BBYW Vol. 3 Chapter 2 (WN)

Chapter 2 – Son Howls, Mother Laughs

After several minutes of uninterrupted screams, the Snakebone pirates’ ship fell into complete silence.

The massacre seemed to have ended.

Not long after, another vessel approached the pirate ship turned slaughterhouse.

On the approaching ship flew a simple skull flag. On the mast of the rather drab vessel stood a woman in a red dress.

“Gahaha!! Looks like the job is already done!”

The woman in the red dress, her white hair blowing in the wind, was Grace D.O. Maxwell.

The captain of the White Demons, the largest pirate crew of the southern seas – the infamous pirate known as Draco Omari.

“Damn, he really took out the Snakebones all by himself…guess he really is grandma and that man’s son…”

The large man who contemplated the situation with an impressed sigh was Gourd, vice captain of the White Demons.

Gourd then instructed his subordinates to flank the Snakebones’ ship.


After taking a closer look at the ship, Gourd voiced his surprise aloud. 

It was drenched in blood, from the deck all the way to the mast. One would be hard pressed to find a spot not painted red.

The heavy stench of blood and death hung over the ship, as if to forbid any living beings from stepping on it.

On that ghost ship…”I” was standing, alone.

“Hey…it’s been a while.”

The White Demon pirates boarded the ship, looking slightly intimidated.

I then threw the knife I had snatched from the pirate at the woman leading them.


The knife targeted her throat, just as I aimed, but Grace blocked it, as easily as if it was a ball.

I had expected that much. So I picked up a sword from a dead pirate and instantly closed in on her.


“Hey now, that was dangerous!”

“Tch…didn’t work, huh.”

I swung the sword in a flash, but Grace caught the blade between her fingers, as if it was nothing.

Because of the bruises covering my body, I couldn’t exert as much strength as I’d hoped.

“What’s wrong, did you mistake me for an enemy? Take a good look, dear, it’s your dear mother!”

“Yeah, that’s why I attacked you, shitty hag!!”

So I spat out, as I tossed the sword taken from the corpse away.

“What are you sulking for? Is this your rebel phase? Or are you angry at me for making you act as a castaway to crush the Snakebones?”

“Exactly that, shitty hag!!”

The Snakebone pirates were not exactly a menace in terms of fighting power. They were very cautious, however, and had eluded the White Demons’ tracking until now, making them quite difficult to catch.

To use a decoy, acting as a castaway, to make them drop their guard was not a bad plan by itself.

“But…was the torture part really necessary!?”

I put all my weight on the pivot leg and unleashed a kick with all my might — but Grace swayed and dodged it without effort.


The kick landed on Gourd, who was standing behind her, instead. The unexpected impact sent him flying into the air, then into the sea.

“Gahaha, don’t be so angry! Mommy will be sad if her son hates her so much!”

“Don’t make me hate you then!! I can’t even remember you ever acting like a mother anyway!!”

Grace took all my insults like nothing, laughing loudly as usual.

I finally realized that talking to her was pointless and picked up one of the pirates lying on the deck.

“I left the captain alive, like you said. Interrogation, torture, I don’t care, he’s all yours.”

The captain of the Snakebone pirates had suffered blade wounds here and there, but still breathed.

I kicked him in Grace’s direction, sending him rolling to her feet.

“Gahaha!! That’s my boy!! Well done!”

“Don’t touch my head!! Seriously…”

Grace tried to pat my head, but I dodged and headed towards the ship’s cabin.

“These guys’ wares…I can do what I want with the slaves, right? That was the agreement, right?”

“Right! The White Demons don’t engage in that kind of trade!!”

“Really now…I hope I can find a good woman, at least…”

After going through something like this, I had to spend some quality time with a woman to cope.

Praying that the pirates had captured a beauty or two, I thus went into the cabin, where they supposedly kept their “wares”.

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