TWEM Vol. 6 Chapter 5 Part 1

Chapter 5 – The Main Individual Tournament―― Kuzel’s Battle

Today was the second day of the main tournament and the day of the Kuzel’s match.

I, Haruto, and the rest of the team were cheering for Kuzel, who was about to head to the participant’s waiting room.

“Kuzel, how are you feeling? Are you anxious?”

“No problem. I’m so excited that I can’t relax. And my opponent is an S-rank adventurer. I have no shortage of opponents.”

As usual, we don’t have to worry about her that much.

The others may have been thinking the same thing, and from their expressions, they didn’t seem to be worried much about Kuzel.

“We may lose, but let’s show them what we’ve learned from Zero and Haruto.”

“Go on a rampage to your heart’s content.”

“We are cheering for you, Kuzel.”

Following my and Zero’s support, Finne and the others gave words of encouragement.

Kuzel nodded, “Yes, yes,” and headed to the participant’s waiting room.

We, too, moved toward our seats and waited for the match to start.

“Kuzel-san seems to be doing fine.”

“I think we don’t have to worry about her. Finne, too, agrees.”

“Kuzel-san seemed to be more excited than usual.”

The three people who said that were Finne, Iris, and Suzuno.

Epyhr and Asha are also nodding in agreement.

Soon after, Nina began to introduce the participants.

‘‘Now, the second day of the individual tournament has begun. Did you all sleep well last night? I’m having so much fun that I’m having trouble sleeping! But I am sure that the upcoming matches will blow away my sleepiness!! Let’s welcome them to the stage! Kuzel, an A-rank adventurer titled  ‘Scarlet Princess,’ and Fance, an S-rank adventurer titled ‘Lightning Shadow’!!’’

Along with Nina’s introductions, Kuzel and Fance appeared from the gates on both sides.

I then checked out Fance’s status.









Unique Skill: 



Spear Arts Lv 8

Lightning Magic Lv 7

Physical Boost Lv 8

Detect Danger 

Explosive Power Lv 6

Arm Vigor Lv 7

Tenacity Lv 7

Intimidation Lv 7

Detect Presence

Fighting Spirit

Ground Shrink Lv 5


S-rank Adventurer

Lightning Shadow

I see. I knew Fance’s level was high, but there were also many strong skills.

I’m curious about the Unique Skill, so let’s check it.


It allows one to combine illusions with oneself and their attacks.

It’s similar to Finne’s unique skill. It looks simple, but it seems to be more useful for that.

After checking the status, I decided to concentrate on their match.


Kuzel and Fance were facing each other in the center.

Fance was the first to open his mouth.

“I never thought I would meet the ‘Scarlet Princess’ in a place like this.”

“Me too. I’ve been eager to fight since I heard you would be fighting me.”

“Same here. It’s my pleasure to have a match with you.”

The two separated, Kuzel with her sword and Fance with his spear.

‘‘Then― let the games begin!’’

Nina sounded the bell, and the match began.

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