TNG Vol. 1 Chapter 3 – Part 5

Shin left Tsuki no Hokora and proceeded straight to the northern forest. Things would turn troublesome if he bumped into the guild’s scouting squads, so he advanced while making sure that there was no one else in the surroundings. He didn’t have a specific goal, so he continued simply following his instincts. He felt something suspicious from the depths of the forest, however, so he kept walking in that direction.

Naturally, In order to avoid the scouts, Shin was going in the opposite direction of the area where he fought the Skullface, an area he hadn’t explored during his last visit.

He had found the Skullface in the southeastern part of the forest. Shin was now going towards the northwestern direction, into the heart of the northern forest. The more he proceeded, the thicker the vegetation became, progressively blocking the sunlight from filtering through. The darkness was almost night-like, greatly different from the interior of the eastern forest.

The trees too were higher than in the eastern forest, forming vegetation so thick that it seemed to be rejecting human entry. Shin actually felt some unseen force whispering “Leave at once” in his head as he advanced. It wasn’t a hunch or some sort of premonition, but “something” more clear and definite.

(Is this a barrier?)

He didn’t feel any hostility, but it was a high-level illusion, so he couldn’t rule out that possibility yet.

The barrier was very powerful: any normal person nearing it would be filled with desire to turn away. Warriors of average ability wouldn’t even be able to perceive its existence.

Shin, a High Human, had especially reinforced his Mind-manipulation resistance; the skill used here had practically no effect on him. On the contrary, it was like telling him “there’s something in this direction!”

Shin walked quickly deeper into the forest, never letting his guard down. Possibly thanks to the barrier, there were no monsters around either. 

After some more walking, the moment he passed an especially large tree, the darkness around him vanished and he found himself bathed in soft, gentle light.

Before him, he found a 30-mel wide round clearing, as if it had been carved from the ground.

In the center, there was a red Torii gate and a small, lonesome shrine.

“So this is the barrier’s center.”

The moment he stepped in the suddenly appeared clearing, Shin felt the Mind-manipulating force disappear. He wouldn’t have expected to find a shrine, however.

“Wait, I’ve seen this place somewhere before…”

Oriental-style buildings were not too rare in the game, but few people were eccentric enough to build Shinto shrines. Shin was thus sure he remembered it well, but he felt it was on the tip of his tongue.

“Might as well check it out inside.”

It was pointless to stay there racking his brains, so he decided to go through the gate and enter the shrine grounds. A path started from the gate, leading directly to the shrine. Next to the gate, stone foxes -unlike the usual stone dogs – stood guard.

There was no water basin to purify oneself before visiting or the offering box normally present in Shinto shrines, but just a gate and the shrine itself. The atmosphere Shin felt after passing the gate, however, told him that however simple its structure looked, he had entered a sacred place.

The breeze felt pure and clear, hardly fitting the deepest reaches of a forest. Shin felt it even more strongly after passing through the forest, so filled with the scent of so many living creatures.

This was a very special place, there was no doubt about it.

The shrine grounds seemed very well kept, with no trace of neglect. The floor of the shrine was built high, barely decorated. If one wasn’t very familiar with Shinto shrines, it might have looked unusual. As Shin neared the shrine, he heard a shrill sound.

“What was that?”

It was like shattering glass. Maybe the barrier had been cracked? 

Shin had not done anything yet, so he had a bad feeling about the situation.

He looked around, suspecting that it happened because of him, but saw nothing different. The atmosphere was as pure and sacred as before.

The door of the small shrine was open. Was it always like this, or did it open with the sound? Shin could not say.

He felt urged to open it all the way. He couldn’t peer inside as it was now, but he felt compelled to know what it was hiding.

“…I guess I should open it.”

Shin knew that it wasn’t exactly a good thing to do, but opened the door to the shrine. The light pouring in from outside fully revealed the interior.

The first thing that caught Shin’s attention were the words written on the floor. Sanskrit-like letters were drawn in concentric circles, as if forming a magic circle. In the middle of the circles lied a single tiny shadow.

“…a fox?”

Sprawling on the floor despite the light shining on it was a small, silver-haired fox.

“Wait, I can’t just stay here staring.”

Shin checked for traps, then approached the fox. Despite the lack of visible wounds, the animal’s HP was past half of the red zone. It was also affected by the status ailments 【Poison X】 and 【Curse X】. In a state like this, it would just be a matter of time until it lost all of its energy.

