BBYW Vol. 3 Chapter 37 (WN)

Chapter 37 – The Fall of the Pirate Kingdom

“The…Overthrower…? Why do you want to know about that…?”

Gaion was perplexed. He honestly had no clue as to why Grace would be interested in such a thing.

(Could she be planning to mass produce the Overthrowers? Don’t tell me that this woman is aiming to conquer the southern seas too…?)

Such thoughts crossed Gaion’s mind as he opened his mouth.

“That…was brought to us by a man who joined the crew a few years ago.”

“A man…?”

“An odd bird, that one…he was an expert on things we had never even heard about. Like he had come from the future.”

Gaion snorted a laugh.

“Of all the things he knew, only the ‘Overthrower’ could be recreated…just barely. I’ll be damned if I know where he learned all that…”

“…where is that man now!? What did he say his name was?”


Grace, with an unusually determined tone in her voice, pressed the wounded Gaion further.

One wrong word could have sent her in a furious frenzy: even a seasoned pirate such as Gaion flinched.

“H-He…we left him in charge of the colony…the Garnet Kingdom. His name is…”

Gaion’s voice shook.

“…Drake…at least that’s what he said, we don’t know if—”

A squelching sound.

Grace grabbed Gaion’s head and forcefully squeezed.

The man’s cranium and brain were crushed beyond recognition, his torso laid limp on the floor.

“Aah, cap’n! We still have things to ask…”

“Shut up.”


Gourd, who had been watching over the interrogation from nearby, ran up to Grace, but she unceremoniously kicked him away.

He rolled across the throne room, eventually smacking his back against a wall.

“…looks like someone’s unwilling to go to the afterlife! This time I’ll make sure you don’t have an ounce of life left in your body!!”


Grace usually had a smile on her face during her bouts of brutality, but her current expression was surprisingly grim.

Gourd knew Grace well enough to understand what it meant, but even he had rarely seen her in such a sour mood.

Grace stomped towards the entrance, kicked the door down and went outside.

“…The last time cap’n was so pissed, must have been when the young master was taken by House Maxwell…”

Gourd shivered and mumbled to himself.

Grace was a walking minefield at the moment. He made his large body as small as possible, walking behind her while staying out of her field of sight as much as possible.

Outside the castle, the city laid before them — in flames.

The Lion Kingdom’s royal capital had been attacked by the White Demon pirates and their followers, quickly turning the place into hell on earth.

The pirates slayed the fleeing populace without mercy, women and children included.

When they saw Grace emerge from the castle, the subordinates gathered around her.

“Boss! We captured some Blutleid family members, trying to escape the town! What should we do with them?”

“Kill them.”

So Grace ordered, without missing a beat.

The white-haired female pirate, standing against a backdrop of raging flames, grinned just like a demon from hell.

“All the people in this town are either pirates or their family! We don’t need prisoners or slaves. Kill every last one of them!!”

“Ma’am!! Yes ma’am!!”

The pirates immediately acted upon their orders, scattering throughout the city.

Grace watched them go, then barked an order to Gourd, still tiptoeing behind her.

“Our next destination is the Garnet Kingdom! We’re setting sail as soon as the raid’s over!”


The pirates answered with a low-pitched roar.

That day, on one side of the Southern Archipelago, a country fell, many of its citizens perishing in the flames.

The ill-fated pirate country was utterly annihilated, leading to the independence of several of the countries it had taken over.

The southern seas had not seen the last of war, however.

The former Garnet Kingdom would soon become the stage of new raging flames of war.

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