NBAA Vol. 4 Chapter 3 Part 4

Gonzo jumped on the ogre’s back, “Run away!!”


“S, Sorry!”

Arcana got up and ran away.

Gonzo saw that and wrapped his arms around the ogre from behind and slammed it on its head.



The ogre had a sturdy body, but it appeared the attack had worked. A concussion or something had caused it to collapse on the ground.

Gonzo took the club in front of him and swung it on its head.

“Helmet Splitter!!”


“Did you get’em?”

But the ogre’s head hadn’t been destroyed.

Reito cheered him on.

“Keep it up, Gon-chan!!”


“Helmet Splitter!!”

Reito had moved into mid-air and was holding his own Extermination Blade, aiming for Gonzo’s club, which was being swung down.

The club hit the ogre’s face, and the ogre, which had previously not flinched at the attack, felt the force of the Extermination Blade. Its face was smashed in and it stopped moving. A few people turned their eyes away from the site.

When Reito landed back on the ground, he extended a fist toward Gonzo.

“Nice work stopping the ogre.”

“Huh…” he sighed.

Gonzo half-laughed and put out his own fist. The two fists bumped.

But, things weren’t over yet.


“What the shit!!”

“Don’t insult us adventurers!!”


In a separate place, a battle between a few ogres and adventurers was expanding. The elite unit they put out in front to defeat the Rotten Dragon was putting up a good fight. But, the ogres were destroying carriage after carriage, and at this rate, their strategy would be ruined.

Seeing that, Reito grasped his Extermination Blade and noticed he was excited despite the situation. His eyes were getting redder and redder.

Three Hailstorm adventurers, Gallow, Morimo, and Mina, were fighting with the ogres a ways away from Reito.


“We don’t have time for your shit!!”

“Gallow, you’re going too far out on your own!!”

“You’re being selfish!!”

Gallow aimed to slice the ogre’s head off with his longsword, but his blade was repelled. He clicked his tongue and retreated.

Mina readied her spear called the “Helix Spear,” and launched it at the ogre.

“Disturbance Strike!!”


“Take this!!” Mina poked the ogre a number of times with her spear, jabbing into its abdominal region several times. Gallow cheered her on.

The Helix Spear was made of a rare material stronger than Mithril called Orichalcum. That’s why it could pierce the firm skin of the ogre.

Mina was in a cold sweat over the feel of the spear.

“It’s no good. I can’t defeat it with my strength alone. I managed to pierce the skin, but it can’t get past the muscles to the bone…!!”

“What did you say!?”

“Shit. I didn’t expect it to be this strong!!”

Morimo put his longsword back in its sheath and pulled out the staff he was carrying on his back, getting ready to use ballistic magic. Elves can use spirit magic, but the force is too strong, so there’s no way he could avoid hitting Gallow who was alongside the ogre.

Morimo made sure not to hit the two of them and used beginner wind magic.

“Wind Pressure!!”


A whirlpool-shaped magic bullet struck the ogre’s body.

The magic had the power to uproot trees, but the ogre used all his might to squash the attack.


“How did it!?”



Morimo yelled in surprise as the ogre managed to stop the attacks. Gallow, Mina, and the other people in the vicinity were blown away from the wind force generated by the attack and fell over.


“This is not good!?”

The ogre approached Mina, who had injured its body.

Morimo rushed to launch another ballistic magic attack. There was a man leaping over the back of the ogre.

“Helmet Splitter!!”



The man had swung his broadsword into the ogre’s back, sending blood spreading everywhere. The stout ogre’s flesh had been brutally injured and everyone was surprised.

The man who cut the ogre was Reito. After working with Gonzo and the rest to defeat the other ogre, he ran over to rescue them.

Reito lifted his Extermination Blade up and sliced the Ogre’s left leg.

“Whirlwind Strike!!”


He hadn’t managed to make a cross-section of it. But, it did bend in a strange direction. Reito, seeing that, used “Gravity Blade.” A scarlet-colored energy wrapped the blade and he slashed at the ogre’s neck.

“Spin Strike!!”


“Wha!?” Mina watched the ogre’s head go flying off before her.

Reito was drenched in blood and looked at her. Mina was overwhelmed by the scarlet-colored light emanating from his irises, dumbfounded by his superior strength.

He had finished his duty and was looking off in the distance.

“Okay, next…”

“Uh, umm…”

“Let’s talk later.”

Mina tried to talk to Reito, but he used “Shrink Ground” and was off to fight the other ogre in a minute.

