BBYW Vol. 3 Interlude Part 2 (WN)

Interlude – Royal Martial Tournament

Part 2 – A Flower in the Changing Room

The royal martial tournament, held every year in the royal capital of the Lamperouge Kingdom, was a tradition hailing from the reign of the first King.

The founding king of Lamperouge had united the other local lords under his command, through military force, and drove away the Baal Empire and other foreign powers from the current kingdom’s territory.

The first king strongly believed that all citizens had the duty to hone their fighting prowess and protect the kingdom in turn, so a yearly martial tournament was established.

The tournament continued uninterrupted for over 100 years since the foundation of the kingdom: the male sons of noble houses residing in the capital were especially expected to participate.

Even if I was the son of a Margrave house from the eastern provinces, being a student of the capital’s noble academy meant that I was no exception.

It was a pain to deal with, to be honest, but, if I avoided it, there was a risk that House Maxwell would leave a weak impression, and I couldn’t allow that.

“Congratulations on passing the first bout. You were pretty cool out there.”

“…why are you in my changing room?”

I returned to the room assigned to me, and found my childhood friend, Echidna Thunderbird waiting for me.

Wearing a dress that generously exposed her cleavage and back, as usual, she was sitting comfortably and sipping tea, as if she was in her personal salon.

Standing behind her was a young butler. Judging from his handsome, sharp features, he was probably one of her lovers.

“I came to congratulate a dear friend on their victory. Don’t you think I deserve some gratitude?”

“Anyone would be surprised if they found a woman dressed like a harlot in their room. I thought you were an assassin specialized in seduction at first.”

“…my poor friend, what kind of dangerous life are you leading…?”

I ignored Echidna’s comment, took off my armor, and changed the clothes beneath. I hadn’t moved much, but the leather armor trapped the sweat underneath. My underwear was sweaty and stuck to my skin, feeling rather uncomfortable.

“My, my, my…to get naked so easily in a place like this…did you finally decide to take advantage of me?”

“Listen to this woman, she must be dreaming when she’s still awake. Impressive. A place like this, you say? Where else am I supposed to change?”

“Well, well…you’ve surely grown pretty tough, in the short time I haven’t seen you…maybe I need a change of underwear too?”

“…save the vulgarity, all right? Or I’m throwing you out, even if you are a woman.”

I glared at Echidna, who grinned in response, all delighted. Her sparkling eyes were fixed on me and she smiled devilishly.

“That fiancée of yours isn’t coming anyway, is she? Why are you even engaged with a girl like that?”

Echidna talked about the woman I was set to marry, Selena Nommes.

The sight of blood repulsed Selena, so she didn’t come to see the event, or even send me a message of encouragement.

“Don’t you think she hates you? One of these days, that fairytale princess is going to blabber something about ‘fated love’ and cheat on you with another man.”

“Yeah, right. She doesn’t have the guts.”

I shrugged, laughing at Echidna’s predictions, and changed into everyday wear.

“My next match is the day after tomorrow, so I’m going back now..”

“Oh dear, I came all the way here, and you ditch me like this? Don’t you think you should at least take me to dinner?”

“…you have your butler there, go with him. Don’t drag me in the middle.”

Just thinking about eating together with two people likely involved in a carnal relationship sent a shiver down my spine. How was I supposed to enjoy a meal as the third wheel?

“How cold…oh well. At least escort me back to the entrance of the arena. You can do that much, I hope.”

“…sure, whatever. Let’s go, I’m starving here.”

“Yes sir.”

Echidna came next to me and slipped her arm under mine. Her ample breasts, on par with my personal maid and lover Eliza, pressed against me.


“What’s wrong, dear? Let’s go.”


I glared at Echidna, but it did not seem to have any effect: she eagerly dragged me towards the door,

I sighed in defeat and turned towards the butler, lightly bowing in apology.

“What can I say…sorry.”

“I am just one of many lovers, Sir. I am used to this kind of situation, so please do not mind.”

“…really now.”

I shrugged at the butler and his hints of the dry physical relationship with Echidna, and left the changing room.

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