BBYW Vol. 2 Chapter 11 (WN)

Chapter 11 – Concealed Face

Rossellia Baal, First Princess of the Baal Empire. 

All I knew about her was that she was kept sheltered inside the imperial court and rarely ever appeared in public, that she was eighteen years old and — apparently — a breathtaking, blonde beauty.

One of the Fangs of Steel members infiltrated in the empire reported that, according to some merchants allowed access to the imperial court, Rossellia was “Just like an angel! One glance and you could’t ever forget her!”.

“A breathtaking beauty, just like an angel. Well, this will be something to see.”

“Dyn, for the love of everything that’s holy, PLEASE do not do anything weird to Princess Rossellia. Or, we’ll have a diplomatic incident on our hands!”

I was sitting on the sofa in the Maxwell manor’s guest room, waiting for the princess to come.

My father was right next to me, repeating the same warnings over and over again.

Princess Rossellia had arrived in the Maxwell domain about one week ago. She stayed at an inn in Avalon, the province’s capital, until I returned.

Father already went to greet her, but I would meet her today for the first time.

“Don’t do anything weird, I beg of you!”

“I got it already! What are these ‘weird’ things anyway!”

“Weird things like hugging her and licking her face, ripping her clothes off, or dragging her to a bed and impregnating her!”

“What the hell do you think I am!? I’m your son, not some beast in heat!!”

“I know you could very well do all that! For goodness’ sake, think of the diplomatic repercussions, all right!?”

I frankly did not expect my own father to think so lowly of me. I have never…wait…yeah, I have never committed acts of sexual violence anyway. I took the new maid to bed with me, but that was more of a prank…and she consented in the end, so it should be all right. I think.

“Hey, I know we should avoid any diplomatic trouble. But our empire has been an enemy for decades, could things get any worse? Why are you so worried?”

“Even if they are an enemy! It’s completely different for them to invade on their own, or us to give them a reason to! I don’t think I need to tell you this, but the only reason why we could repel the empire until now is that they’re surrounded by enemies, so they could never send their whole forces against us! If you lay your hands on the princess, though, maybe not the whole army, but they will surely dispatch more troops than ever before!”

“Hmm, yeah, I can understand that.”

If a member of the imperial family is subject to any form of disrespect, there must be a proper retaliation — or the empire’s authority will suffer, which might have priority even over the matter of who will be next emperor.

The late emperor’s unending affection for princess Rossellia was also rather famous. If I did anything to shame her, the Imperial Knights might act, too.

(The First Imperial Army and the Imperial Knights…it would be a pain to deal with both at the same time. I’d need a solid plan to win.)

“Well, what happens, happens. When we battle against the empire, we’ll have to fight against the First Imperial Army and the Imperial Knights at some point, after all.”

“What are you going to do if ‘that’ really happens!? You’re always so…”

“Please, enough with the preaching, old man. More importantly, is princess Rossellia really as pretty as the rumors say? You met her, didn’t you?”

“Hmm, well, I did meet her, but…”

Father’s words trailed off. After resting his chin on his hands for a while, he spoke again.

“…well, she’s beautiful, but a step below Grace, I suppose.”

“Yeah…that doesn’t tell me anything, really. Anyway…”

I didn’t have the faintest idea of what father saw in that damn hag, but he was hopelessly in love, so “a step below Grace” was a compliment of the highest magnitude, coming from him.

(So she really is that impressive. I see why he’s being so noisy with his warnings. She’s so pretty I could lose my mind…damn, this is bad, I might want her enough to go to war with the empire over her…)

“I’m really looking forward to meeting her now.”

“…please. I trust you, Dyn.”

“Excuse me, Milord, young master.”

A knock on the door, and the house steward came in.

“The guests have arrived. Shall I accompany them here?”

“…yes, let them in.”

Father gave the order. After a short while, three women entered the room.

One was wearing knight armor, she was probably the princess’ escort. I just gave her a glance, but she gave the impression of being rather skilled.

The second woman was wearing glasses and a simple dress. She was probably a maid, but she looked pretty intelligent, so she might also be a court functionary.

Then, the third and last woman — was a problem.

“I am honored to be here today, Margrave Maxwell. I am also honored to make your acquaintance, Lord Dyngir Maxwell.”

She was wearing a luxurious pale red dress and a white veil fully covering her face. I could barely see past it, so I had no way to verify if she was really as beautiful as the rumors said.

“I am Rossellia Baal, first princess of the Baal empire. I am very pleased to be here today.”

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