“Let me get by.”


“Wh, What!?”

Reito cut through the crowd as if he was teleporting.

However, he stopped partway through, and reached the ogre he was aiming for. But, there was something strange about it.


The ogre had sustained a countless number of sword wounds, and appeared to be in fear, curling up in itself.

“You loser.”

He found Shinobi Kagemaru saying. Shinobi was Reito’s acquaintance. He was holding a blood-smeared dagger in his hand.

“You’re finished.”


“You’re late.”

Kagemaru had moved onto the ogre’s back and stabbed his dagger into its neck. Reito ascertained he had used Shrink Ground to make that move.

He had punctured a blood vessel in its neck and blood came gushing out before falling over.

Reito was overwhelmed by Kagemaru’s abnormal strength and went up to him.

“Mr. Kagemaru.”

“You don’t need to call me ‘Mr.’ You are my boss’s nephew. No need to be so formal.”

“If I don’t like talking all polite, I don’t need to?”

“That’s right. I’m out,” Kagemaru said with a bow and ran off. He went to rescue some Hailstorm adventurers surrounded by ogres.

Reito looked at the situation of the other adventurers.



“Haa!! I’m gonna burn it from the inside out!” An adventurer released a ballistic lightning magic attack into the open-mouthed ogre, giving it damage from the inside out.

A different pair of adventurers was challenging the ogre in hand-to-hand combat.



“Fa Jin!!”

One of them was focused on defense while the other was working on the offense. The ogre was defeated by their combined attacks.

Although they were flustered by the surprise attack at first, they showed their strength and picked off the ogres one after the other.

Reito heard a familiar voice.

“Shadow Bind!! Alright, I stopped it.”


“There we go. I’m about to show you my real strength,” Erina said.

“I’ll help too,” Kotomin added.

Reito turned around to find Dain, Erina, and Kotomin fighting with a new ogre.

Erina was ready to fire her bowgun at the bound ogre. Kotomin had Suramin and Hitomin in her hands.

“Certain Kill!! Bullet Storm!!”

The air in her bowgun was fired off at high speed, penetrating the skull of the ogre.

“Water Pressure Gun” Kotomin added, releasing water from Suramin and Hitomin.

The large water shone blue and pierced the ogre’s heart like a laser.


“W, Wow… Why didn’t you use that in the first place!?”

“D, Don’t be ridiculous. I don’t have the energy for that.”

“Without a shred of slime in my life” Erina said, imitating Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star but replacing “regret” with “slime”.


“I have a lot of slime on my face??”

Erina and Kotomin were bushed and fell on the ground.

Reito figured it would be fine to leave them alone and looked at the remaining ogres.

The final ogre let out a big scream.


“Okay!! I Got you!!”

“If you’re trying to match strengths, you’ll lose.”

A few male giants had tied the ogre’s limbs with chains and had tied it down.

The ogre tried to desperately to break free, but its strength was no match for the giants.

“You think you’re so big! You little shrimp!!” the giants taunted.

This time, a group of female elf magicians got their wands at the ready and were going to put an end to the battle.

Everyone was certain hostilities had concluded and Reito used Shrink Ground to approach the ogre.

“I’m sorry.”

“Huh!? Don’t just…”

Hey, what are you doing little boy!? That’s dangerous!!”

“Wait, isn’t that the swordsman from before…”

Reito put his extermination blade on his back and looked down on the ogre. He grabbed his right arm and used “Physical Reinforcement” along with “Magical Reinforcement” to raise his physical capabilities to the max.

“Please release it.”

“Don’t be stupid. You’ll get killed!?”

“If you don’t want to get fried, I would let go of it soon.”


The giants raised their voices in confusion but were overwhelmed by Reito’s vigors and before long, they had all let go.


Reito fixed his sights on the ogre that had stood up and directed the lightning magic in a helix shape around his right arm. Reito used “Magical Reinforcement” again pushing the abilities to the utmost extreme.

“Lightning Strike!”


The next instant, Reito jabbed his fist into the ogre.

The impact of the fist ran through the ogre pouring in high voltages of electricity. Its chest caved in and it coughed up blood, falling over on its back.

Reito clenched his fist and nodded.

“Ouch, that hurt!”

“What did you just?”

“Did you use ‘Magic Fist’?”

“There’s no way. You’d have to be an expert-level fighter and magician to do that!?”

“Isn’t he a swordsman?”

The other adventurers were in a flurry over his last attack. Reito himself was just thinking that he’s a better match for swordsmanship.


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