“Is this the fox Millie talked about?”

The location made it clear that it couldn’t be a normal fox. If I’m wrong, I’ll deal with it later! So thought Shin as he opened his item box and chose an Elixir from the item list, taking it out not as a card but in its actual item form.

Shin flicked open the cap of the bottle containing golden liquid capable of fully healing HP, MP, most status ailments and even loss of body parts. Just as he was about to pour the contents into the small fox’ mouth, a series of glass-shattering noises broke the room’s silence.

“What’s happening now!?”

Shin activated 【Sign Perception】 and scanned the surroundings. 【Sign Perception】, differently from 【Search】(who allowed the user to detect any hostile presences), showed to the user all monsters and players present within the user’s perception field. Its range was smaller than 【Search】, but it was useful to examine the surroundings while hiding behind a building or natural barriers.

Even with just a quick scan, Shin realized that more than 50 monsters were heading towards the shrine. The shattering noise before must have been the barrier breaking down.

The map showed a multitude of red points, attracted to the shrine like ants to a mound of sugar. They were gradually surrounding it from all sides.

(Is this fox their target?)

Shin thought while looking at the small animal whimpering softly in his arms. He had made it drink the Elixir, so the status ailments were cured, its HP gauge increasing from red to yellow to green. It still looked weak, however: it had probably spent a long time in that weakened state.

“I should put this little guy in a safe place first. Activate 【Barrier X】! ….It’s not working!?”

Shin didn’t know what place he was in, nor what role the small fox had, so first he tried to set up his strongest barrier. The skill, however, did not activate.

“What the…no, it can’t be!”

Shin then came up with a possible explanation.

A Shinto shrine, guardian fox statues, a small fox in the inner shrine, barrier skills not working…

These hints brought out a single possibility…

“This is Element Tail territory?”

Regretting not realizing it as soon as he saw the fox statues, Shin went out of the shrine, the small fox in his arms.

In the game era, it was not possible to use barrier skills in the areas where the high-level monsters Element Tails prowled. This was something even low-level players knew.

In order to keep the small fox safe, Shin had no choice but to leave its side. He still couldn’t grasp the situation fully, but abandoning the small fox was not an option.

This world was just similar to the game world, and Shin did not actually have anything to do with it, but he couldn’t find in his heart to treat the small fox, which looked at him trembling, like some expendable NPC.

Shin patted the fox’ head as to calm it down, then focused on 【Sign Perception】 to scan his surroundings.


“Sorry, but stay still for now. I’ll take care of these nasty guests.”

The monsters continued to close in on the shrine. What Shin saw first were skeleton warriors with ashen flames burning in their eyes, equipped with a rusted sword and armor, Skullfaces heading towards them as if sleepwalking. Just their sight made him feel like the shrine’s pure atmosphere was being tainted.

The monsters were so many it was puzzling to imagine where exactly they came from: there were more than 20 just in Shin’s field of view.

“Quantity over quality, is that it?”

Shin whispered to himself while looking at the Skullfaces spreading through his line of sight. There weren’t any units with abnormal levels or equipment like the Skullface Shin fought before: the swarm was composed of Jacks and Pawns like the ones Shin remembered from the game.

After realizing that the monsters surrounding the shrine were normal Skullfaces, Shin switched skills from 【Sign Perception】 to the wider-ranged 【Search】, thus pinpointing the location of all Skullfaces. 

The biggest problem this time was quantity: 【Search】 revealed that the enemy forces reached 3 digits. If he let even a few go, there was the risk for the Bayreuth kingdom to suffer new casualties.

The sight of the pool of blood and human remains caused by the breakdancing Skullface surfaced in Shin’s mind. He had no intention of taking the part of a hero of justice, but he strongly felt that he was not going to let them make more victims.

“Too bad for you guys, but you’re all going down here!”

Shin stepped forward towards the swarming enemies and drew a new weapon out of the item box. What materialized in his hands was a spear, with a handle of platinum and a brilliant green, emerald-like blade on its tip. The spear had a magic attachment that gave it a white glow.

Shin spun the spear once with his right hand, pointed the tip at the enemies and lowered his 【Limiter】 to II. He made sure that he could control his power and his fighting power had been released to the point it could be used fully, then kicked the ground to charge towards the monster pack.

“Take this first!”

While rushing forward, Shin activated the Spear-type Martial skill 【Furrow Pierce】.

