THE NEW GATE Volume 2 Special & FanArts #15

Fanart #15 by borealisa

Short Story Special Vol.2!

Translator: Satoshi(Pro translator) – testing

TLC: Dax

Editors: Quade, Doktr 3v1L

FanArt: borealisa

Question: Do you guys prefer Patreon? Some of you suggested to create a Patreon page, but I’m still not 100% sure.

Side Note: Thank you to all of you awesome peeps who donated! Seriously you guys are awesome! Thank you for making this possible.

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THE NEW GATE Vol. 5 Side Story – Part 1

Hey all,
Many of you asked if I would be translating new volumes and such. I already bought volume 6 & 7 so yes I’ll be translating them. However, I’ll most likely hire a professional translator(A native Japanese with a decent English) to do some of my parts starting from volume 6. Hopefully this would increase our quality and rate of release. Thus, I’ll be needing everyone supports/donations to make this possible.

Below is a picture of TNG LN volume 6 and volume 7.
FYI, the best parts start in vol. 7. (Warning: Spoiler 1, Spoiler 2, Spoiler 3.)
If you have any other suggestions, feel free to let me know.
– Nell

Translator: nellstewart

TLC: Dax

Editors: Quade, Doktr 3v1L, Glad101

Vol. 6 and Vol. 7

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