[Cont] Vol. 1 Chapter 1(WN)

(The store doesn’t seem to be more flourished than before…)

It was true that the store was in a worrying state.

“What are you talking about?”



Shin was startled with the question that he didn’t know what to answer. He seemed to have spoken his mind unconsciously. As he turned to the direction of the voice, he saw an elven girl with black hair and golden eyes from the other side of the counter. A pointed ear can be seen between the silky black hair, so he might be correct.

If ten people saw her, they would all be admiring her beauty. She had a beautiful appearance that matched perfectly with her figure. Her height was approximately 160 cemels which was one head lower than Shin’s height. Her skin was healthy white and her chest was very firm and proportionate with her overall slim body.

From her looks, she seemed to be around 17 or 18 years old, but as elves lived a long life, she might have already lived several hundred years.

“Ahh, I was seeing what kind of goods you have.”

“Is that so? I thought I heard some rude remark just now.”

“There was no such intention.”

“Well, feel free to look around, those nuisances are gone now.”

As the elf said so, he sat on a chair provided for the counter.

“Those nuisances? “

“Yes, they often come by to ask when will master come back. I have to say, they are persistent.”

They probably came frequently because Shin noticed her tone became weary just from saying that.

“It must be hard. Ah, this is a late introduction but I am Shin. As you have seen, I’m a wanderer of the street.”

“That’s a serious way of introducing yourself to an ordinary salesclerk, isn’t it? I’m Tiera Lucent. Just call me, Tiera. I am the acting storekeeper and the apprentice of the shop owner here. If you have some good items and materials to sell, I’ll buy it.”

“Yes, please take care of me during that time. Is Tiera’s master so incredible that even the knights come frequently?”

“What are you saying? Even children nowadays know that the store owner of ‘Tsuki no Hokora’ is Schnee Raizar.” (T/N: ‘Tsuki no Hokora’ is the name of the shop, it means Moon Shrine) (E/N: Schnee means snow in German)

“Haa, is your master really that famous?”

“It was said by the people themselves. Still, master’s truths are unquestionable…”

“To have such famous person behind this shop…”

Shin who had a slight misunderstanding of the store showed an impression, after all, if there was a famous person here, the shop should be doing better than he thought. However, he had a familiar feeling with the name of the store owner, like he remembered it somewhere.

“Schnee Raizar…Schnee Raizar…Schnee…Schnee Raizar…Ahh!?”

“Hey, what’s wrong!?”

Tiera was surprised when Shin suddenly shouted. The chair made a ‘Gatan’ sound after it fell when Shin abruptly stood up.

“Oh, my bad. I was a little surprised.”

Shin apologized and returned the chair back to its original position. He thought about the name which he had heard somewhere, but it was only natural, since it was one of the support characters whom Shin made to be the salesclerk of Tsuki no Hokora in the game, and the name was Schnee Raizar.

“Sorry, but is it okay if I want to confirm something about your master?”

“Eh, yes, I will answer if I can.”

Tiera was slightly drawn back by Shin’s menacing look. However, Shin who was surprised at her agreement, didn’t notice Tiera’s expression at all.

“Is the race of Schnee Raizar a High Elf with long hair that reaches her hips, blue eyes, a beautiful woman with height around 166 cemels?”

“…That is certainly right…are you my master’s fan?”

Again, Tiera was drawn back slightly but Shin was still unaware of it.

“No, I’m not. Schnee is an acquaintance of mine or something like that. (It was a store owner and a salesclerk relationship in the game)

“Master’s acquaintance? Is that true?”

“Although I don’t know if your master remember…”

Tiera looked at Shin with full of doubt and suspicion.

It was only natural since Shin suddenly visited and said he was acquainted with the store owner in which Shin didn’t have proof or that the store owner may have no recollection of Shin.

“Speaking of which, where is Schnee now?”

“I’m sorry, but I won’t say it. Why would I tell you something that I won’t tell the knights?”