The spear strike unleashed by Shin’s arm strength pierced through several Skullfaces. The emerald green light released by the skill created a spiral, bearing down on the monsters’ swords, armor and bodies.

With the power and momentum of a cannonball shot horizontally, Shin’s strike shattered the gathered Skullfaces to fragments, creating a straight streak of bones and pieces of iron.

Shin charged and broke through the Skullfaces’ surrounding formation, then put some distance between himself and them, paying attention to the monsters’ location all the while.

“Try this one next! 【Star Mine】!”

The Light-type Magic skill 【Star Mine】 placed Light-elemental bullets in the air, just like airborne mines. The mines were set up behind the Skullfaces surrounding the shrine, preventing anyone from fleeing in the forest.

Shin made sure that the mines had been set up properly, then returned to attack the Skullfaces still approaching the shrine.

This time he activated the Spear-type Martial skill 【Spark Blossom】.

A linear sweep, leaving behind emerald green trails, tore through the Skullfaces it hit directly, while their shattered weapons and armor struck the Skullfaces outside the attack’s range, with such explosive power that they pierced through both Pawns and Jacks, riddling the monster swarm with holes.

The Skullface Jacks raised their swords to attack Shin, but were countered by Shin’s spear and turned into bullets shooting through their companions.

“Here’s one more!”

Shin’s spear ravaged through the monsters at a speed hard to conceive, considering that he was holding the small fox close to his chest. The skills he used took out about 10 enemies at a time, as their fragments acted as cluster grenades and reduced their numbers further.

Skullface Jacks and Pawns were considered small fry monsters in the game: even if he was carrying the baby fox, there was no way for the vastly superior Shin to have a hard time against them, nor for any of them to have a chance to survive.

Less than 10 minutes after the start of the fighting, the Skullfaces’ swarm had been utterly routed. Shin expected that some would try to escape back in the forest, but maybe because of their lack of intellect, all the monsters kept advancing towards Shin. This meant that 【Star Mine】 had been used for nothing, but it also helped him take down every single one.

The Skullface remains scattered around Shin covered the ground: the drop items too were so many that it was doubtful they could all fit in the item box.

Shin had no intention of picking them all up, so he just ignored them.

“Okay then, what shall we do—-!?”


Shin suddenly jumped away mid-sentence, the baby fox still in his arms.

The small fox let out a yelp because of the sudden acceleration, but Shin was looking elsewhere. He had responded to a new source of hostility, despite the fact that all monsters should have been defeated.

In the spot where Shin was standing until seconds ago, the ground was now stabbed by a 2-mel tall icicle. The type of attack did not look like it could have come from a Skullface survivor: not even Kings could use magic, relying solely on Martial skills.

Shin looked towards the direction the icicle seemed to have come from.

【Search】 showed a red mark that was not present until moments before. The position on the map fit perfectly with the direction the icicle seemed to have come from.

“The fox statue?”

The position was indeed where the guardian fox statues were. Normally, Shinto shrines were guarded by dog statues, but this was Element Tail territory. It wouldn’t be too strange for fox deities to be present.

“What’s that?”

The fox statues, which had stood motionless until now, had undergone a great change. The formerly stone body had now somehow acquired animal-like sinuousness, also gaining four powerful limbs and a mane extending from the head to the back. The tail was split in two, the light in their eyes sharp.

“Wait a second, I’ve never seen this before”

The statues continued morphing as Shin looked at them, dumbfounded. Red and blue crystals rose from the foxes’ foreheads and limbs, then their mouths tore open until the throat. Their bodies became an ominous purple and blue, as vivid as if they had been splashed with paint.

The final transformation was the appearance of black mist all over their bodies. They retained little of their former fox-like appearances anymore. 

Black breath now emanated from the creatures’ mouths. It was not a normal black, but something of a deeper, viscous looking hue.


The rumbling echoed like stones grinding against one another.

The whole transformation had taken only several seconds: the stone statues had turned into completely different monsters and were now moving as to put Shin in a pincer attack.

Despite the monsters’ horrifying appearance, they moved with more agility than wild beasts.

The pedestals they were standing on crumbled, signaling that they had to be quite heavy too. Realizing that they could move nimbly was painful to swallow.

“…level 674. I see, that’s miasma.”

The information gained from 【Analyze】 helped Shin cool his head.

Their silhouette was now very different, but the fox statues were originally supposed to be a challenge to overcome before facing the Element Tail.

