and deeper kiss.

“Aah…amazing…Master and Sakuya are licking each other so much…”

Sue had woken up at some point, and was staring at us from the bed.

Her tanned complexion was burning red, her eyes wide open, almost bloodshot.

I freed Sakuya’s lips and grinned, exposing my fangs.

“The assassination is planned for tomorrow night. Let’s get our spirits up tonight.”


“Waah! Master!?”

I picked up Sakuya and threw her on the bed, next to Sue.

I then flung away my clothes and jumped on them.

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