TWEM Vol. 4 Chapter 3 Part 2

The name of the skill is—‘Limit Break’.

It’s a skill that Haruto also possesses, and when activated, it increases his physical ability and the power of his skills by five times.

Combining this with Invincible and Holy magic, I might be able to deal significant damage to Kalamiras.

Thinking so, Tendo made a suggestion to the four of them.

“I have an idea. I think the chances of defeating him are slim to none…but if there’s even a slight possibility, I’m willing to bet on it. What do you guys think?”

“Come on now, do you even have to ask?”

Mogami went along with Tendo’s idea, and the other three nodded. Seeing this, Tendo looked relieved for a moment, but he quickly pulled himself together.

“Thank you—all right, let’s go!”

‘Hmm? Have you resolved yourselves? My bad, guess you already did from the beginning’

Ignoring Kalamiras’ words, Tendo and the others began to act.

“—Spread out!”

As they moved, they drank the potion Haruto had given them to recover their strength and magic power.

They then proceeded to attack Kalamiras from the front, back, left and right.

It goes without saying, this wasn’t enough to inflict any particular damage.

However, Kalamiras was getting irritated by the heroes who were buzzing around like flies.

Swinging his tail, Kalamiras broke the earthen wall created by magic and tried to snuff the life out of one of the heroes.

As he dodged the attack in a cloud of dust, Mogami shouted.

“Koji, are you not done yet? We’re at our limit already!”

“—Just in time! Thanks guys!”

At the same time as Kalamiras flapped his wings to clear away the dust, Tendo leapt in front of him.


Blue magic power erupted from Tendo’s body.

Seeing this, Kalamiras let out a loud roar.

‘You think that’s enough to defeat me? You pitiful human!’

Kalamiras barked, believing that his expectations had been let down.

But Tendo chuckled and shouted again.

“Here it—comes, Limit Break!”

As if in response to Tendo’s voice, the holy sword shone with a pale blue light.

“Aaaaaaahhh! —Sacred Judgment!”

Tendo put all of his strength and magic into his sword and swung it down from above. It was a blow so powerful that there was nothing more he could do after this attack.

Kalamiras, on the other hand, was not about to let this happen unprotected, so he waved his arms.

‘Bring it on, hero!’

Tendo’s holy sword swung downwards and Kalamiras’ vicious claws.

Neither of them backing down, and the two attacks collided with each other with pale and black magic power.


 ‘Oh, to think it packs so much punch. Unfortunately…’

In contrast to Tendo exerting his full force, Kalamiras, on the other hand, still had so much leeway.

‘It’s still severely lacking’


As Kalamiras exerted a little bit of strength, Tendo’s face lit up with impatience—


He was flung away by Kalamiras’ arm and rolled on the ground.

Mogami and the others rushed to Tendo and held his body.

“Hey, are you okay?!”

“Ug……gh, I-I’m okay. Can’t believe he’s going easy on us, against the five of us to boot…”

He knew that there was a power gap between them because of the difference in levels. However, he did not expect that they wouldn’t stand half a chance to such an extent.

‘Hmmm, it packs quite the punch all right. Didn’t think you’d be able to unleash such power at your level…still, this is as far as you go’

Kalamiras said, and deployed multiple spells.

Earth magic, lightning magic, wind magic, fire magic…the amount of magic power contained in all of them was extraordinary.

Even if Tendo and the rest of the party combined their magic power together, it still wouldn’t come close to the amount of mana contained in the magic circle in front of them.

Of course, it was unlikely that they would be able to prevent such an overwhelming amount of overlapping magic spells.

However, Tendo and others hadn’t given up.

There was only one reason for that.

They wanted to defeat this dragon, stay alive, and eventually defeat the Four Heavenly Kings and the Demon King. And then, return to Earth, to their families.

“I’m definitely returning home alive!”

“Talk about obvious!”

“I’ll definitely live through this and see Haruto again!”

“Like hell I’m going to croak in a place like this!”


Tendo, Mogami, Ichinomiya, Asakura and Shinonome put their thoughts into words and wished strongly.

While watching them happily, Kalamiras released his magic.

‘Good resolve…now then, shall we begin the final act.’

Tendo and his party used their body-enhancement skills to avoid the magic that came at them as they approached Kalamiras.

Since it was impossible to avoid everything, they evaded at times, and at other times they braced themselves and tried to avoid any fatal injuries.

In a situation where even a moment’s distraction could lead to death, there was no time to use potions, and Ichinomiya saw an opening and applied recovery magic.

However, as their magic power began to run out and their body enhancements were removed, their movements slowed down and the amount of attacks they received in turn increased.

By the time the attacks stopped, everyone was lying in tatters.

‘Hmmm…I guess even a hero only amounts to this much, huh?’


Tendo and the others didn’t even have the strength to say anything back, let alone stand up.

‘Well then, I know you all must be in pain, so. Let me put you out of your misery.’

Kalamiras opened his jaws wide to deliver the final blow.

Magic power even more denser than the previous began to converge.

…Is this the end?

Mogami and Ichinomiya lowered their heads as if they had given up.

However, there was one person who stood up.

—It was Tendo.

He stood in front of them, dragging his battered body to protect his friends.

“No, not yet! It’s not over—yet!”

Even though he has almost no magic power left, he is forcing himself to use his Limit Break skill.

Seeing his back, Mogami and Ichinomiya shouted.

“Don’t be reckless! You’ll destroy your body!”

“That’s right!”

However, as if Tendo didn’t hear their words, he tried to infuse more magic power into his body.

“…Oh, you’re still standing.”

“We’re definitely going back! To our country, our homes, to our families!”

‘I applaud your determination.’

Kalamiras closed his mouth and diffused his magic power.

‘Very well. I will give you a chance to wield the power that is now dwelling in you to the fullest!’

It was at this point that Tendo finally realized what was happening to him.

The skill Limit Break had evolved through Tendo’s unyielding will and turned into a new skill, “Extreme Break”.

The Extreme Break skill has an increase in ability beyond the Limit Break and the ability to recover magic power when activated.

It was an extremely powerful skill, but since it gave the user power far beyond their own capabilities, there was a risk that it would also cause serious damage to the user.

However, Tendo didn’t seem to care about that, and let the magic power he had just recovered circulate throughout his body.

The holy sword also increased its brilliance, as if in response.

“I’m ready!”

‘Good, bring it on Hero!’

Kalamiras cloaked his arms and claws in jet-black mana.

“Oh Holy sword, cut through everything in your path!!”

Tendo swung his holy sword, which was covered with a dense, pale blue magic power.

In response, Kalamiras’ claws glowed black—and two powerful mana collided.

“Haaaaaaaaaaaa! Not yet, not yet! It’s not over yet!”

The earth shook and the space trembled from the violent impact.

The two forces were in conflict.

The next moment, a scratch appeared on Kalamiras’ claw. However—

“How naive!”

“Ggh, ghaaaaahh!”

Tendo was blown away and rolled on the ground to the four of them.


The four of them stood up with the last of their strength and rushed to Tendo’s side.

Tendo’s chest was ripped wide open, and they could see that he would not be able to hold on much longer.

‘This is the end.’

Kalamiras once again began converging dense jet-black mana out of his open mouth.

‘So long. Brave hero and his comrades.’


At the moment of desperation, Ichinomiya crossed her arms in front of her chest and muttered.

She prayed that her beloved would come to her rescue.

Before the words could reach Kalamiras, the breath attack was directed at the five of them—and then he appeared before Tendo and his party.

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