NBAA Vol. 6 Chapter 1 Part 8

Ferris led him out of the building to a carriage parked in front of the guild. The carriage was one of the most lavishly decorated ones that Reito had ever seen, and the horses pulling it were not ordinary.

“This is our carriage. What do you think?”

“I think it’s an amazing carriage… Is this a unicorn, by any chance?”

“Heh, you know about unicorns? You truly are an adventurer! You know a lot about a species that don’t exist in this region.”


Ferris patted the back of the white horse, pulling the carriage, and the white horse, which was about two times larger than an ordinary horse, whinnied. It had a beautiful white horn on its forehead, a beautiful coat that reminded one of the gods, and above all, a sharp look in its eyes.

Ferris talked about the horse to Reito, who could not hide his excitement at the sight of the unicorn so famous from the fairy tails he grew up with.

“The first time I saw her, I thought she was a little girl, and I was surprised to learn that she was a unicorn. Our lives have been saved by her many times.”


“Hey, don’t interrupt me while I’m talking!”

The unicorn licked Ferris’s face and glared at Reito as if to tell him to stay away from her.

Reito sighed at the attitude of the unicorn as he approached the carriage.

“Are we going to ride around in these carriages?”

“Oh, wait! Don’t carelessly touch the carriage!”


Before Ferris could stop it, the unicorn let out a yelp and, tearing off its tether, approached Reito, thrusting its horn out of its forehead.

But Reito’s eyes glowed red, and he conversely extended his palm toward the horn. His eyes discolored as he reflexively exerted his “Sword Demon” power.

With both hands, Reito grabbed the protruding horn and held the unicorn’s body in place while blood oozed from his palms.

The unicorn’s eyes widen in astonishment, not expecting anyone to be able to catch its attack. She saw Reito with a look of rage on his face.

“Woah… That was close?”


“Okay, let’s calm down!! Same with you, Yuniko.”

Ferris hurriedly intervened between Reito and the unicorn.

The unicorn, who was called “Yuniko,” stepped back as if frightened.

Ferris was surprised by this attitude. She had known Yuniko for a long time, but this was the first time she had seen her so frightened.

New Tech Skill Acquired: Intimidation

“Oh, I learned a new skill… Cool.”

The new skill screen popped up in Reito’s field of vision before he calmed down. His eye color went back to normal.

Reito glanced at the unicorn and asked, “Can I get in?”

The unicorn winced a little.


Yuniko fearfully nodded its head. Ferris couldn’t hide her surprise.

Unicorns are intelligent creatures, and depending on their training, they even reach the level of understanding human language. And while unicorns can understand human language, she did not expect them to readily accept someone who held them back like that.

‘Well, let’s go. Can I get in?”

“Well, yes… Mr. Reito, please don’t pick on my Yuniko too much.”

“I almost got skewered.”

“I’m really sorry about that.”

Ferris hung her head in shame in response to Reito’s good point.

However, normally, she would not try to stab people with her horns, even though she would normally be a little rough with a person who approached the carriage.

She felt a touch of uneasiness.

(Maybe I brought in someone so bad that Yuniko is on guard?)

While considering that Yuniko’s immediate offensive action may have been based on her judgment of Reito as a threat, Ferris nevertheless invited him into the carriage.

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