BBYW Vol. 3 Chapter 24 (WN)

Chapter 24 – Battle at the Governor’s Palace



The pirates, split in several groups, advanced towards the palace from multiple directions.

Of the over 2000 pirates forming the Lion Kingdom fleet, 1500 had disembarked. The remaining 500 stayed on the ships, in case of emergency.

The majority of the attacking force was made of low-rank members of the Lion King pirates, but their morale was everything but low.

A higher rank within the Lion Kingdom was promised to whoever produced enough results in battle: because of this, they marched through the city with plenty of enthusiasm.

“…they’re coming.”

Randy, the captain of Brutos’ security forces, heard the rumbling and shouting coming from the port’s direction and clenched his lance tighter.

The security guards positioned around the palace numbered about 300. Barely one fifth of the attacking pirate numbers.

They had assembled in a formation surrounding the palace and built a makeshift fort, using all the wood and materials they could find.

Ironically, thanks to the destruction caused by the previous day’s attack, they did not struggle to find useful materials from the ruined buildings.

The guards placed barricades on all the roads leading to the palace and were standing by in the rear, armed with bows and arrows.

“Remember, men! One hour!! We just have to resist for one hour!! As long as we can protect this location, victory will be ours!!”


After the previous day’s attack, more than half of the security guards had fled Brutos. Most of the deserters were people who had come to find employment from other towns.

In contrast, the guards who remained were born and raised in Brutos, who only wished to protect it. They were determined to fight to the bitter end, even after witnessing the ruthless bombardment the day before.

Their morale was even higher than the pirates, convinced they were going to win. They were tightly united, with Randy at the center.

Eventually…the pirates reached the governor’s palace.



Following the commander’s order, the pirates roared as they charged the palace in an all-out attack.

“Kill them all!! Take everything you can!! Don’t leave anyone alive!!”

“WAHAHAHA!!! Time to spill some blood!!”

“Steel your guard!! Don’t let them advance one step!!”

The pirates started chopping down the barricades with swords and axes, while the guards attacked them through the gaps with lances. From the rear, volleys of arrows rained over the pirates’ heads.

“Take down the barriers fast!! Once we’re inside, we’ve as good as won!! Take all the riches!! Rape the women!!”

“HYAHAHAHA!! There are women in the palace!! We’ll have ourselves an orgy!!”


The orders might have been crude and vulgar, but they fueled the fire inside the pirates even more.

While technically they were the Lion Kingdom’s armed forces, in the end they were nothing but ruffians, whose only goal was to kill and pillage.

Rather than a lofty promise of a future rank, raping the women in front of them sounded much more appealing.

“Gh…filthy bastards…!”

Looking at the pirates, rushing ahead like horses chasing the carrot dangling before them, Randy grit his teeth and cursed under his breath.

The citizens who had no place to run, the wounded and sick had all taken shelter in the palace.

If Randy and the guards fell, a tragic outcome would surely await.

“We’ll protect the palace to the end!! Don’t let anyone through!!”


The guards took advantage of the narrow roads and barricades to compensate for their inferior numbers.

 The pirates, however, attacked wave after wave, with no sign of stopping, while the guards’ fatigue only piled up.

As time passed, the barricades were destroyed, one after the other.

Then, some dozens of minutes later…

The security corps finally reached their limit.

“Sir! We can’t hold them back anymore!!”

“They’re breaking through the west side! Send help…!”

“The south side too…gwah!!”

“Damn!! Hold on!! Just a little more!!”

“Yes Sir…!”

Randy shouted his orders fiercely, but the guards’ response grew weaker and weaker.

Despite his lack of experience on the battlefield, Randy could tell that it was only a matter of time until all the barricades were destroyed.

“HYAHAHA!! Keep pushing forward!! Massacre them all!!”

“Kill them!! Rape them!!”

“Kh…this is it.”

Hearing the voices of the approaching pirates, Randy stomped the ground in irritation.

(They’re going to break through at this rate…we’ve got no choice. It’s a bit early, but we have to proceed with the plan!)

“Sound the trumpet! Give the signal!!”

“Yes Sir!”

Randy, a look of frustration on his face, gave the order to a young guard.

The guard blew in his military trumpet, making it resound loudly towards the sky.

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