TWEM Vol. 4 Chapter 11 Part 1

Chapter 11 – Unveiling of New Products


A few days later, construction of the store was almost done and work began on procurement and production of merchandise.

The maids are now divided into production and sales teams, except for the minimum number of personnel for the mansion, and they are being moved to the store.

Just a few days ago, potions were delivered for quality control.

Thanks in part to my careful instruction, the quality of the potions is second to none.

The variation in quality that tends to be a problem in mass production was no concern in the basic and middle-grade potions. As for high-grade potions, I can sell the ones I make for the time being, so there should be no problem.

As for other items, I plan to sell daily necessities and miscellaneous goods for adventurers, like those sold at other merchant houses.

While all these preparations were going on, Bohbee visited my mansion.

We are having a conversation in the reception room of the mansion.

“Boss, I am finally here. Please take care of me from now on.”

“You bet. My pleasure…well then, let’s get right to it, I would like to hear your opinion. It’s a new product that’s going to be the highlight of our company.”

“A new product?”

“Yeah—Sebas, please bring it over.”

When I called out to him, Sebas brought the new product.

He brought a white object in the shape of an oval doughnut.

“Um, what am I looking at…?”

“It’s a—toilet seat.”

“A toilet seat?”

That’s right. It’s a removable toilet seat with a hot water flush function.

In this world, there are still many pit toilets in the countryside, but in larger towns, sewage systems are well developed.

And each household had either the Japanese-style and Western-style toilets.

In urban areas, those who can use cleaning spells clean up with magic after doing their business, while others wipe with tissue paper.

Water can also be poured down the drain by conjuring water magic, or by using the magic stones and magical tools provided.

So I came up with this product.

“This is a product that is installed in a sitting toilet, and has a magic stone built into it. By channeling mana through this part, the built-in tube extends, and after defecating, the toilet can be flushed with water and even dried with a warm air function. If you channel mana through this part, it is also possible to flush water. It also has a function to warm up to the proper temperature so that the buttocks don’t get cold.”

I explained the product while holding it, but it didn’t seem to make much sense to him.

“Okay…since you’re here, why don’t you give it a try?”

Having said that, I went ahead and set up the toilet seat in the nearest bathroom.

“It’s done, try using it. I’ll be waiting in the room.”

Bohbee walked into the bathroom with trepidation.

As soon as I returned to the room, I heard a scream coming from the toilet.

“…Should I go check it out?”

“Nah, it’s all good…probably.”

Actually, I’m the only one who has used this product yet.

That’s why Sebas didn’t know what was going on in the bathroom and was worried and asked me about it, but I stopped him.

And I don’t think Bohbee would be too psyched if he came over to take a look.

A few minutes later, Bohbee came slamming noisily back in.

“Wh-What the hell is that thing?! So much that I don’t even wanna use the toilets I’ve been using so far no more!”

He was so surprised that he forgot to speak formally.

I nodded my head in satisfaction at Bohbee’s astonishment.

“You think so too right. Oh right, Sebas. I want you to install them in the mansion, the employees’ quarters, and in the store. I have a stock of them in the warehouse and I’ve prepared a manual on how to use them, so please go through it.”

“Hahahaa. I understand. This is going to be fun~…”

Sebas left the room with a smile on his face.

I’ve never seen Sebas looking so happy, sheesh!

As I was looking away from Sebas, Bohbee came up to me and excitedly opened his mouth.

“I want one of these in my house! Please sell me three units for my personal use!!”

Whoa, whoa, back up!

Having a dude come this close ain’t fun at all.

“Hey, you’re too close, back up a bit.”

“Oops, I’m sorry about that.”

He backed away for the time being, but Bohbee seemed to be unable to control his excitement.

It seemed like we were getting nowhere, so I sighed and opened my mouth.

“So, I thought we should discuss the price first. I’m thinking of two gold coins for the type with the full specification with all functions for the nobles, and two large silver coins for a low-priced version without the warming and water-flushing functions, so that the common people can afford it.”

In Japanese yen, a noble would pay 200,000 yen. And the common folk pays about 20,000 yen.

