BBYW Vol. 2 Chapter 41 (WN)

Chapter 41 – Thunder of Judgment

【POV: Cerros Baal】

Zeus, the “Divine Hammer of the Thunder Emperor”, also known as the “Tower of Babel”.

That was the name of the magic tool used by the first emperor of Baal to destroy the country that occupied this land and found his own empire.

Before making himself emperor, Zebul Baal was an adventurer: while traveling through the plains in this area, he discovered a new kind of ancient ruins.

Zebul explored the ruins with his comrades and found a certain device in the deepest part of the ruins. He managed to activate it and a gigantic tower rose from the earth, which granted him godly powers.

Zebul used this overwhelming power to build his own empire, then annihilated and annexed the surrounding countries, one after the other.

The god-like power, however, required a price to pay: because of this, Zebul declared “Zeus” a taboo magic tool and hid it deep in the imperial court.

“Who could have broken the seal…? Lars and Grett are both supposed to be away!”

The seal placed on “Zeus” required the blood of the first emperor or his descendants, who now numbered four individuals: Lars, Grett, Rossellia and myself.

Lars and Grett were both out west, Rosselia had been kidnapped, and I was here. There shouldn’t be anyone in court capable of breaking the seal.

“N-No! There’s no time to think! Order all troops to retreat, now!!”

“What the hell are you saying!? The capital is almost in our hands! Is that tower so dangerous!?”

“Hell yes it is!! If it really has the power the legends say…”

Before I could finish my sentence, a blinding flash shot from the tower. Shortly followed by a rain of thunderbolts on our siege troops.



A seemingly endless barrage of thunderbolts rained on the Third Imperial Army and the Huang forces. The troops and battalions crumbled, helpless.

“Damn…! Just like the legends…!”

Zeus, the empire’s strongest magic tool, made it possible to rain thunder at will. Its power was as devastating as it sounded — as we were just forced to witness. No matter what powerful warriors one might lead, there was no way to resist such godlike power. Our two armies were quickly decimated, scattering the surviving soldiers in all directions.

“Don’t stop running!! Throw away your weapons if you must, just run!! And stay alive!!”

“Cerros!! What you doing?? You run too!!”

“I know! Kh…!!”


A thunder struck the rear guard, where we were located. Ragoh, standing next to me, was directly struck and collapsed on the ground, charred black. The friend I was laughing with just minutes ago, was gone so easily.

They could probably tell I was here. I had no way to escape.

I looked at the tower continuously firing its thunderbolts and sighed.

“Well damn…pretty short reign I had.”


Xiao Mao shoved me on the ground and covered me. Our overlapping bodies were then struck without mercy by lightning.

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