BBYW Vol. 3 Interlude Part 24 (WN)

Interlude – Royal Martial Tournament

Part 24 – Soon Blooming Flower


Behind Mist, was a young girl with long hair covering her face.

Her golden bangs hid the upper half of her face, but her atmosphere suggested that she would become very pretty in the future.

“I’m Dyngir Maxwell, nice to meet you.”


I felt a bit dejected, but put on a smile and spoke as gently as I could.

For some reason, though, the little Naam shuddered and hid again behind Mist.


“Don’t mind her, she’s really shy around strangers.”

“No, that’s alright…”

Naam peeked from behind Mist, looking pointedly at me. I couldn’t see her eyes because of her bangs, but could feel a piercing gaze nonetheless.

I tried to recall if I had met her somewhere, but couldn’t come up with anything.

“Well. I suppose I will excuse myself now. Please send my regards to your Father.”

“I will. Please do the same to Margrave Maxwell.”

I shook Valon’s hand, then turned away from the three.

I was going to leave the room and return to the dormitory, but a voice called out to me.

“Excuse me…!”


“N-Naam? What’s wrong?”

It was indeed Naam, who spoke up rather loudly.

It was probably surprising for the timid little lady to emit such a loud tone of voice, that Valon seemed taken aback.


“Er…what is it?”

I was speaking to a child, and more importantly, to my upperclassman’s beloved little sister. I put on my absolute kindest smile and spoke softly.


For whatever reason, Naam turned bright red. Was it embarrassment, or something else? Being my first time seeing her, I could not tell.

“My my…is this what I think it is?”

“W-What’s wrong, Naam!? Did Maxwell do something to you—”

“Quiet please, dear. Don’t get in their way!”

Valon was about to jump on me, but Mist stopped him with a knowing grin on her lips.

“C-Can I…please…write letters? To…you…?”

Naam finally gathered enough courage to speak again, completely ignoring the other two.

Her childlike voice had a kind of desperate resolve: I could tell that if I refused, she’d start crying on the spot.

“A letter? Of course, I don’t mind.”

“I’ll write a lot…!! Please, please answer…! Just a little is fine…!”

“Hmm, well…I’m not really the best writer, so I might not reply often, but I’ll do it once in a while, okay?”

“Aah…thank you so much…!!”

The little Naam hopped joyously, but soon realized the childishness of her reaction, blushed and returned to her hiding spot behind Mist.

Such childlike behavior gave me a strange feeling of deja-vu.

(Wait…haven’t I seen her before…?)

I almost remembered something. I was really close, but couldn’t grasp it exactly. With such a vague frustration in my mind, I extended my hand to Naam.

“Again, pleased to make your acquaintance, Naam.”


Naam kept her face hidden, but timidly grabbed my index finger with her right hand.

Smiling wryly at her innocent reserve, I exchanged a “handshake” to my new pen pal.

Then…two years later.

Because of this correspondence, I would become involved in the tumults and conspiracies of the western provinces. 

The vicious “Terror Armies” that threatened the western borders.

The treacherous vassal nobles that targeted House Sphinx.

And…last but not least, the identity of the mysterious dark-skinned woman.

What awaited me at the end of this battle?

I was not a god nor did I possess powers of clairvoyance, thus I didn’t have the faintest idea…

Interlude – Royal Martial Tournament – End

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