BBYW Vol. 3 Chapter 36 (WN)

Chapter 36 – Attack of the Mad Matriarch

On the western side of the Southern Archipelago lay Amethyst island.

Largely dominated by a volcanic area, Amethyst was also home to the pirate state Lion Kingdom and its capital, located on the eastern edges of the island.

20 years prior, after king Galahad Blutleid died on the battlefield, the kingdom entered an age of darkness — until the recent emergence of a new king brought new energy to the country.

Galahad’s younger brother, Gaion Blutleid, proactively employed new weaponry, such as the “Overthrower” cannon, and succeeded in taking over the Garnet Kingdom and several other countries.

The pirate country’s momentum seemed unstoppable.

The kingdom’s golden age was almost a reality…when a certain mother and child threatened to end it before it even started.

In Leonsol, the capital of the Lion Kingdom.

The royal castle had burst into flames.


Inside the castle, in the throne room, an aged man was kneeling on the marble floor, holding his stomach.

Despite his advanced age, the man’s physique was well-built and robust: he was the Lion Kingdom’s current leader, Gaion Blutleid.

Blood trickled from Gaion’s mouth as he cursed the woman standing before him.

“Grace…Omari…my kingdom…how dare you…!”

“Gahaha!! What a sorry sight!!”

Unfazed by the man’s gaze, seething with hate, Grace laughed heartily, exposing her fangs.

All around them lay the corpses of Lion Kingdom soldiers, fallen to protect their liege.

There was no one else left to protect the king: the castle would fall at any moment.

“You’re the one who picked a fight with us! You brought this on yourself!”

“Gh…! If only the main fleet returned…you’d be squashed like the vermin you are…!!”

The Lion Kingdom had become one of the greatest military powers in the Southern Archipelago — yet the capital had fallen with unbelievable ease. The reason was that its pirate fleet, the backbone of the army, had sailed to Brutos in order to start the invasion.

The successful takeover of the port town would have led to the conquest of the once prosperous Sapphire Kingdom, and ultimately to the rise of the Lion Kingdom as ruler of the southern seas…

Gaion’s heart was burning with hatred and resentment.

“That’s a damn shame, because that fleet isn’t coming back!”

Grace answered plainly.

“Your prized pirate fleet is sinking below the waves by now, thanks to my son! He’s a stupid brat who refuses to grow up right, but he’s not so weak as to get killed by your lackeys!”


Gaion’s expression twisted.

He knew very well the strength of the woman before him: to think that such a monster had given birth to a child was a nightmare come true.

“You inhuman creature…may you be cursed forever…!!”

“Gahaha!! Are those really your final words!? What a sorry life that must have been!!”


Grace kicked Gaion’s chest, to roll him on his back.

“But there’s something I have to know before I kill you!! You better answer me, and fast!!”

“Who…the hell…would ever…”

“Oh, you will!! Your women and kids are with my crew, remember! This is your last chance to give them a better fate!”


Gaion grunted under his breath.

As the king, he had an extensive harem of concubines, and more than 20 children.

Among them, some were still infants.

Even the coldest, cruelest pirate would still feel some affection for their family.

The thought of his innocent children being slaughtered kindled Gaion’s last remnants of fatherly love.

“What should we do with them? Feed them to the sharks? Use’em as coal next winter? Or test our kitchen knives on them, carving them from the limbs up?”

“….what do you want to know?”

Gaion looked away and whispered.

Grace looked down at the defeated man and smiled.

“You should have said so from the beginning! You and your useless pride.”


“Fine, anyway…there is just one thing I want to know.”

Grace’s expression suddenly became grave, her eyes on Gaion sharper than ever.

“The ‘Overthrower’…who gave you the technology to build that cannon?”

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