BBYW Vol. 4 Chapter 38 (WN)

Chapter 38 – The Conspirants’ Secret Meeting

【 POV: Nahib Massab】

“What is going on here! Blast it all!!”

Unable to contain my anger, I smashed the glass in my hand onto the table.

It was a fine piece of work from overseas, worth at least 10 gold coins — at least before it shattered in a thousand pieces. But I had much more important things to deal with at the moment.

Undead creatures called the “Terror Armies” had invaded the Lamperouge Kingdom’s western province from the desert. Being the one responsible for making them come in, I knew it very well.

It was all for the sake of crushing the pest that was corrupting the western province from within — House Sphinx. For the sake of recovering the vast domain that my House of Massab used to rule over.

I concocted a plot to assassinate Valon Sphinx, so the crucial fortress he was in charge of would fall. In addition, I made sure that the other noble houses in the western province would not send reinforcements to House Sphinx.

Such plans succeeded, and the “Terror Armies” reached as far as Thebes, capital of the House Sphinx domain, but just moments before that clan faced a well-deserved destruction, the undead were driven back.

“It is all your fault, Jaar!! How could you fail in killing Vert Sphinx!!?”

“…my deepest apologies.”

My anger was then directed, naturally, at Jaar Menfis, who had failed his most important mission. He kneeled and bowed his head to me, so I could not see his face.

I had ordered him to assassinate Vert Sphinx, the current head of the House, at the third fortress of their domain. Not only had the assassination failed, but the undead creatures surrounding the fort were even defeated: their advance on the western province had come to a complete halt.

“…I have no words, Milord. The most unexpected circumstances happened.”

“…Dyngir Maxwell, was it? That blasted foreigner, coming to meddle in our affairs!!”

I clenched my teeth and smashed my fists on the table. It seems like I had apparently used too much power, as my hands started hurting and tears welled in my eyes. However, I could not weep or yell in front of Jaar, so I firmly endured the pain.

(This is not good at all…at this rate, I’m going to be over and done, instead of House Sphinx!)

Several days prior, I had refused their request for reinforcements.

I did not incur any punishment, as we were in a time of war, but if the “Terror Armies” were completely driven out and the situation calmed down, House Sphinx would surely seek to punish me.

The fact that I often took a hostile stance in their regards surely did not help: from the viewpoint of House Sphinx, Viscount Massab was definitely the number one native noble house to deal with. They would never miss a chance to punish me in public.

“Would they…would they go as far as to dismantle my House Massab? As if such a folly could ever be allowed!!”

The western province was once ruled only by “Native” noble houses such as mine. “Migrant” houses such as the Sphinx were nothing but invaders, nothing but pests and parasites.

House Massab could never be brought down by the likes of House Sphinx. It was simply inconceivable!!

“Well…it seems this is as far as I can go.”

The third man in the room sighed, as if troubled, and stood up from his seat.

“W…What do you mean by that?”

The man who spoke was another of my collaborators, a messenger sent by the central province.

A gray hood fully concealing his face, the man started walking towards the door.

“Your ploy has failed, it seems. As of now, we withdraw from this matter.”

“P-Please wait! This is too sudden!!”

Panicking, I latched onto the man. My plan was to lure in the “Terror Armies” to destroy House Sphinx, then drive them out with reinforcements sent from the central province.

The achievement of thwarting the “Terror Armies”’ invasion would grant me the position of Margrave of the western province, thus I could finally reclaim my ancestors’ land — at least, this was how things were supposed to go.

If the plan failed and we lost the backup of the central nobles, there would be nothing left to protect me.

What was left for me was only to be sanctioned by House Sphinx…and face inevitable demise.

“You have brought this plan to us in the first place! How can you abandon us now!?”

“You can say that, however…the “Terror Armies” have already been mostly driven out of the province. There is no more chance for the plan to be brought to fruition, is there?”


I had no words to retort, just copious cold sweat to shed.

If I did not say anything, however, the messenger would leave at any moment.

“P-Please…I beg for your mercy…!”

“Even if you say that…oh, but wait.”

The hooded messenger grinned. It was a suspicious, shady smile.

“According to Jaar’s report, they will soon head out to retake Fort Giza, correct? If that campaign fails, it might be possible to prolong the war and create an opening to bring down House Sphinx.”

“…!! Yes, that’s right!!”

Regaining renewed vigor, I glared at Jaar.

“Jaar, I grant you a chance of redemption! Take the head of the commander, Dyngir Maxwell, and cause their operation to fail!!”

“Milord…that is…”

Jaar raised his head and looked at me, troubled.

“If we were to do something like that, House Maxwell would become hostile, which might lead to…”

“Stop wasting time with nonsense!! House Massab is on the brink of destruction, as we speak!!”

So I spat back, and grabbed Jaar by the lapel. I then barked my orders right into his face.

“I will not allow any more failures! Is that clear!? If you treasure your mother’s life, you must succeed!! I will say it again!! No more failures!!”


Jaar nodded, so I released him. I then plopped back on my chair and held my head with my hands.

“There’s no…turning back anymore!! No way out…!! This land…must return to House Massab…!!”

I kept mumbling to myself, over and over. If the plan failed, House Massab would surely meet the worst of fates.

“…how easy he is to manipulate. So different from Sir Dyngir…”

The hooded messenger, standing by the door, said something, but I couldn’t grasp the meaning of his words. At the time, they just slipped past me.

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