DAR Vol. 2 Chapter 8 Part 1

Chapter 8 – The Disturbance Ends

Afterwards, Roa’s group returned to Adaman, but they had to wait outside the city gates for 10 days. It was to check if the servant beasts were really affected by the Subjugation Collars.

If it was only the magic wolf twins they wouldn’t need so much time; the real problem was the gryphon. Because of the gryphon appearing in town and causing a commotion, they were especially wary of it.

Roa said that Crack of Dawn’s gryphon had simply become his servant beast, but, since telling each individual gryphon apart was difficult and Roa was a mere All-Rounder, no one would trust him that easily.

After 10 days they were finally allowed into town, but instructions were sent to keep tight security around Roa and the Coralde company, his employer.

During these 10 days, Roa and the others did not simply relax outside the city gates. They were interrogated many, many times about the events that happened in the Aldon forest and Norfar valley, by city officials and Adventurers’ Guild staff, to the point that they could barely prepare food for the servant beasts.

Thankfully, the Floural Hill incident was not thought to be related to them, so they were not asked about it. It was probably thanks to the fact that Grandpa Gry had returned the large crater to its former shape and they erased all evidence.

Eyewitnesses reported only that a large whirlwind formed, eradicating all plants and flowers, but it was treated as an abnormal natural phenomenon.

Only the servant beasts were not allowed in town, so, during the 10-day period, Roa and the other humans in the group took turns in entering town. The first thing he did was report to Coralde: he thought he would be asked lots of questions, but the report ended strangely quickly.

Coralde simply smiled as he listened to what Roa said, taking everything in. Roa was impressed by his composure, thinking that he wasn’t the president of a large trading company for nothing, after all. Dietrich and Cornelia, who accompanied Roa, looked at Coralde with worry, but the report ended with little to no questions, so there was nothing to be actually worried about.

“I will take my leave, then. Please consider my requests.”

“Yes, be careful.”

After Roa left and closed the door behind him, an awkward atmosphere filled the room. One second later, Coralde collapsed on the table.

“…er…I think you have performed admirably.”

The voice came from the leader of the spies. He had witnessed the Floural Hill incident too, so he was present for Roa’s report.


Coralde did not move an inch, to the point that he seemed unconscious. The leader of the spies had worked under Coralde for a long time, but he had never seen him like that before.

Considering they would continue to collaborate in the future, Roa reported the whole truth to Coralde. Roa’s report…especially about holy water, mithril emitting holy light, the contract with the servant beasts, the opinions of Roa and Nostalgia’s members conflicted about whether reporting the truth to Coralde, but after a majority vote, they decided to report everything.

Coralde listened to the whole report, a smile never leaving his lips. He felt his heart jump and beat faster and faster as he listened to incredible truths one after the other; his head started spinning, but his pride as president supported him throughout.

Nostalgia’s members looked at him with apprehension, but he pretended not to notice. It was no surprise that he didn’t speak much with them afterwards.

”Mithril emitting holy light and holy water…they’re both heavy secrets. I wish I wouldn’t know about it either, to be honest.”


Despite what the man said, he was quite excited. On Floural Hill, he had witnessed the gryphon and the magic wolf twins’ incredible battle and was utterly shocked by it. He was glad that all his surprise and fear could be shared by his employer, Coralde, thanks to the report.

“Moreover, the servant beast contract…do you think they can truly understand what the magic beasts say?”


The man would never tell anyone about things he learned during a mission and the responsibility fell on Coralde, who gave him the mission. Even if he ended up knowing such secrets, his position was much less risky.

“….I suppose I underestimated Roa…”

Still collapsed face down on the table, Coralde whispered.

“I thought he was just a talented alchemist. How could I be so naive…”

Coralde’s body shook, though it was unclear if he was sobbing or cackling.

“I am pretty confident in my people reading skills, you know? The moment I laid eyes on Roa, I knew I had found a wonderful rare item. This time, however, my eyes weren’t keen enough.”

The man looked at the shivering Coralde with a kindhearted gaze. Coralde, who would simply grin even when he suffered great financial failures or his life was targeted by assassins, couldn’t lift his head from the table.

“….a rare item? That boy is made of gemstone. An incredibly large gemstone, so precious that everyone would want it, something that can bring its owner to ruin. I didn’t notice and put it into my pocket. An incredible blunder, since not only my life, but the future of the whole company is in danger. ”

Coralde suddenly stopped shaking.


Coralde shouted and stood up. His expression returned to the usual.

“If I can protect Roa…the gemstone in my pocket till the end, it will be my win! In order to do that, I must attack. Staying on the defensive would ultimately mean defeat.”

In his eyes burned a strong flame of conviction. Coralde had made his decision.

“I won’t let the government nor the church lay their hands on him. Luckily, as the report said, the servant beasts will surely protect Roa. I just need to protect the company, as I did until now. I have more than enough ways to attack.”

Coralde wasn’t looking at the leader of the spies. His words were aimed at himself.

“I will use them all.”

Coralde then grinned as usual. Looking at him, the leader of the spies made his decision as well, and his lips formed a smile too.

“What will you do about Roa’s request, then?”

At the end of the report, Roa had made a request to Coralde. It was something very easy for Coralde, but he held off on his decision, because it would affect future plans.

“There’s a good place. Roa might oppose it at first, but I will push for him to accept it.”

Coralde had completely returned to his usual self. He turned towards the leader of the spies and winked.


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