BBYW Vol. 2 Interlude Part 7 (WN)


Interlude – Dietrich Maxwell’s Adventure


Part 7 – The King of the Pirate Country


The pirate country “Lion Kingdom” was an island country located in the western region of the Southern Archipelago, the collection of countless islands in the southern seas.

The Lion Kingdom, its capital situated on Amethyst Island, was a country that expanded its influence and authority by committing piracy against other countries.

More than half of the island’s territory was volcanic: the lack of plains did not allow for any industry except fishing to thrive. It was not a rich country by any means.

At least, so it was until a certain alchemist drifted to the island, bringing the knowledge to produce gunpowder. 

The island’s situation changed dramatically: the early acquisition of gunpowder triggered the establishment of the pirate country “Lion Kingdom”, which soon grew to be a menace to the southern seas.

“What did you say!? Another one of our ships was sunk!?”

A deep male voice boomed in the palace located in the center of the island.

The man’s name was Galahart Blutleid: the king of the Lion Kingdom and also the infamous pirate commander of the Lion King pirates.

Galahart, a rugged man with a face carved by a large blade wound, threw a glass at his subordinate out of anger.

For a pirate country like the Lion Kingdom, ships were vital for their plundering “business”. To lose a ship was not dissimilar to losing a limb.


“Who the hell did it? Draco Omari again!?”

The silver glass struck the subordinate right on the forehead, causing him to bleed. Galahart cared little, however, and continued hollering.

The first name that came up in Galahart’s mind for a possible culprit was that of the female pirate Draco Omari, the Lion King crew’s greatest business rival.

Her “White Demon” pirate crew numbered just five vessels. A pitiful number compared to the Lion King crew and their 50 privateer vessels, but they still were one of the most dangerous crews of the southern seas.

Each crew members were veteran fighters of incredible skill: especially the captain, Draco Omari, who was a veritable monster.

In his youth, Galahart had a chance to witness Draco Omari’s brutality firsthand: ever since then, she had been a nightmare and trauma for him.

“N-No, apparently they failed to capture a trading ship and were sunk.”

“What? A trading ship from where?”

In recent times, it was common for trading ships to be well guarded, so the failed capture itself was not unprecedented. To be sunk in retaliation, however, happened rarely.

“The ship came from the Lamperouge Kingdom. A terribly strong swordsman was on it, and…well…he cut the ship in two…”

“Shit for brains!! You expect me to believe that!?”

Galahart turned red with fury and roared.

If they used gunpowder, it was still understandable, but to sink a ship with a sword was absurd.. The subordinate’s report had to be nonsense.

“You little…any more jokes and I’ll tear off your tongue!!” 

“N-No!! P-Please!!”

“Boss!! We got trouble!!”

Galahart’s anger was about to really explode, when another subordinate barged into the palace. Galahart turned towards him and scowled.

“Boss?? Who’s the boss?? I told you to call me ‘Your Majesty’!!”

“I-I’m sorry! Your Majesty!!”

“Tch…so? What’s going on?”

“Well…it’s about the White Demons…”


Draco Omari had moved, apparently. Galahart completely forgot the matter of the sunken ship.

“The White Demons ship anchored at the Sapphire Kingdom set sail southward. In the direction of…”

“Alexandrite island…at last they moved!!”

Alexandrite was the name of a desert island at the southernmost edge of the Southern Archipelago.

The island housed ruins of the ancient civilization and was said to contain inestimable treasures and magic tools.

It was also inhabited by countless monsters, so both Galahart and Draco Omari had never attempted to lay their hands on the treasure.

“Why are they going there at this time, though…? Could they have found a way to take the treasure!?”

“What should we do, bo-I mean, Your Majesty?”

“Tch! Ready the ships! As many as you can!!”

Galahart immediately made his decision.

The White Demons had always been a thorn in his side: if they managed to take the treasures of Alexandrite island, he wouldn’t be able to lay even a finger on them anymore.

“Y-Yessir!! Right away!!”

“Get moving!! That damn monster of a woman…it’s time you pay for this wound!!”

Galahart caressed the large blade wound on his face, his expression twisted in rage.

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