TWEM Vol. 5 Chapter 13

Chapter 13 – Fierce Battle Showdown!


“Fufufu, it’s my win.”

The chains were severed and I fell to the ground, Schwartz laughed as he looked around the holy city.

“Now then, how about I slowly make my way through the holy city…? That’s weird, why is the barrier still intact?”

Schwartz’s eyes widened in surprise.

“No way——”

“Yes, that’s right.”

At the sound of my voice from behind him, Schwartz turned around and looked astonished.

Because there I was, standing in one piece.

“…? How are you fine?! I watched you fall just now——”

As he said that, he turned his gaze toward my feet and saw my body crumble and scattered.

“…I see, so that’s how it is. That thing that fell is some kind of puppet made from magic power. But what’s more surprising is that even the wounds are now clean and gone.”

“What can I say, I’m good with recovery magic.”

“Those weren’t wounds that could be healed by some random recovery magic though…but that’s all right.”

Schwartz seemed to understand the trick I had pulled.

The moment I was cut, I fell while performing basic recovery on myself.

And the minute Schwartz took his eyes off me, I used my magic power to create a puppet that looked like me, while I moved behind him while recovering.

“It’s unfortunate that I couldn’t finish you off with that blow earlier, but this battle is far from over!”

I then said coldly to Schwartz, who leapt backward and braced himself.

“No, it’s over.”

I wrapped my sword in light magic, using enough magic power to annihilate Schwartz, and swung it at him.

Schwartz laughed happily as the blow came close enough to bury him.

“Fufufu, so you still have such a card up your sleeve this late! Still, it’s not enough to end this!”

At the same time as he said these words, pitch-black magic power surged out from Schwartz with tremendous force, striking the heavens.

The sheer force of it drowned out the slash I fired.

And at the same time, Ellis issued a warning.

<<It seems that Schwartz has acquired the skill Limit Break.>>

Say what?!

While I was still dumbfounded, the magic power that had been rising from Schwartz was being absorbed into his body.

His left arm also regenerated, and although his appearance was no different from before, the magic power contained inside him had become enormous.

“Fufufu, so this is Limit Break. I can’t help but feel like I’ve become stronger than you right now.”

While glaring at Schwartz, who was smiling happily, I analyzed both of our strengths.

Fuck me, he really wasn’t bluffing when he said that.

Ellis, honestly, how does it look?

<<At this point, you are evenly matched in terms of ability, and at the same time, Master is expected to reach the limit of your current combat potential in about five more minutes. Frankly speaking, the odds are fifty-fifty.>>

I see.

Even though I’m weakened by the barrier, I too am running on Limit Break.

But now Schwartz has gained the same level of power as me.

If I wasn’t weakened, I would have wiped the floor with him without breaking a sweat…forget it, no use bitchin’ over it.

At any rate, I guess I’d better get this over with as soon as possible.

While I was thinking about this, Schwartz launched his arm at me.

“——Devil’s Claw!”

Schwartz’s slash was more powerful than ever.

I blocked it with Aegis, but the impact was greater than before.

“I was just testing it out. I see, this is wonderful! Still, it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to destroy that defensive barrier of yours.”

“That, you can bet your ass. It won’t be funny at all, if you could.”

“Fufufu, I suppose that also makes it fun. But——looks like you won’t be able to hold out for much longer!”

It seems that Schwartz is aware that my Limit Break will be wearing off soon.

I nodded my head when he pointed it out.

“Yeah, you’re right.”

“And here I thought you’d deny it.”

“It’s not like you’d believe me if I lied, and besides, you’re already aware of it, are you not?”


Schwartz nodded, and the next moment he was swinging his claws over my head.

I immediately braced myself, with my arms covered in Diamond, but was blown away by the impact.


I took another fist to the gut as a follow-up blow, and coughed up blood from my mouth.

I managed to create some distance between us, but…it’s not looking good, he’s obviously buffed up on speed and power.