Their level was around 500, simply speaking they were opponents to practice with before the Element Tail fight. They were actually golems controlled by the Element Tail…or so Shin remembered.

Stone statues that could not move in absence of their master, the Element Tail. The reason why they moved now was likely to be the black mist enveloping their bodies.

The feeling of tainted atmosphere Shin had picked up before fighting the Skullfaces had not been his imagination.

The monsters’ name was Golem Invader: the “Invader” part marked monsters mutated due to miasma. 

The shrine was supposed to be a holy place, but for some reason it had been penetrated by miasma. It did not yet have the characteristics of miasma-corrupted areas, but if the 2 monsters were left there, it would be a matter of time.

“I’ve got nothing against you, but forgive me, I have to do it.”

There was no way to turn monsters completely changed by miasma back to normal.

Differently from 【Cursed Gift】 and Curse as a status ailment, it couldn’t be healed with 【Purification】. There was a possibility during the transformation, but Shin couldn’t react in time because of the unexpected situation.The only way out was to defeat them.

Shin adjusted his hold of the small fox and readied his spear again.

The two foxes normally attacked mainly with their fangs and claws or long-range attacks using fire and water magic. That probably didn’t change, as they had attacked Shin with icicles while transforming.


The golem with the red crystal growing from its body, positioned behind the other, raised a howl and jumped to attack. The charge of the over 5-mel long beast, coupled with its speed, pressured Shin more than it looked.


Shin jumped away, careful not to hurt the small fox. The monster’s claws, clad in blazing flames, rent the air and struck the ground with a loud crashing sound. The monster’s powerful charging attack raised a cloud of dust that hid it for an instant.

Shin, while keeping alert of the red golem, struck away an icicle shot in his direction with the spear. He then looked again at the two enemies’ movements. Both had been strengthened by the miasma and were much more powerful than what Shin remembered. He didn’t remember them using attacks by wrapping their claws in flames either.

(This is going to be a pain.)

Even in this situation, if Shin used his full power he wouldn’t have any real trouble: he couldn’t ensure the small fox’ safety, though. It would probably die just because of the recoil from Shin’s movements at full power.

Shin could move at high speed without problems, thanks to his resistance, but for the small fox it would be a burden much too large for its body. This wasn’t an exaggerated assessment: judging from the small fox’ state, there was probably a 700-point difference between its stats and Shin’s.

It would have been like having a baby, without any equipment, ride on a rocket blasting into the atmosphere. 

Shin wasn’t used to this type of fighting either – one could say that it was his weakness, so he felt it was really difficult to handle.

He could have used some one-use-only protection items to absorb damage in place of the user, but it would take time to pull them out, and even if he successfully equipped them he couldn’t leave the small fox alone anyway.

At present, it wasn’t sure if the golems were targeting him or the small fox. The monsters used magic, so there was a high chance that they would launch long-range attacks the instant Shin gained some distance from them. If they were small fry like the Skullfaces, Shin could disregard the risk, but that wasn’t an option with high-level monsters with unknown abilities as opponents.

In THE NEW GATE defensive skills did not originally exist, so fighting while protecting someone was quite difficult. Not being able to use barrier skills made it even harder.

—-this did not mean that there weren’t strategies available, though.

“There’s a perfect magic spell for situations like this!”

The golem had once again jumped at Shin, through the cloud of dust, but recoiled in front of him: one of the 【Star Mine】 light bullets had perforated its stomach. Shin had used the bullets’ moving function, used normally to change the mines’ location, to attack the monster.

Shin had been surprised by the attack’s speed, even higher than before, but the monster’s large body was far too easy a target. The red golem thus suffered another 2, 3 blows, but then blasted away the bullets which targeted it as soon as it landed, by spewing flames from its maw. It then swiftly dodged the other light bullets.

Shin looked at the blue golem and noticed that it had erected a barrier of ice to protect itself. The mines had been created for the Skullfaces, so their relatively low individual offensive power could not break through the golems’ defenses.

The red golem’s HP had not decreased even by 10% yet.

“This high defensive power is typical Golem, I guess. They should be weak to magic, though!!”

Shin voiced his frustration, but did not stop moving. He locked the golems in place with a barrage of light bullets, then activated a new magic skill.

“【Shadow Bind】!”

Called forth by Shin’s shout, pitch black shadows crawled from under the golems, creeping up their bodies. The golems noticed the abnormality and tried to jump away, but their legs had already been entwined by the shadows and could not move.