“…Okay, I understand…”

Although Shin had no idea how hierarchy worked in this world, he understood that a knight was a high ranking position from the situation with Ardi a little while ago. And a wanderer itself was less trusted which made Shin discouraged.

“I’ll pass a message if you want. Half of my work is to receive message for my master after all.”

“Half…for it to be half of your job…”

“Most of it comes from upper echelon of the country and the guilds. Some requests are in verbal message with locations stated. Because they are coming from various countries with confidential information, I have to close one eye and pretend that I didn’t see them.”

“I have nothing to say except that it is amazing”

What kind of request must have come from the upper echelon of the country, thought Shin.

“Although I rarely have to receive one. So, what are you going to do? Send a message?”

“Well, can you ask for the time being?”

“A message will cost you 1000 Jul.”

“What Jul?…Is that money?”

Shin tilted his head because he had never heard of that currency before. THE NEW GATE used Geyl as currency.

“Seriously, are you listening? How can you travel without knowing the currency?”

“No, it was different from the currency I was using before.”

“Currency used before? The currency was unchanged for around 400 years and won’t change anytime soon. Can you show it to me?”

400 years…Shin stiffened from hearing the words. Shin thought the previously currency could be used normally. Suddenly, he became like Urashima Taro*. (T/N: Google it)

“It’s this coin…”

Shin took out 1 Geyl from the ‘Item Box’ and placed it on the counter. A Geyl was a circular gold coin that have a diameter of 3 cemels. The center of the coin was painted with a girl held in a dragon’s arm with 8 feathers surrounding it.

“…Hey, just now, where did you take that out from?”

Tiera’s eyes widened seeing the Geyl gold coin appearing out of nowhere.

“From the Item Box of course”


Tiera seemed to be more shocked upon hearing those words than when the Geyl gold coin had suddenly appeared.


“Oh, um, what?”

“No, you seemed to be very surprised, is there something wrong?”

“There is nothing wrong. You are able to use Item Box. Of course I’m surprised.”

“?…Is it something to be surprised about?”


Tiera dropped her shoulders for some reason. As for Shin, he still couldn’t understand why Tiera was very surprised.

“Nowadays, only Kings and the elders of certain races can use an Item Box. Furthermore, it is only possible for races that have long lives such as High Elves or High Pixie. I am surprised because you are unexpectedly able to use it. Are you someone from the royal family?”

“Nope. I’m not from the royal family.”

Shin was surprised by the Item Box status quo. He could not imagine that only important people could use the Item Box when all players got one.

By the way, the “High” before the race name was because the races have experienced reincarnation dozens of times before getting the title. There were many races in THE NEW GATE, but the base race were Human, Beast, Dragnil, Elves, and seven kinds of Pixie.

Humans were classified as a Hominini tribe, Beast as Therianthropy* or Beastman, Dragnil as Dragonewt tribe, Lord as Devil tribe, and Pixie as Fairy group.

“Even though I was only using it naturally.”

“Haa, that’s certainly not natural. That reminds me, what is this awful feeling of various magic races mixing in you. Elves, Lord, Dragnil and others, what’s going on?”

“I do not understand it either. Anyway, my race is High Human.”

Shin was certain of his race as it can be revealed in his status screen. As for High Human, the racial characteristic was high state abnormalities resistance with enhanced magic tolerance. While in other games, the ability of the character was the lowest from the other races and were rarely in a party or even in going solo.

(Well, it was rather a plus for me)

It was the humans which had the obscure viewpoint, but from Shin stats, which were developed even more and incomparably by the race’s special quality, he was thankful. Though, only a small number of players were able to say it.


“Yeah? Yes, that is right.”

Shin was still reminiscing about memories when humans were still being look down. Tiera was dumbfounded and muttered something to Shin.

And Shin was startled from the words spoken by Tiera.

“High Humans…are extinct…”

“Ehh, extinct…Extinct?!”