“For you to still be able to keep up with my current movements, are you really human?”

Schwartz’s eyes widened in genuine surprise.

In fact, I am now a “High Human”, a species that has an upper ability limit far above that of a “Human” and can easily acquire skills and magic.

However, Schwartz only knows of my fake status, and does not know that.

I began to use recovery magic and smiled at him.

“Hmph, maybe I’m more than just a human?”

“In that case, what are you then?”

“Good question. I’ll tell you if you defeat——me!”

I channeled magic power into my black sword and released a slash, but it was canceled by a slash from his claws.

I unleashed several slashes, but the result remained the same.

<<Master. The effect of Limit Break will wear off in one minute.>>

Ellis informed me.

But I won’t be able to defeat Schwartz at this rate.

And here I thought I had become stronger. I never thought I would be cornered and pushed to this extent.

Schwartz, looking at me getting flustered, jumped up high and raised one hand to the sky.

Then, an enormous amount of magic power gathered near his arm

“Oh no, you don’t!”

He must be planning to use large-scale magic.

I tried climbing altitude to stop him.

“I won’t let you get in my way! Summon Devil’s Gate! ”

Schwartz pointed his other hand at me, and this time summoned five devils.

“Keep him away from me!”

“““““Yes sir!”””””

I brandished a single slash of my blade clad in light magic at the devil’s closing in on me.

That took out three of them.

<<Twenty seconds left.>>

As Ellis informed me how much time I had left, I unleashed another combined spell of light and fire magic, annihilating the remaining two devils.


I finally approached Schwartz and swung my sword at him, then——

<<Limit Break has worn off!>>

I felt the power drain from my body.

I hardly managed to maintain my balance and fell to my knees.

“Ugh, I was so damn close…!”

“Such a shame, but it ends now. Though I have to admit fighting with you has allowed me to climb to even greater heights. You have my gratitude.”

Schwartz activated his magic right in front me, and a huge magic circle was formed in the night sky.

And as soon as the magic circle was completed, I felt as if the magic power in my body was being sucked out of me.

It seemed that the magic circle was absorbing my magic power, and that of the people in the holy city below.

The magic circle holding the magic power gathered from all over the holy city was probably the cause, as Detect Danger called for utmost vigilance.

<<Master, danger detected! That magic has the power to annihilate the entire surrounding area!>>

I gritted my teeth at the sound of Ellis’ unusually panicked voice.

Damn it! Move, move, move goddammit!

I tried getting my body to move, but the backlash from using Limit Break wouldn’t let me move a finger.

They depend on me to protect them. And unless I defeat this sunnavabitch, I’ll be reneging on my promise to Iris!

Besides, I told Finne and the others that “I’ll take care of it”, and that “I’ll come back”.

Like hell I’m croakin’ out here——muddafucka!

Just after I thought so firmly, the sensation of my magic power getting sucked out of me disappeared, and my strength returned.

<<——!? Master’s inner magic power is rapidly expanding. It’s even more explosive than Limit Break…is this?!>>

Ellis reported.

And as the magic power within me continued to grow——my vision turned crimson.

Is this…the sign of power overflowing from my body?

Then, for the first time in a while, I heard the Voice of the World.

<<You have acquired the skill <Extreme Break>.>>

Perhaps this skill has something to do with the recovery of my magic power and physical strength…well, I’ll check that out later.

“——Fuckin’ hell!? What the devil just happened?!”

Schwartz couldn’t hide his surprise at the sudden and explosive increase in my magic power.

“What a suffocating presence!! But unfortunately the magic is already completed!“

As Schwartz said this, the collected magic power gathered to the center of the magic circle, and it turned black and ominous.

Then Schwartz chanted the magic spell.

“——Cruel End.”

The magic power stirring at the center of the magic circle was unleashed with Schwartz’s words as the trigger.

The black magic swirled like a dragon as it approached.

“Devour all of him!”

As the overwhelming magic power closed in, I stared at the city below.