The Dark-type Magic skill 【Shadow Bind】 was one of the binding skills more difficult to detect. The tradeoff was that its binding power was rather weak: it barely affected boss-class monsters, but the 【Shadow Bind】 boosted by Shin’s magic power firmly glued the monsters to the ground.

“Just in case, take this.”

Shin, after sealing the monsters’ movements, took an item that absorbed a certain degree of damage in place of the wearer from the item box and gave it to the small fox.

He then targeted the red golem, which had already suffered some damage.

“Take this now!”

What Shin unleashed was a Light-type Magic skill with high piercing capabilities, 【Avraid Ray】. Light gathered on Shin’s right hand, which was thrusting the spear forward. Magic power much higher than what had formed the light bullets before was concentrating in a single point.

The golem perceived the danger and struggled harder against its shackles: soon, the shadows covering the monster’s mouth cracked, allowing it to move its mouth, albeit slightly.


A thick, black mist escaped the monster’s mouth. The pitch-black fog, which prevented him from seeing anything further than 1-mel, spread around Shin, who was still preparing to release his skill, with incredibly fast momentum: in the blink of an eye, Shin’s surroundings were plunged in complete darkness.


Shin didn’t hurry to cast the magic spell, but kept it on standby and gauged the situation. He had fought against opponents that used smokescreen-like attacks in the game era.

Despite the darkness obstructing his sight, 【Search】 could still be used, so he had not lost sight of the enemies. He could have ignored the black fog and released the skill, but it concerned him that the fog had been spread by miasma-affected monsters.

“Ku, kuu…”

“Hey, what’s wrong!? Damn, so this is the type that causes status effects!”

The status of the small fox, visibly in pain, clearly displayed 【Poison VII】.The fog could not only block the opponent’s sight, but also weaken them.

The item Shin equipped on the small fox could not prevent status ailments or damage caused by them, so it was fully vulnerable to the fog’s effects.

“You guys powered up too much…”

Shin could use the Divine-type Magic skill 【Cure】 to heal the fox’ status, but it would return to poisoned in seconds: it would be pointless to use recovery skills inside the mist.

He would have to break through it first, but he didn’t know how far it extended. Shin’s movements were now limited too, and he hardly thought that the golems would just let him go freely.

The mist could not affect Shin, but if he didn’t get rid of the monsters quickly the small fox couldn’t resist long.

He could heal its health with 【Heal】 and get rid of the poison with 【Cure】, but thinking of simply healing it every time it was poisoned was too videogame-like a strategy.

If he used a strategy like that in real life, there was a high possibility of the fox dying all the same.

“The time limit is pretty short, huh…”

With things as they were, the small fox would have to grit and bear a little.

“Sorry, little one. It’s going to hurt a bit, but be strong.” 

“Ku, kuu!”

“Nice answer!”

Shin unleashed the 【Avraid Ray】 he had kept charged as soon as the small fox strongly replied.

The light bolt was shot at a certain point of the map and advanced while scattering away the mist. The golem had already escaped 【Shadow Bind】, however: it twisted its body out of the light ray’s path and concealed itself in the darkness.

【Avraid Ray】 struck the ground and caused an explosion, blowing away part of the mist for an instant, which however reformed quickly.

Shin kept checking the position of the enemy markers on the map as he moved. He would become an easy target if he continued staying in the same place, as the golems had long-range attacks at their disposal too.

The markers of the two golems were charging straight at Shin: it looked like the poor visibility caused by the mist didn’t affect them. The approaching symbols overlapped as they got closer, but Shin had no time to observe the situation: the blue golem broke through the mist and bared its fangs at him. 

Its open mouth was large enough to bite down on Shin’s whole upper body, its fangs craved for blood and flesh. Shin dodged the feral bite and blocked the following claw attack with the spear’s handle.

Shin expected the red golem to follow immediately with an attack, but the beast was nowhere to be seen. The next instant, he felt killing intent overhead—–

Shin used the momentum of the spear he had just swung to throw it in midair and activated the Barehanded-type Martial skill 【Echo Strike】 .

This anti-air kicking technique struck the red golem’s throat cleanly, shattering the monster’s head in pieces. The monster, now headless, could not take a fall and crashed to the ground, forming a large crater because of its weight.

