BBYW Vol. 2 Interlude Part 9 (WN)

Interlude – Dietrich Maxwell’s Adventure

Part 9 – The Lion King Crew

“…and you are?”

“Right, I haven’t introduced myself. I’m the vice-captain of the White Demons crew. The name’s Gourd, sir.”

The bald muscled man introduced himself. He looked as rough as they come, but, for some reason, acted as if he was in the presence of nobility.

“Drop the affected act, man. I’m still your captain’s enemy, anyway.”

“I could never speak with disrespect to someone who can chop off grandma’s neck! Please understand, sir.”

“Grandma? Really now.”

I looked at the girl. Her hair was as white as a grandmother’s, that’s for sure, but she definitely did not look old enough for the large man to address her like that.

“Yes sir, the captain is our grandma. We’re not related by blood, though.”

“Enough with your nonsense!! And don’t reveal a maiden’s age, fool!!”


The self-proclaimed maiden kicked Gourd in the butt. It looked like just a light tap, but the large man’s body was lifted in the air and propelled into the sea.

“Vice-captain overboard!”

“Aye-aye, pulling him up now!”

Seeing the musclehead float through the air was bizarre enough for me, but the crew quickly pulled him back up, as if it was normal for them.

Gourd came back to us in the same casual manner, wringing the saltwater out of his coat as he approached.

“My apologies, gr…er…sister.”

“Accepted. Anyway, tell him about the plan.”


Gourd bowed to Grace, then turned towards me.

“As I said before, you won’t have to help us with raiding ships, sir. We just want your help in taking the treasure on a certain island.”

“Treasure? You mean, like pirate booty?”

“Yes sir, that sort of thing.”

Gourd nodded eagerly, scattering the seawater accumulated on his smooth head as he did.

“There are two obstacles to get rid of on that island before you can get to the treasure. The guards protecting it, and…”

“Ships spotted to the west!! It’s an enemy!!”

Gourd’s explanation was interrupted by the shout of a young pirate. From the direction he pointed to, a fleet of about 20 ships flying a red lion on the flag were approaching. 

“Looks like the other obstacle already showed up. I know you’re not convinced yet, sir, but we need you to work too.”

Gourd pulled out a hatchet and threw it at me. With extreme precision, it severed the rope binding me. I spun around as I fell, landing firmly with both feet on the deck.

“The enemy is a pirate crew, huh? I think I’ve seen that flag before…”

“The Lion King crew. They’re our worst enemies, sir.”

“Gahahaha!! Perfect timing! Let’s get them out of the way! Don’t leave even one alive!”

I looked at the cackling Grace and frowned.

“I never said I was on your side!”

“The loser must obey the winner! Isn’t that right? You lost to me, so do what I say!”

“I’m not dead, so I haven’t lost yet! You got your head cut off anyway, you lost too!”

I retorted to Grace’s order and she bared her beast-like fangs.

“Ooh!? Pretty cheeky, aren’t you? Guess I really should gobble you up!”

“Try me, woman. This time I’ll slice you into pieces and feed them to the sharks! See if you can come back then!”

“Grandma! Sir! This is no time to fight between ourselves! The enemy’s…”

Before Gourd could finish his sentence, the enemy started attacking.

A sparkling object landed between me and Grace. Sure enough, it was a fire arrow.

“Dammitall! If you’re so bent on getting in my way, you’re gonna die first!!!”

“Gahahaha!! You shouldn’t have messed with my meal!!”

I drew my sword and Grace readied her fists. Our eyes now reflected the common prey we had to eliminate first.

The White Demons pirates, the Lion King crew and me.

The battle over supremacy on the southern seas thus started.

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