DAR Vol. 2 Special Short Story

Special Short Story – The Meeting with the Magic Wolf Twins

About two years before the start of our story…

In a forest, just before dawn, Roa was standing in front of the gryphon, peering at its face. They had come to this forest for a request, but the humans other than Roa were still asleep.

“Mr. Gryphon, what is this?”

Roa talked to the gryphon. He was smiling, but he was clearly angry. The gryphon tried with all its might to avoid Roa’s eyes, but couldn’t escape them.

“They’re magic wolf pups, right? Where did you pick them up?”

Roa was carrying two magic wolf pups in his arms.

They were small enough to fit on just one of Roa’s thin arms, so they had to be newborns. They had been crying faintly until minutes before, but they were sleeping now.

The two magic wolf pups had been brought by the gryphon. It had disappeared somewhere in the middle of the night and returned with them. Roa didn’t know what had happened as it often went out by itself to defeat magic beasts nearby, so he never thought too much about it.

“You didn’t kidnap them…of course. Maybe you picked them up because their parents died?”

The gryphon replied to Roa with a small nod.

“I guess there’s no helping it then…you brought them to me because you want me to help you look after them?”

The gryphon cried and bowed its head deeply. It looked like it was earnestly asking for a favor. It was very rare for the gryphon to lower its head when asking something: it was normally very arrogant and haughty.

“Okay, I’ll ask the others then. Eric won’t give them names though, probably…”

Roa’s expression clouded slightly. The tamer Eric didn’t give names to servant beasts. He thought of them as tools and had no love for them. Roa was in charge of taking care of them.

“Well, no use thinking about it. I just need to take proper care of them. Of course, you’ll help too, won’t you, Mr. Gryphon?”

The gryphon cocked its head to the side. Roa then realized that it had planned to make him take care of the puppies by himself and his brows furrowed. The next moment, however, he grinned.

“Do your best, daddy!”


The gryphon cried sharply with its beak wide open. It recovered quickly and started clawing at the ground in protest.

“You don’t like daddy? Then how about grandpa? Grandpa Gryphon? Hmm, it’s a bit hard to say…Grandpa Gry, then!”

The gryphon protested even more furiously, but Roa completely ignored it.

“Nice to meet you, Grandpa Gry!”

Roa pointed the two magic wolf pups at the gryphon and waved their tiny paws in greeting.

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