BBYW Vol. 2 Chapter 4 (WN)

Chapter 4 – History Moves the Kingdom As Well

Lamperouge kingdom, royal palace.

A certain ceremony was scheduled for that day.

In the throne hall, nobles from throughout the kingdom had gathered: all neatly kneeling at the sides of the gorgeous red carpet laid in the middle, bowing towards the throne.

I was watching them from my seat.

“Such a number of nobles together is quite the sight indeed. Very different from the battlefield.”

All of them were powerful and influential figures in the kingdom, each in charge of a domain and its citizens. To see them all lined up like this was a rather precious experience.

Four special chairs were set in the four cardinal directions of the hall, with the throne at the center. And I was sitting on the “East” seat.

The Lamperouge Kingdom was originally the Lamperouge Alliance — formed when the nobles in the center and those in the four directions agreed to form an equal relationship of mutual assistance. Even after Lamperouge became a kingdom, traces of the alliance lingered on.

In ceremonies such as this, the margraves of the “Four Houses” had the privilege to be seated in the four directions around the throne, instead of kneeling like the other nobles.

The royal throne was empty, but the representatives of the Margrave houses were all already present and seated.

Incidentally, that day the Four Houses’ representatives were not the Margraves themselves, but their respective heirs.



The woman sitting on the “South” seat was waving at me. Wearing a bright red dress showing off her cleavage was Echidna Thunderbird. The next head of the southern Margrave house, she was 18 years old like me. Every inch of her face was covered in makeup and even her nails were painted bright red: at first glance, it would be hard to tell she was still in her teens.


I knew Echidna from before joining the academy…but I couldn’t say I had any fond memories of her.

(I can’t look at her face without thinking of…tch, what a pain.)

I curtly waved back and looked away from her, turning towards the other seats.


Sitting on the “North” seat was a woman clad in a black male military uniform, using her sheathed blade as a stick.

Her name was Sharon Utgard, next in line for the position of Margrave of House Utgard. She was also the captain of the “Mountain Dogs”, part of the patrol corps of the northern border. She was a brave warrior, actively fighting on the frontlines.

She had beautiful, polished features, but her intimidating aura was even stronger: she was the type of woman that didn’t inspire impure thoughts in men.

Her sharp glare directed at the other nobles, she was just waiting for the ceremony to start, still and solid as a rock.

Lastly, on the “West” seat was a man with a dark complexion, wearing white ceremonial robes. Valon Sphinx, next head of the west Margrave house, was one year above me at the academy.

As soon as he noticed me looking at him,


Valon scowled at me, like a wild animal finding an intruder in its turf.

(Hm? Did I do anything to him…?)

We were enrolled in the same academy, but never did more than exchange greetings. I had no recollection of doing anything to be resented by him…

(Oh, right, we fought a couple times in the royal martial tournament, didn’t we. After that, I chatted a bit with his little sister. I had heard that her birthday was coming, so I sent her a gift…yeah, there’s no reason why he’d hate me…)

As I was contemplating such things, a blare of trumpets resounded in the throne hall.

“Behold, His Majesty the Prince!”

Duke Rosais, head of the center nobles, stood at the side of the throne and made the announcement. The throne hall’s doors opened.

The nobles kneeling along the red carpet lowered their heads more. I and the other three Margrave representatives stood up.

A boy around 12 years old entered the hall. He walked briskly among the nobles, straight towards the throne.

His short brown hair and appearance did not resemble his father, the King, or his older brother Sullivan in the slightest. Sullivan had sharp, classic noble-like features, but the boy’s features were gentle and peaceful.

(I guess he took after his mother. Some say that he isn’t the king’s son…who knows?)

The boy was Sulley Lamperouge, second prince of the kingdom, current heir to the throne and the central figure in the ceremony.

“We shall now commence Prince Sulley’s crowning ceremony!”

A new page was about to be engraved in the history of the kingdom.

I could feel it in the air, as I once again took my seat.

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