BBYW Vol. 2 Chapter 42 (WN)

Chapter 42 – The Princess Mourns

One week after the battle of Fort Bryden, I was still busy dealing with the aftermath.

Even if it was a crushing victory for House Maxwell, the soldiers and the fortress were certainly not unharmed. The dead had to be properly honored, the fortress repaired, the prisoners dealt with — too many things to do, too little time.

As heir to the Margrave, I took the lead in organizing all of the above. Finally, when the preparations reached a satisfactory point, I went to my private residence to visit Rossellia.

“My brother Lars is…I see.”

“I cannot apologize to you…but you have my condolences.”

“This battle was started by the empire. I have no reason to bear resentment towards you, Lord Dyngir.”

Once informed of her brother’s death, Rossellia did not lose her composure, but simply lowered her gaze. She was wearing a black dress, as a symbol of mourning for the fallen imperial soldiers. Her blonde hair cascaded on the jet black dress, as if rays of light piercing through the darkness.

We were alone in the room: her attendants probably trusted me enough to leave us be for the moment.

“Could it be possible for my brother’s remains to be sent back to the empire?”

“I do not desecrate the dead without reason. Once the negotiations with the empire are finished, we will send him back.”

“Thank you very much. I believe he will be able to rest in peace in our homeland.”

Rossellia paused for a moment, then changed the topic.

“Do you by chance know the empire’s current situation? My brother Grett is still alive, yes?”

“Yeah, I’m having our spies investigate as we speak. I want to get started with the negotiations already…if he accepts, though.”

“If Grett is still alive and in power…I doubt he would agree to a truce.”

Rossellia sighed.

“Grett always bore a complex toward Lars, who was more of a warrior, and is so prideful too…he would never accept losing to an enemy country. I’m afraid he will gather all the remaining soldiers in the empire and attack Fort Bryden again.”

“That’s the most likely outcome, huh? I really should have killed him when I had the chance…”


Words far too cruel to speak in front of family: Rossellia’s expression was something words couldn’t describe.

“Well, if he tries anything, we’ll take him down for good. By the way, what do you plan to do?”


Rossellia fell silent for a short while.

“If possible…if you could allow it, Lord Dyngir, I would like to stay here a while longer…”

“Fine by me, but…”

The recent battle was proof that Rossellia couldn’t be used as a hostage against the empire. If she wished to return, I’d have let her go, but…

“Because…I’m scared to think of what Grett would do to me if I returned.”

“I see. Not that I could ever understand the desire to do such things to your sister…”

“I would have been much happier with a brother like you, Lord Dyngir…oh, pardon me, what nonsense am I saying…hehe.”

“Hah, I’m glad we’re not siblings, though. There are things you can’t do between brother and sister, after all.”

“Things you cannot do? What might those be?”

“Hmm, I wonder. I’ll tell you when the time comes.”

“Very well, I will be looking forward to that time, then.”

Rossellia smiled sweetly, like a rose in bloom. The impulse of starting my “teaching” then and there ran through me for a moment, but I managed to suppress it somehow.


“Lord Dyngir? Are you unwell?”

Rossellia, probably concerned by my strenuous efforts to hold back my desire, peeked at my face from up close. Her beautiful face was close enough that I could kiss her with ease.

(Crap, this is bad)

Do it.

Just do it.

You can think about the consequences later.



“Lord Dyngir, may I?”

I was about to embrace the princess, when someone entered the room.

I turned around and found a petite woman wearing a maid outfit.

“My apologies, Milord. It appears I came at the wrong time.”

“….no, it’s fine. Did anything happen, Sakuya?”

My personal maid and “Fangs of Steel” assassin, Sakuya. She had a hawk perched on her shoulder and held a letter in her hands.

“A message just arrived from our comrades in the imperial capital. Please allow me to report.”

“So, what happened?”

“In brief, thunder.”

“…I see, the weather was bad.”

Why would they even mention the weather? I frowned and waited for Sakuya to continue.

“Yes. Thunder continues to fall even now.”


“And it is likely to continue. Until that man eliminates all those who oppose him.”

Sakuya’s bizarre report left Rossellia and me looking at each other, mystified.

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