The warming function always consumes mana, so it costs money to incorporate it. In addition, the material of the seat and the overall decoration will give it a luxurious feel and differentiate it from the low-priced version for the nobles.

Bohbee puts his hand on his chin deep in thoughts.

“Yeah…I think that’s a fair price, maybe even a little low. But still, this is a revolution!”

“Really? If Bohbee thinks so, then that’s reassuring…by the way, that one earlier was just a prototype for the nobles, and would actually look something like this when done.”

Saying so, I showed him the blueprints.

It is going to be pretty fancy, so I’ve prepared one for the mansion with the extra decorations removed. Which was the one I let Bohbee use earlier.

“Magnificent! This is nothing short of a masterpiece, boss, this would definitely make the nobles go crazy!”

Bohbee looked at the blueprints and gave his approval.

Whew, that’s a relief.

“Is that so, that means a lot coming from you. We’ll be launching in a week, and we’ll be offering discounts for a few days to celebrate the opening. I’m going to add new employees after I see how things go, so please keep your eyes peeled at your slave trading shop.”

The reason I use slaves is to prevent information leaks.

I don’t want to leak the inside information of my store as much as possible.

I could hire ordinary people and use contract magic to bind their words and actions, but I cannot bind them that strongly.

A slave, on the other hand, can be bound strongly, and even if I decide to release them, I can make a contract that is somewhat more enforceable…and in the extreme, I could use magic to manipulate their memories.

Bohbee nodded easily, as if he understood what I was thinking.

I guess he’s aware that information leakage would be detrimental to the survival of the store.

“You got it, boss. Also, would you like me to revert to you before I hire anyone?”

“No, I would like to hire people when I’m not here as well, so it’s fine.”

“Okay, got it.”

After summarizing matters leading to the launch, Bohbee left.

The next few days were filled with meetings with Dillan and mock battles with Tendo and others.

Tendo and the others were able to improve more than expected.

I gotta say, actual combat really is the most efficient method to improve after all.

The day before the launch.

Since the day before yesterday, the maids and employees have been distributing flyers to advertise the store.

In front of the store, I displayed an original product, the installation-type toilet seat.

The flyers announced that the toilet seats were also installed in the store’s restrooms, so there was a line in front of the store even though the launch was scheduled for tomorrow.

Incidentally, there was no problem with the mass production of the toilet seats since the blueprints had been handed over to the employees. Since we now have more people with magic tool-making skills, we should be able to handle any increase in orders.

Me, Bohbee, Finne and Iris were at the store when Iris said something to me.

“Do you have a minute, Haruto?”

“What’s up?”

“I’d like to have that installed in the royal castle as well…”

Oh, that’s it.

“Of course. Dillan has been very kind to me, so I made one customized for him. Well, would you like me to go deliver it now?”

“I’d love that!”

Iris’s eyes lit up.

There are only four of us here now.

For some reason, Zero seems to have been training at Sebas’, while Tendo and the other heroes including Kusel are training at the mansion. Asha, Ephyr, and Noir are working at the mansion.

When I turned to Finne, she nodded her head as if to say, no problem.

“What about you, Bohbee? Wanna come with?”

“No thanks! An audience with His Majesty…I think I’ll pass!”

“You sure? He’s quite friendly you know.”

Then, I was confronted with a dumbfounded look from Finne.

“Haruto, you’re probably the only one who can say such a thing! You do realize that, right?”

“Y-You think?”

“Yes, I do!”

I got scolded.

Certainly, we’re talking about the king of a nation. Finne’s reaction is probably normal.

Bohbee spoke to me, who was feeling down.

“I’m sorry I am going to have to pass this time around. But maybe next time…”

Come to think of it, I got to know Bohbee because Sebas introduced me to him, and I remembered that Sebas was originally Dillan’s butler. I wonder if Bohbee ever met Dillan?

Well, I’ll ask him about it next time.

“All right. Well then, Finne, Iris, let’s go.”

We headed immediately for the royal castle.

We told Thomas about our business at the castle gate, and he let us through right away.

Again, I was shown into the usual living room, but Dillan was not there and was asked to wait for a bit.

