BBYW Vol. 3 Chapter 32 (WN)

Chapter 32 – The Battle Ends

Another ship was rocked by explosions.


Sakuya was looking at the pirate ship going down in flames, her face paler than usual.

After slaying all the pirates on the ship we’d boarded, we were observing the surrounding vessels.

Of the circa 200 ships that composed the pirate fleet, more than half had already sunk.

Before our eyes, another large ship was keeling over, dragging the smaller ships around it to the depths of the sea.

“Who would have thought that a slave could do something like this…she is too dangerous.”

“Come on, don’t say that. Actually, she’s pretty impressive with her clothes off.”

“…That is NOT what I am talking about. If that ability is used for espionage or assassination, there is no way to stop it.”

Sakuya glared at me, clearly upset.

As a member of the Fangs of Steel, who made assassination and espionage their life’s work, Sakuya too used hawks and owls, but for nothing more than delivering messages — much like carrier pigeons.

No one could control birds as precisely as Sue did.

“Indeed…birds for inspection and surveillance, cats or mice to sneak poison into the enemy’s house…there are countless tricks you can pull with an ability like that.”

“I’m really glad she’s not an enemy…if possible, why not leave her in the custody of the Fangs of Steel? She would surely become a capable assassin.”

I considered Sakuya’s proposal for a bit, but then shook my head.

“Not a bad idea…but unfortunately, that girl will be my slave only until we arrive at the Garnet Kingdom. I have to keep the promises I can.”

“What exactly is the problem? You can always persuade her to our side with your “private” techniques…as you always do.”


I smiled wryly at Sakuya’s allusion, then looked up at the sea birds dancing in the sky.

It was an ability too dangerous to neglect — and a beauty much too dazzling to let go.

I would eagerly keep her at my side.

“It would be great if it was possible, but…I’d have to put my life on the line too.”

“What do you mean? Is she frigid?”

Sakuya tilted her head at me, while asking a question rather close to an insult.

She could not know yet, but Sue was even more “superhuman” in bed.

My attempts of winning her over might end up in having my life force sucked out of my body.

“You’ll understand, soon enough. The world is truly wide…there are plenty of monsters out there that we have no idea of.”

“I’m not sure I understand…but let us leave it at that. What are your plans from now?”

The pirates who managed to escape the fire and smoke were retreating. They picked up any of their landing force comrades who managed to reach the port alive and sailed away.

The pirates who failed to reach the port in time watched the ships disappear in the distance, shouting curses as they fell to their knees.

These survivors, driven into a corner by the mercenaries, could only throw down their weapons and surrender.

“The battle is over. There is no need to fight anymore.”

“Should we not chase after them?”

“How are we supposed to chase them on the sea? We only have the one pirate ship we took over. We have no chance to win in a sea battle.”

“Understood. Allow me to serve tea, then.”

Sakuya had changed into her maid outfit — where she was keeping it, no one knows — and poured me a cup of tea.

“Please forgive me, it might be slightly lukewarm.”


I briefly replied, and watched the back of my maid, preparing tea on a ship riddled with bloody corpses.

As she skilfully continued her preparations, I noticed how her sharp haircut fully exposed her neck.

“Hmm…short hair isn’t bad at all…”

I leisurely observed her nape, grinning to myself.

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