Shin had retreated back because of the kick’s recoil, which allowed him to avoid the blue golem’s next attack. Always careful not to hurt the small fox, Shin kept his eyes on the red golem collapsed on the ground. In the game, it would have been defeated, but…

That hope was quickly dashed. The headless body got back on its feet and started moving as if nothing had happened. The pulverized head did not reform, but it still clearly targeted Shin.

“You’re still moving…?”

Shin did have a feeling that this would happen: it looked like he had to completely destroy the monster’s body to defeat them.

Looking at the markers moving at very high speed, Shin thought of a countermeasure. His opponents were golem: obviously, status ailments would not affect them.

Considering the small fox’ time limit, the best solution would be to destroy them in one blow.

The problem was the enemies’ speed. He had binding skills stronger than【Shadow Bind】, but it would be difficult to catch them within the mist, a mist that could not be penetrated even using the【Night Vision】 skill. He could aim a skill using the map as support, but he could not be sure to hit and he still did not grasp perfectly how magic skills worked in this world.

“Kuu, Kuuuh!”

“What’s wrong?”

The small fox tugged Shin’s sleeve as he dodged the ice pillars and fireballs coming from the mist. It probably wanted to tell him something.

“Kuu! Kuuuh!”

In the direction the small fox faced towards burned a hazy light; the magic circle the small fox was lying on. The golems’ attacks had destroyed part of the shrine, so it was now visible from outside too.

“Should I go there?”


Even if barely kept alive in the cycle of poisoning and healing, the small fox nodded firmly. Shin did not know what it meant, but it had to mean something if the fox told him at a time like this.

Shin chose to trust the fox and went towards the magic circle. The faintly shining light was indeed the magic circle the small fox was lying on when Shin found it. As Shin approached it, he noticed that the fog had not penetrated it.

“Should I…go inside?”

The fox nodded and Shin stepped inside the circle.

“….I see.”

As he did so, Shin understood why the small fox had led him towards the circle.

He did not know the reason why, but from the circle he could see perfectly through the mist. From there, he would not need to rely on luck when using his skills anymore.

The golems too had to have noticed Shin entering the magic circle, as they were coming closer at very high speed. They probably realized that they could not launch surprise attacks while hiding in the darkness of the fog anymore.

They were already too late, however. The instant he had stepped onto the magic circle, Shin had understood: that place had the effect of boosting his magic power.

“【Arc Bind】!”

The very same moment Shin chanted the skill name, chains of light, formed by this Light-type Magic skill, extended from the sky towards the approaching golems.

The skill’s speed was lower than 【Shadow Bind】, but its restraining power was twice as strong. The chains of light, which boasted top class power among all binding skills, caught the golems despite their dodging attempts and chained them down to the ground.

The chains were much more easily controlled than the usual, thanks to the magic circle’s effects, so the golems had no chance of avoiding them.

Shin hadn’t been able to exert the full effect of his magic skills, as they were handled much differently now compared to the game world. As long as he was in the magic circle, however, their homing capabilities were much higher than before.

“You sure didn’t make it easy for me.”

From Shin’s position, the location where the two golems were bound was on a perfectly straight line, one behind the other.

There was no need to hold the small fox or to limit his movements anymore. With one single blow, he would destroy the monsters.

As Shin readied his spear, the light of the magic circle glowed brighter, as did his spear. From the way the light was gathering on the tip of the spear, it was clear that he would deliver the final blow.

“Good, good. I’ll get rid of the miasma too, in one fell swoop!”

Shin stepped forward, as if answering to a voice without conscience. The acceleration as he dashed forward was so sudden that he left afterimages behind when his silhouette disappeared in thin air. He swung his spear, which now looked as bright as a holy lance.

Spear-type Martial skill 【Calamity Piercing Thrust】.

Piercer of calamity —just as the name said, the blinding light released by spear pierced the golems from above 【Arc Bind】’s chains: the first target was the red golem.

The monster’s miasma-reinforced body posed no resistance to the spear’s advance: the weapon ripped the golem’s hide, carved through its insides, crushing it to pieces from its body to its four limbs.

Its momentum did not relent at all as it proceeded to crush the blue golem in the same way.

The monster probably attempted a magic counterattack, as an irritating sound made Shin’s tympans tremble. The light scattered in midair by the spear, however, dispelled even magic power.

The fog too, supposed to work to the golems’ advantage, vanished before the light as well.

The spear’s advance, after annihilating the red golem, continued without allowing any obstruction in its path.


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