Apparently, this time it’s going to be in the form of a formal audience.

Iris was summoned and left the room first.

After another short wait, a maid entered the room after knocking on the door.

“Master Haruto. His Majesty will see you now. Please come this way.”


“Wow, still so carefree, huh.”

“Well, just same as usual.”

“I guess so.”

We followed the maid to the audience chamber.

The guard standing in front of the door urges us to stand in front of the audience chamber.

“The Great Hero*, Master Haruto has arrived!” (TLN: Different from the titled heroes like his classmates)

Prompted by the guard’s voice, the door opened.

Finne next to me seemed as nervous as ever.

We walked to the center of the room, got down on one knee and bowed our heads.

I usually interact with Dillan in a rather casual manner, so when I greet him in a formal setting like this, it feels a little uncomfortable.

“Raise your heads.”

Prompted by Dillan’s words Finne and I looked up.

“It’s been a while, Sir Haruto. What brings you here today?”

I’m pretty sure he must have gotten the gist from Iris already, but Dillan seems to be acting theatrical because it’s a formal setting.

“Right. Today, I have brought the MVP of my newly established trading company as a tribute.”

“Oh, The MVP you say?”

Dillan asked, leaning forward.

“Let me show it to you.”

I took out a new lavishly decorated toilet seat from my dimensional storage.

Since it was a gift for the king, I added a few more decorations to the one meant for the nobles.

“Here it is.”

The attendant took the toilet seat from my hand and carried it to Dillan.

…It’s kind of jarring seeing him hold the toilet seat so reverently.

Dillan took it in his hands and then went out of his way to ask, even though he should know.

“What is this?”

It’s a multi-functional toilet seat that makes your bathroom experience more comfortable. It requires a few tasks to set it up, but once it’s installed in the toilet bowl, you can go ahead and give it a try.”

The prime minister and ministers around Dillan also seemed to be interested.

After taking a look at it one more time, Dillan handed it to the prime minister who was next to him.

“Oh, I see…Rubel, please have it installed in my chamber immediately.”


The said prime minister—Rubel, took it then turned to me and asked.

“Sir Haruto. May I ask how to install it?”

“Of course.”

I handed him the installation manual and explained it to him as we looked at it together.

“Thank you very much. Then, Your Majesty, I will get to work on it immediately.”

Rubel said and left the audience hall with a few of his personal guards.

Dillan opened his mouth.

“So, Sir Haruto. How’s the staffing going in your new store?”

“Right. I already have all the employees in place and everyone is anxiously awaiting the opening.”

“I see. That’s good to hear.”

I purchased them from a slave trader named Bohbee, who also happens to be a very talented man…that I decided to have Bohbee himself help me out with my trading company.”

Dillan was well aware of how I treat slaves.

I omitted explaining that part because of that, but Dillan nodded his head somewhat agreeably.

“Oh, I see. That guy.”

“Do you perhaps know Bohbee?”

Dillan nodded at my question.

“I do know him. He is a successful merchant with several businesses. He has a good reputation for his treatment of slaves, and all the nobles who have bought slaves from him hold Bohbee in high esteem. There are very few men as good as he is.”

“He’s that reputable?”

Wow, even the king acknowledged him.

“Bohbee is not rough even with his criminal slaves. He does his best to make each slave find the hope of living as a human being. You were right to take him in, Haruto!”

“You bet. I got him good—I mean, nevermind.”

“Hey, you got him good, huh?”

“You heard wrong. Pay it no mind.”

I already switched back to my usual tone. I really am no good with this sort of thing.

“I-It’s all right. It was about time you switched back to your usual tone anyway. The people here are very understanding…frankly speaking, I’m feeling a little uncomfortable myself.”

“Then I will do just that, what a relief—so, about Bohbee, it seemed like he already had a successor, so I poached him to my trading company.”

“Oh, I see. I guess things are going to get even more interesting. I can hardly wait to see you in action. As Iris’s father as well.”

“Hahaa, I guess I better roll up my sleeves then.”

While we were having such leisure conversation, Rubel, the prime minister, came back to report that he had installed the toilet seat.

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