BBYW Vol. 3 Chapter 31 (WN)


Chapter 31 – The Queen of the Sea Birds


Countless sea birds were flying over the port, mewing, cawing and crying.

From their claws and beaks dangled pieces of rope lit on fire, which they dropped over the pirate ships.

Some of the birds even carried glass bottles filled with oil, which helped spread the flames further.

The fire eventually reached the pirates’ flaming arrows, explosives and gunpowder meant for the “Overthrower” cannon, setting off large explosions.

Cue a series of deafening blasts.


The pirate vessels were engulfed in flames, one after the other, as columns of black smoke rose to the sky.

The pirates might have been used to handling gunpowder, but they would have never expected fire raining from above.

The rain of flames could only be the work of the devil: they did not have the time or presence of spirit to notice that it was instead caused by birds they were used to seeing every day. Screams and fire soon took over the whole fleet.

Far from the sea of raging flames, in a residential area close to the port, a young girl was standing at the entrance of one of the houses.

The tidal winds played with the girl’s bluish hair — she was Dyngir’s slave, Sue.

“Good boy, eat your food and go to work, okay?”


“Yes, be careful out there.”


Several sea birds were gathered around Sue. They eagerly swallowed the beans in her hands: once satisfied, they grabbed their piece of rope and flew away.

“…can’t believe what I’m seeing…you can really control birds?”

The White Demons pirate assigned as Sue’s escort was slack-jawed, stupefied.

He had heard of Sue’s ability from Dyngir, but seeing her actually command the birds was bewildering nonetheless.

“I’m not controlling them, you know? I just asked them to help.”

“Yeah, that’s unbelievable all the same…the sea is really wide…”

The man sighed and slowly shook his head.

“More importantly, will this really be useful for my master?”

“The young master said it will, so it has to be. Rest assured, he’s got to have a plan.”

“Really!! I hope my master will praise me…”

“You’re sure fond of him…lil’ lady, didn’t you meet the young master just some time ago?”

The man looked at Sue with some suspicion, but she held her hands on her chest and beamed an innocent smile.

“My master learned of my ability and accepted me…even my father and the people at the monastery suddenly grew distant after they knew of my strange powers. Moreover, my master has shown me a whole new world.”

“Yeah, well…”

All that mattered to him was that you look good…so the pirate was going to continue, but he managed to stop himself in time.

Surrounded by candid birds, Sue looked positively blissful: there was something sacred about her, and he felt it would be wrong to ruin the scene.

A flock of pure white birds, dancing and fluttering around a young girl. It was just like an angel descended from heaven.

“Damn if I know why so many fine women fall for a guy like that…”

The pirate looked away from Sue, a sight a touch too holy for a sea roughneck like him, and grumbled to himself.

Then, another low rumbling sound, another pillar of black smoke billowing in the distance.

The battle over Port Brutos was reaching its climax and its conclusion.

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