BBYW Vol. 4 Chapter 17 (WN)

Chapter 17 – Conspiracies Swirl in the Night

I took a room at an inn facing one of the capital’s main avenues.

The facility was equipped with horse stables, built for travelers and peddlers, so an additional tip would ensure food and water for my horse too.

I put two silver coins in the palm of the stable hand and headed towards the main road. The sun had completely set already.

Leaning against the wall of a tavern was Benamis, who waved at me with a smile.

“Did I make you wait?”

“It’s all right. Shall we go?”

When I bumped into Benamis earlier that day, he invited me to share a meal together.

From my viewpoint, Benamis was a man that belonged to House Saverne, the people who kidnapped Naam years ago.

From Benamis’ viewpoint, I was probably a target of vengeance, as I foiled his father’s plan and led him to his death.

Our relationship was supposed to be hostile: yet now we were sitting next to each other, at a tavern not too far from the inn.

“What kind of nasty plot made you decide to invite me for dinner, then?”

“Nasty plot? You wound me. I have no reason for trying to deceive or cheat you, Sir Dyngir.”

“And you expect me to believe that? Please.”

I glared again, and Benamis tilted his head, looking troubled.

“If you’re referring to the incident from two years ago, it was solved in exchange of my father’s head, was it not? I’m not going to bring up such a matter anymore, I believe it is over and done. I invited you to eat together just because I was curious about what an eastern noble like you was doing in the capital.”

“In a way, I am the cause of your father’s death, though…is it something you can get over with, just like that?”

“Well, I believe father’s demise was his own doing. The seeds he sowed grew into sprouts…which he tripped over, and fell on his head. What happened is not your responsibility, nor mine either.”

Benamis lightly dodged the topic, then took a sip of his drink.

He had ordered a sweet drink with low alcohol content, the type usually favored by women. I, on the other hand, ordered fruit juice, without alcohol.

“You should not be so wary of me. Rest assured, I’m not plotting to get you drunk and assassinated tonight.”

“Hmm, so you say.”

I snorted sarcastically and took my glass in hand. I shoved half of its contents down my throat, and the sweetness of the fruit juice spread throughout my body.

“I hope that someone like the new royal sword instructor, heir of the renowned Sword Saint title, would not engage in something like an ambush. Thinking about the tricks pulled by your predecessor, however, I realize that there are strategies other than fighting fair and square.”

“Hahaha, oh please, do not call me Sword Saint. I’m not used to it at all, it makes my back itch. My other nickname, though, feels much more familiar.”

“What was that…”Daytime Lantern”, right? I would be lying if I said it didn’t fit you, though.”

I showed a grin to hide my real thoughts, baring my fangs.

“A daytime lantern, only useful at night. You’re going to keep your claws sheathed until the right time?”

“Haha, oh no, you must think of me as some sort of tactician. In terms of sword skills too, I could never beat my father either.”

“Your weakness is not enough reason…if someone can approach their father’s killer with a smile, who would ever say that someone is a worthless chump?”

“That’s just what I am, though. How unfortunate it is, how a parent’s deeds reflect so much on the children…”

Benamis pursed his lips, disappointed. Just at that time, the food we ordered was set on the counter.

I munched on a pork sausage, then downed the rest of the fruit juice.

“You wanted to know the reason why I came to the capital? There isn’t any, though. I’m in the middle of a trip.”

“A trip…to the west? I suppose it will be a long one.”

“I suppose.”

Benamis correctly guessed my destination, ever so naturally, so I gave up on trying to hide anything.

“I have a friend in House Sphinx. I can’t just abandon them like that.”

“As expected of you, what an exemplary warrior. To go to such a dangerous area on your own…as the bearer of the Sword Saint title, I should learn from you.”

“Won’t the central province send any reinforcements? Isn’t this the time for your military faction to shine?”

I tried poking Benamis for information, but he smiled wryly, while rolling up some noodles with his fork.

“The military faction is basically an empty shell at present. All the best swordsmen of House Saverne died two years ago, anyway.”

“I’m not going to apologize. Your people started it all.”

“We didn’t start anything against you, though? Not that I’m asking for any apology.”

Benamis gobbled the noodles, then swirled his fork and pointed it at me.

“There is one more reason why we cannot send reinforcements: Duke Rosais is vehemently opposed to it.”

“The Duke?”

I frowned, suspicious.

Duke Rosais was the young king’s advisor, leader of the pacifist faction, opposed to Benamis’ military faction.

He was one of the few central nobles I had some respect for, yet…

“It can’t be that…Duke Rosais is willing to ignore the foreign enemies that invaded the kingdom? I thought he was someone with a clear vision for the future…”

“Why would I lie about something like this? Someone like you could easily discover the truth…”


I couldn’t tell what Benamis was thinking — his expression was as aloof as ever. I held my chin, mulling over the new information.

(Duke Rosais is not like those nobles who only think of themselves, blindly believing in  safety no matter what…he must have a reason to be against sending reinforcements. But what could it be…)

“It can’t be…”

I thought of a possibility, and a fierce look came over my eyes.

(Duke Rosais is hoping for the fall of the western province? To reduce the power of the Four Houses?)

“Hmm, this chicken is really delicious! Sir Dyngir, you should have some too!”


Munching on a sauteed chicken leg, Benamis pleasantly pushed a dish in my direction.

The aroma tickled my nostrils, but I did not touch the food — instead I clenched my teeth, picturing a future steadily growing dark.

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