BBYW Vol. 3 Chapter 3 (WN)

Chapter 3 – Flower Blooming in a Cage

After going into the cabin, I spotted an area modeled like a prison cell.

The Snakebones, kidnappers and slave traders, had built a cell in their hip that could hold about 20 people.

However — 

“…Damn, is it just kids?”

All I could see inside, trembling huddled against each other, were children about 10 years old.

All of them had sun-scorched skin: they were likely abducted from various islands of the Southern Archipelago.

“Haah…what am I supposed to do with brats like these…”

There were some good-looking girls among the kids. Unfortunately, however, I was not the kind of gentleman with a penchant for fooling around with children.



Seeing me stand in front of the cage, the children shrieked. They were clearly terrified.

Feeling a headache creep up, I shook my head.

“So, er…the pirates that kidnapped you, I killed them all.”

The kids were shaken, naturally. They looked at each other with hesitation, then peeked at my face.

“I don’t know where they took you from, but I’m letting you off at the nearest port. Do what you will then.”

“P-Please wait!!”


I turned around and the group of kids parted, revealing the owner of the voice that stopped me in my tracks.


I couldn’t help it — I was instantly fascinated.

Among the kids was a girl 17 or 18 years old.

Black hair with a bluish hue, a face that even the harshest judge would praise as very pretty. She was definitely a beauty.

Her scorched gold eyes and gleaming lips were accentuated even more by the exotic charm of her amber skin.

Based on skin color, she probably came from an eastern country, like Sakuya, but the girl before me had a darker complexion, which reinforced her unique atmosphere.

“I couldn’t see her because of the kids…but hey, this is a really good find…those pirates did a damn fine job.”


“Oh, sorry, sorry. How can I help you?”

“Er, well…are you a pirate?”

I replied to the girl’s question with a sarcastic grin.

“At the moment…yeah, you could say that. I don’t have any intention to sell you, however, so you can rest easy about that.”

I stressed the last words — I did not guarantee her safety about anything else.

“We are…these children have been abducted from the Garnet Kingdom. Please, could you bring us back to our homeland?”

“Garnet Kingdom…?”

If my memory served right, Garnet was the largest trading state of the Southern Archipelago, and was located east of the Sapphire Kingdom.

It would take 20 days of sea travel from our current location: certainly not somewhere we could just make a quick detour in.

“I’m sorry, miss, but I’m not a savior of those in distress, or anything like that. Consider it lucky that you’ll get dropped off at the nearest port.”

“No, please…!!”

The girl’s expression twisted painfully.

I glanced at her from the side and smirked.

“What do we get from taking you back home? Are you going to pay for the trip?”

“We…We don’t have money, but…”

The girl’s voice trailed off. She didn’t seem willing to give up, however, and her golden eyes pleaded to me.

“I can pay by working…no matter how long it takes. Please, help these children…!”

“Ooh, so you’re willing to pay. Excellent, excellent!”

I took the key hanging from the wall and opened the cell.

As I stepped inside, the kids shrieked and dispersed left and right.


I walked in front of the girl, who looked at me wide-eyed and swallowed her breath.

“You said you’ll pay by working…do you really know what that means? A slave can’t choose their job, you know?”

“Of course! So please, save these children…”

“I see, glad to hear it.”


I took the girl’s hand and pulled her up.

She had probably not bathed in days: the smell of her sweat was pretty fierce, but I hugged her thin waist without a care.

“I didn’t want to force you, see. So I’m really thankful that you consented.”

“Ehm…to what…?”

“This isn’t the right place, though. Let’s go somewhere else.”

I dragged the girl out of the cell. She kept looking at the kids, worried.

“I’ll have the guys bring them food and water later, don’t worry. I won’t tell you to trust a pirate, but there’s no one else here to help you right now, so just do as I say.”

“I understand that, but…where are we going?”


The girl looked at me, genuinely puzzled.

Could it be that she really had no idea what I was going to do?

“I mean…I’m a man, right?”

“Well yes, I can see that…?”

Yup, she didn’t have a clue.

I looked around at the kids. Even 10 year olds seemed to understand what was going to happen to her: some blushed, others turned pale.

In what environment could she have been raised, to be so ignorant of such “activities” at her age?

“…oh well.”

After briefly considering the matter, I concluded it was not a real problem.

She didn’t need to know anything: all that mattered was that I did.

“I’ll teach you in bed. Just think of it as a kind of work women do.”

“Really? Well, I promised, so I will do my best.”

“Yeah, you do that.”

I left the worried kids and took the girl out of the cabin. I told the White Demons crewmembers to feed the kids, then headed to the captain’s cabin.

What kind of work did I have her do?

Her moans, which resounded throughout the night, should be enough of an answer.

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