And saw the people with expressions of despair on their faces.

Among them was Ilmina, clasping her hands and looking up at me as if praying for my victory.

Gawain and Liebert were also praying for my victory in the face of the approaching despair.

I can’t betray their wishes.

I put my beloved sword back in its sheath and infused as much of my current magic power into it as I could.

And then unleashed a flash of my blade at the menace that was already pretty close at hand.

An extremely rapid quick draw.

The blade traveled silently, without any slashes flying.

The jet-black dragon, which was about to swallow me, was cut in two without making any sound at all, and disappeared as if it were evaporating.

Then, the magic circle split in two as if the cut surface was spreading, and the weakening barrier covering the holy city began to crumble with a sharp sound like the shattering of glass.

Schwartz didn’t seem to understand what had happened.

Because his best move and barrier had been cut apart with nothing but a single blade strike.

“I-It can’t be. To think that my personally created ultimate magic would crumble from just a single blow…you truly are a monster through and through.”

Hearing those words, I retracted my sword.

A high-pitched click sound echoed through the silent space.

And then——


Something also happened to Schwartz’s body.

A sword line ran through his torso and slowly began to disappear from his feet.

That blow had cut Schwartz as well.

“…Fufufuu, so that’s how it is. You already killed me in that instant.”

“That’s right. You will never be able to resurrect again.”

“I already knew that. To have been cut down to my soul, even I cannot survive that…I just didn’t expect to meet my end in a place like this.”

Schwartz laughed as if poking fun at himself.

“I accept my defeat. But before I die, may I ask you something?”

“What is it?”

“How did you manage to become so strong?”

I answer Schwartz’s question, who had almost disappeared up to his waist.

“At first, I sought power to keep myself from dying. But now…”

What about now I wonder?

——It’s obvious.

“To protect the ones I care about, I guess.”

Schwartz had a satisfied expression after hearing my answer.

“One last thing? What exactly are you?”

I answered Schwartz’s question.

“I’m——just an otherworlder who got summoned, although my species right now says I’m a High Human.”

Schwartz’s eyes widened in surprise, but he immediately laughed, “Fufufuu”.

“That explains it…so you’re a High Human. No wonder you’re so strong. Your actual level is over 400, isn’t it?”

“That’s right. After exchanging so many blows, you must have noticed.”

Then it occurred to me.

“May I ask you something too?”


“Do you know anything about High Humans?”

I wanted to ask him if he had any information about them, since they were a species that were already extinct.

“Yes, I fought one a long time ago. I was young at the time, and fought alongside several other devils, and only then were we able to get the upper hand enough to defeat one…well, if I were to fight him again now, I don’t see myself losing though. Anyway, is that all for your question?”


“Then as promised.”

Saying this, Schwartz tossed over the sinister-looking sword he had just wielded.

At the same time, I felt as if it was draining my power.

“The name of that sword is ‘Nigrum, the Underworld Sword’. It has a few quirks, but it’s a very powerful sword if you can handle it.”

“Thank you for your generosity.”

As we exchanged such words, Schwartz had disappeared down to his arms and shoulders, leaving only the top of his neck.

“Well, I guess this is it. I am very happy and proud to have fought with you as my last opponent…now, so long.”

With that simple remark, Schwartz disappeared completely.

As soon as I saw this, my Extreme Limit state was lifted, and I felt completely weakened.

“I feel like I’mma pass out if I’m not careful. This is definitely a first..oh right.”

I undid Aegis below me and put the sword Schwartz gave me away in the dimensional storage.

I managed to maintain Sky Walk and slowly descended down to the cathedral.

Then I noticed something.

The people below were all looking up at me.


<<Master. The people seem to be waiting for you to declare victory.>>

“Oh, is that what it is? Well, sure, why not.”

I raised my beloved blade to the heavens and declared.

“——We’ve claimed victory!!”

After a moment of silence, the whole of the holy city erupted in joy.

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