THE NEW GATE Vol. 2 Chapter 1 – Part 1

Have a blessed Easter Sunday, everyone. Here is the first part of Volume 2 . Enjoy ^^

Translator: nellstewart

Editors: nellstewart, SnowWaffles, ElectricIcecream, EricAllen

I have made a lot of changes for the term used during my break, you can see the changelog here.

And here’s the poll results.

From the results, more than 60% of the readers want me to continue translating the web novel. I will do that then. One of the reason I’m having this poll is because, as a translator, I feel bad that I’m using the cover arts and illustrations from the light novel but translating the web novel instead. I don’t want others to be mistaken that I am translating the light novel because of the misleading cover arts. So I will make it clear here, I translates from the web novel and the illustrations are from the light novel. By the way, some of the illustrations will be left out since the contents are different. Please buy the light novels if it published in your region.

P.S. Thank you for voting. I hope you all have a great day ahead 😀

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