TWEM Vol. 5 Chapter 6 Part 1


Chapter 6 – A Subjugation Quest With The Entire Party!


The next day, we were all strolling aimlessly around the holy city. We were done with most of the sightseeing, but we decided to take it easy since we might find ourselves with a lot of time on our hands if we headed straight for the empire.

Today, each of them was wearing the jewelry I had given them, with a relaxed expression on their faces.

It’s kinda embarrassing seeing them so happy with my gift. Although I didn’t show it, obviously…

“Where are we going today, Haruto?”

Ephyr asked me as we were walking.

“I haven’t really thought about it. Does anyone have any suggestions?”

If no one has any suggestions, we can just go to the cathedral instead. The place is simply breathtaking that I never get tired of seeing it no matter how many times I go.

While everyone was busy trying to come up with something, Iris raised her hand.

“I would like to go to the guild!”

Right, I did promise to take them yesterday.

If everyone else is cool with it, we could just take on some random quest.

I didn’t expect to take on commissions two days in a row after coming to the holy city, but it’s kinda nice to take on a quest in a different place with a new flavor.

“Should we make it a simple quest that could be completed in half a day?”

“That’s fine!”

“Is that all right with you guys?”

No one seemed to have any objection.

“Then let’s do that.”

No way the same drama as yesterday would occur again today. There was a moment when I thought so.

But when we entered the guild building…

“Hey, baldie! You just knocked down my sword!”

“You talkin’ to me?  This is shaved, it’s fashionable!! Besides, I don’t want to hear that shit from a punk with such a weird hairstyle, only a dumbass would put something like that on their head!”

“The fuck did you just say?! This is what you call fashion! Don’t you dare compare me with a shit-for-brains fucker like you!”

Two adventurers were clutching each other’s chests and cursing at each other.

As usual, I’m relieved to see that the adventurers’ guilds are the same no matter the place.

We entered the guild in a large group, but no one wanted to get involved, except for a few fleeting glances.

Well, it might be a little weird for me to say, but we’re a pretty strange bunch. I guess they’re just letting sleeping dogs lie.

After waiting in line at the reception, it was our turn. The receptionist seemed to be a different person from yesterday.

She was a little surprised, perhaps because of the large number of people waiting in line, but she immediately put on a business smile.

“Could you see if you can find us a simple quest that will take about half a day to complete.”

“Understood.  Your card please, if you will.”

Following the instructions of the receptionist, each of us submitted our card.


It’s pretty much the same reaction as yesterday.

“Don’t worry about the difficulty of the quest.”

“I-I understand! Please wait a moment!”

She became nervous all of a sudden, if only they didn’t get nervous like that each and every time.

After a few moments, the receptionist, who seemed to have found a quest, proceeded to explain.

“How about extermination of a goblin nest? There are over a hundred of them, and we have confirmed the presence of several goblin generals and a king.”

“I don’t mind, but why hasn’t anyone picked it yet?”

The receptionist answered my question.

“Actually, this nest has only recently been identified. However, we haven’t been able to find adventurers who could take down the horde right away, including the king…”

Another way of saying——

“Just in time for an EX rank adventurer to clean up the mess, correct?”

“N-Not at all!”

Iris asked the receptionist, who was shaking her head in panic.

“Any casualties as of yet?”

“No. Not that we know of.”

It would be best to get this done before there are any casualties.

“Can’t the knights just take care of it?”

The receptionist gave a reply to my reasonable question.

“Not really, this kind of request is basically handled by the Adventurers’ Guild. If there was no one to accept it after waiting for a while, we would have asked the Knights to take it.”

“I see. Oh well, we’ll take care of it before they cause any real damage.”

“Thank you very much. Then I will begin the paperwork.”

After completing the procedures, we left the guild and headed for our destination, a forest on the outskirts of the holy city.

All in all, the cleanup of the goblin nest was completed in less than an hour.

The quest was quite simple.

All we had to do was launch some fireballs into the cave where the nest was located.

Towards the end, the goblin king and three goblin generals appeared from within the cave, only to be instantly killed by Finne, Iris, Asha, Ephyr, Suzuno, and Kusel.

…It was a complete overkill.

“It’s so boring.”

Iris stated.

And everyone else seemed to feel the same way, so we decided to go for a walk in the forest after collecting the parts to be used as quest completion.

Although I called it going for a walk, I was using Map together with my skills to look for strong monsters.

As we went deeper into the forest, there was a reaction of a strong monster on the map.

Zero seemed to sense it, too, and turned to me and asked, “What shall we do?”.

I then appraised the monster.



Elder Treant




Intimidating LV6

Self Regeneration

Detect Presence

Detect Mana

Absorb Mana

Magic Resistance

Elder Treant. A tree monster that has lived for a long time.

This is my first time seeing one in person, but from what I’ve heard, treants attack mainly by moving vines and roots.

I told everyone about the presence of the elder treant.

“An elder treant? That’s an A-rank monster!”

I see, so an elder treant is classified as A-rank, huh?

It seems to live deep in the forest, so it must have remained undetected for many years.

If left unchecked, it could spell a disaster.

“So, any takers? And by the way, it looks like it has [magic resistance] skill, so do be careful.”

I looked around after saying that, and found Finne, Iris, Asha, and Kusel raising their hands.

I wonder if they’re up to the task.

As I was wondering that, Ellis explained.

<<If all four of them work together, they should be able to defeat it in no time at all.>>

What? The opponent is an A-rank, right? It should be of the same rank as the ogre king.

<<Although it’s an A-rank, it belongs in the lower end, moreover, there’s also a factor of their compatibility.>>

Hmm, that’s all right then.

“Well, if the four of you face it together, the elder treant will perish in no time, so I’m thinking of sending only one of you, what do you think?”

“Eh, wait, are you being serious? An elder treant is an A-rank monster, correct…?”

Finne asked again as if to confirm, and I nodded, “yeah”.

Affirming this, Finne muttered, “I guess, I have become that strong…”.

Certainly, compared to when we first met, Finne has definitely become much stronger.

The four of them then began to discuss the matter, but none of them backed down.

“Stand down, Asha!”

“That’s so cruel! Trying to keep the fun to yourself! I’d like to give it a shot too?!”


“Why don’t you stand down then, Iris?”

Iris and Asha were arguing, when Finne butted in.

“What about you, Finne, why not sit this one out?”

“Even if I do, good luck convincing Kusel.”

“Hmm, I’ll have you know I’m already raring to go!”

The four of them were staring at each other with sparks flying between them.

Then Ephyr and Suzuno looked at me.

“Yeah I know. This should do the trick.”

“What’s that…?”

Suzuno muttered and tilted her head, and Ephyr standing next to her was wondering the same thing.

The four, who had been glaring at each other while this was going on finally turned to me.

““““We’ll let Haruto decide!””””

So I quickly held out the other end of the four sticks——I was preparing earlier.

“What is this, Haruto?”

Kusel asked.

“One of these four sticks has a red tip. So how about, whoever chooses it gets to fight the elder treant?”

“Oh I see.  This certainly seems fair.”

Finne agreed to my proposal, followed by Iris, Asha, and Kusel.

Not sure why Suzuno is looking at me as if wondering why I had such a thing readily with me, but even I didn’t think it would ever come in handy one day either.

Finne and the other three grabbed one each and pulled it out at the same time.

And the winner——

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