NBAA Vol. 6 Chapter 1 Part 6

“All right, let’s take them down first. Ullr, when I give the signal, you’ll bark at them to intimidate them.”


“Don’t worry, just believe me… I think this should do the trick.

Reito used “Ice Block” to fashion an ice spear.

“Let’s try this out. Enchantment Boost!”


The moment he invoked “Enchantment Boost,” Lightning Magic flowed into the ice spear through Reito’s palm.

Normally, when “Enchantment Boost” is applied to Ice Block magic, it just makes the ice colder, but this time, since the lightning attribute magic power was sent through it, an electric current gushed out from the ice spear.

“Alright, that worked. Next, we use this and, Ullr… now!!”


Ullr barked at Reito’s signal.

“Hmm!?” the orcs were surprised.

The Great Horned Orcs in the mining area looked at them. The sleeping ones also woke up.

But before they could start moving, Reito activated his spatial magic.

“Take this!!”


From the black vortex of spatial magic, a large quantity of water was released, exceeding the “one ton” that had been collected during the prior stop at the creek. The water engulfed the bodies of the Great Horned Orcs that Reito had targeted and drenched them.

After checking the situation, Reito used his “Throwing” skill to throw an ice spear into the water. If he had thought it through more, there was no need to throw the ice spear since he could have simply controlled the ice created by the Ice Block magic at will.

The spear was thrown, and thanks to the “Accuracy” skill, it took the course that Reito had aimed for. Soon the spear fell into a puddle of water at the Great Horned Orcs’ feet.

The next moment, the puddle was electrified.




The water-covered Great Horned Orcs screamed as they were hit by the electric shocks, and other orcs who saw the scene were startled and scurried to get away from the puddle.

“All right, let’s go, Ullr!!”


Reito and Ullr ran toward the mine at his signal.

Reito had his Extermination Blade at the ready and used the “Shrink Ground” skill to slice down orc after orc.

“Spin Strike Blade!!”



He cut off the bodies of two Great Horned Orcs with a rotating motion. He sensed another orc approaching from behind with his “Detect Presence” skill. He turned around and swung his Extermination Blade.


“Whirlwind Strike!!”

He sliced the body of the opponent, who jumped at him from behind in half. Then, in order to seriously engage in combat, Reito activated “Limit Boost” to increase his physical capabilities.

“Limit… Boost!!”

At the moment of using the magic, a slight outpouring of holy magic gushed into Reito’s body. Even after all this time, Reito learned for the first time that “Muscle Boost” auxiliary magic was holy magic.

Magic energy surged through his body as he herded the orcs together.

“Helmet Smasher!!”


He swung his broad sword before his opponent could react, slicing the huge body of the Great Horned Orc in two. The body, sliced cleanly down the middle, fell to the ground.

Reito could not hide his surprise at the lack of response. He then realized that his body was stronger than before, and this time he slashed without activating his battle technique.

“Take this!!”


“You little!!”


Every time he swung the Extermination Blade, another orc was sliced down or stabbed.

Before even 40 seconds had passed, most orcs were turned to corpses lined up on the ground.




Not to be outdone, Ullr cloaked his body with a blade of wind like the mythical Sickle Weasel, slashing at the orcs’ vital points without fail and running around to ensure he didn’t miss even a single orc. Most of the Great Horned Orc herd had just finished eating a large amount of food, so their bellies were bloated, and their movements were noticeably sluggish. Reito and Ullr were relentless in their pursuit of the orcs.

“You’re the last one!”


Reito held out his Extermination Blade toward the last one and unleashed a new technique that combines the warrior technique “Gale Thrust” and the swordsman’s war technique “Thrust.”

“Phew… That was the last of them.”


Ullr, who was bathed in the spurts of blood from the orcs, rushed to Reito’s side, who had made it through the battle harm-free.

“Hey, get cleaned up before you lick me!! Stop it, you silly boy…”

Ullr whimpered.

Reito, with a wry smile, took out a cloth and wiped off Ullr’s face. More than fifty orc carcasses were strewn around.

More than half a year had passed since they escaped from the Forest of the Abyss. Compared to when they were living in the forest, both had definitely grown, and Reito, in particular, had gotten much stronger. They had also mastered various skills and had perfected their own unique swordsmanship by utilizing the “sword fighting” technique that Bal taught them.

“We really have come a long way… Ouch!?”


“I haven’t felt this in a while.

After the “Limit Boost” effects wore off, all the physical burden came onto his body at once. Reito sat there, not caring that his clothes were stained, and let out a sigh.

Reito recalled the first time he used “Muscle Boost” magic as a child. At that time, he could not bear the physical load and collapsed.

After several years of increasing his “Muscle Boost” proficiency to the limit and further training his own body, he was now able to withstand the physical load, but the evolved “Limit Boost” increased his physical capabilities even more than before, so the load on his body also increased.

“Ouchhh…. ‘Recovery Boost!!’”

The holy magic rushed into Reito’s palm. He pressed it against his own body. His body was filled with holy magic, and it glowed like a cocoon. The intense pain disappeared in just a few seconds.

“Wow… This is incredible. I’m already healed.”


Reito could not hide his surprise at the instant disappearance of the pain. The recovery speed of the “Super Recovery Boost” was several times faster than that of the normal “Recovery Boost.”

But on the other hand, the amount of magic power being drained had also increased, and just standing up made Reito feel dizzy.

“Wow… I used a lot of magic. It looks like I can’t repeatedly use this.”

Ullr licked him.

“I’m okay… I should have brought Kotomin if it was going to be like this.

If Kotomin, a mermaid who can handle recovery magic, had been brought along, she could have easily treated his injuries and sore muscles. Although the role of recovery will basically be left to her in the future, the recovery power of “Super Recovery Boost” could not be underestimated. If he was seriously injured, it was reassuring to know that he could recover on his own.

“I’m glad I got to check the efficacy of the new auxiliary magics. We have to be careful when activating the ‘Limit Boost and Super Recovery Boost,’ although the disadvantages may disappear as we increase our proficiency.”


“Hey, you surprised me. When did you get such a loud bark? It used to be a polite little woof.”

Ullr whimpered, a little sad.

Since the two of them were alone for the first time in a while, Ullr rubbed his body against Reito’s in an attempt to get the attention he used to do. However, Ullr’s was covered in orc blood, so he couldn’t get too close.

Reito sighed and decided to wash Ullr’s body in the creek later.

“I’m going to collect the horns from the orc carcasses. The meat could be used for Ullr’s meal. We’ll be taking a lot of it home with us today.”


“Hmm? Ah, the rail car…”

Ullr dexterously pointed with his paw at the abandoned rail car with the broken wheel.

“Oh, I see. If we fix the wheels, we might be able to use it as a cart. You’re a smart guy… I’ll take this crate with me while I’m at it. I don’t know if the owner is still alive.”

Using Reito’s alchemical abilities, the rail car was repaired. With a few modifications, it could carry luggage like a carriage.

Reito checked inside the crate filled with a large amount of magic grass and decided to take it with him as well, just in case. The crate had some emblems engraved on its surface. If submitted to the guild, there was a high possibility of receiving an additional reward.

“I’ll collect the fangs then. Ullr, you stay on watch.”


The crates of magical grass were stored away with spatial magic. They used the Dismantle skill to take the horns of the orcs and as much meat as they could carry as proof of their defeat. The luggage and crates of magical grass that could not be carried due to capacity constraints were carried by repairing and modifying the rail car.

In this way, Reito returned to the Adventurers’ Guild with more results than requested.

But this decision by Reito brought about a further situation. Early the next morning, a guild official visited Reito at his home in a state of panic.


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