NBAA Vol. 6 Chapter 2 Part 2

“Hmph. That’s your battle stance!? Are you an amateur!?”


Grohl snickered when he saw Reito’s stance and lunged forward to slash at him.

Reito pulled his retreating sword from his back and slammed it against his blade.

The two swords collided, and the large metallic ring drew Ferris’s attention, who started to watch the fight.

Reito thrust his broadsword at Grohl’s neck in return.

Growl’s face got tense, and he was upset at the sight of his broken sword.

“That’s impossible… how did you break my Mithril sword so easily…!?”

“Are we done yet?”

“Nice job!! In that case, Reito is the representative!”

“Wait a minute! Please, wait!”

As Ferris applauded and tried to approach him, Grohl abruptly stopped her by letting go of his longsword. He then turned his attention to the great sword that Reito was equipped with and let out a cold sweat.

“Where the hell did you get this great sword from…? No, no, it doesn’t matter! One more time! One more time!”

“What? Please give it a re-…”

“I didn’t lose that fight! I lost because of my weapon!”

“Is that the case…”

Grohl spit out a desperate line of dialogue, but Reito noticed that the mood was different from his earlier one. Deciding that the man was not mistaken, he agreed to Grohl’s challenge.

“Fine. Let’s change weapons and try one more time.”

“Um… thanks.”

Grohl hung his head in shame.

“What? You’re going at it again?”

Reito asked Ferris, who looked dumbfounded, for a favor.

“Ferris, could you furnish us with some weapons?”

“What, me!?”

“Ms. Chairwoman, please. I would like to fight on even ground!!”

“…Um, okay, but only once!!”

Ferris went into the building to look for some weapons.

In the meanwhile, Reito put his Extermination Blade in his storage magic, and Grohl had completely changed his attitude. His eyes were shut, and he was silent.

After a while, Feris brought a servant carrying new weapons for them to use.

“Here you go~!”

“Please, use them.”


“Thank you.”

Ferris’s servant brought two iron longswords, which he held out to Reito and Grohl, respectively. Perhaps he was unable to prepare a broadsword, or perhaps it was Ferris’s arrangement, knowing Reito’s abilities.

Reito took the longsword, and after confirming that they were ordinary iron swords, he turned to face Grohl.

“Let’s do it.”

“Will this weapon work for you?” Grohl asked.

“I used to use longswords.”

“I see… let’s go!”

Grohl gripped his long sword, and this time, he stepped forward forcefully and drew his sword. Unlike the previous attack, this move was befitting of a first-rate swordsman.

Reito, clutching his long sword, swatted away his opponent’s sword in the same manner as before.

A metallic sound echoes through the air, and the long swords collide with each other. This time, Grohl’s sword is not destroyed, and they continue to exchange strikes again and again.

Grohl raised his long sword, clutching it with both hands above his head, and swung it down with great force. This is a sword technique very similar to “Helmet Splitter.”

Reito repelled the attack with his blade.

In response, Grohl started kicking.

“Kick Strike!!”

“What the…”

Reito raised his own right leg to catch the sweeping leg and managed to avoid being blown away.

Grohl smiles in elation and unleashes his best fighting technique.


“Helmet Splitter!!”

Grohl swung his sword sideways, but Reito swung his sword down from the front, and the blades collided. Then the blade in Grohl’s grip was smashed, and Reito’s swinging blade was at his neck, just like in the earlier fight.

“You did it again.”

“Thank you.”

This time it was completely settled.

Grohl smiled, and Reito bowed to him for his fair and square match.

The only reason Grohl objected to the earlier match was that he was frustrated that he had lost because he had been careless and failed to show his ability, and he did not think he could beat Reito from the beginning.

Nevertheless, he wanted the rematch because he was not satisfied that he couldn’t show his abilities in front of an opponent who was stronger than he was. It’s what made Grohl a true warrior.

After finishing the match, Grohl bowed to Reito with a refreshed expression, and this time he turned to face Ferris and apologized.

“Ms. Chairwoman… I apologize for causing you so much trouble.:

“After wasting two of your precious… weapons equipment. I’ll make sure I take it out of your paycheck.”

“Ha! And I’m sorry for… my repeated rudeness, Mr. Reito!

“Oh, no… don’t worry about it.”

Grohl also apologized to Reito, and after retrieving the broken weapon, he bowed to them once more and moved into the building.

At first, Ferris wondered what was going to happen but was relieved to see that the problem had been resolved without incident.

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