BBYW Vol. 3 Chapter 35 (WN)


Chapter 35 – Battle by Day, Battle by Night


One week after the Lion Kingdom pirates’ raid…

I was still in the port town of Brutos, watching it be slowly rebuilt.

The battle against the Lion King crew ended in a complete victory for our side; most of the pirates who landed to attack the governor’s palace were either captured or killed, and more than half of the 200 ships that formed the fleet had disappeared under the waves.

The pirates who survived fled to the sea…but they did not end safe and sound either, apparently.

The day after the raid, the island was visited by a storm of rare proportions: it wrought havoc on the nearly destroyed port, so it was easy to assume that the runaway pirate ships would have fallen victim to it too.

In fact, ship debris floated to the port for several days after the storm.

“A storm is coming…now that I think about it, Sue did say something like that.”

I recalled the conversation with Sue at Alexandrite island, as I was looking out of the window of the inn I was staying in.

Under the blistering sunlight, people were busily going back and forth, carrying wood, stones and other materials to the port.

A number of people had come to Brutos from all over the Sapphire Kingdom, in order to proceed with reconstruction.

The worst-case scenario — the city being taken over by a foreign country — had been avoided, but the damage and losses sustained by Brutos were still considerable.

The port, especially, had suffered the brunt of the attack.

The pirate ships’ cannons had laid waste to half of the buildings. In addition, the pirate ships that blew themselves up had left wreckage everywhere, making it impossible for the port to carry out its original function.

When the battle ended, countless corpses floated on the water near the port. A real hellscape, which few people knew had been caused by a single young girl.

“I got nothing left to do here, so I’d really like to pack up and leave, but…this might turn out to be a long vacation…”

A holiday in a tropical country…it might sound pleasant, but the town’s atmosphere wasn’t exactly one for sightseeing at the moment.

One wrong step and I’d easily get dragged in helping with the reconstruction or forced to go drink with someone who wanted to thank me for protecting the city.

“I don’t mind drinking, but I’ll take a pass on having to take care of drunk men…”

Alcohol was something I enjoyed at my own pace, little by little, especially with a beauty at my side.

I poured myself a glass of fruit spirit —  a nostalgic aroma, as I was born in a tropical country myself.

I sipped on the taste of home, rolled it on my tongue to savor it fully.

“We had to stay longer than expected…but at least we got something out of it!”

Officially, the hero who led Brutos to victory against the pirates was the captain of the security guards, Randy.

The people in command during the battle, however, know that the defense strategy was devised by me.

I didn’t tell them about Sue’s abilities, but I reported that we destroyed more than half of the pirate ships, so we received a pretty hefty reward.

The fact that we could take one whole pirate ship was especially valuable. It was a large vessel with a crew of about 100, equipped with plenty of supplies, various weapons and even an “Overthrower” cannon.

I needed manpower to move it, but as soon as the reconstruction ended we could fill up on food and water and set sail anytime.

“And so I can just relax and enjoy the vacation….but.”

I filled my glass again, then looked towards the bed.

“Hn…hah…I won’t…lose…!”


“…how long are you planning to go, you two…?”

I looked at the two girls, their bodies entwined on the bed, and sighed.

Sakuya and Sue were engaged in hot and sweltering “wrestling”.

The homoerotic activities of the two pretty girls were very sensual, to say the least: even if I personally was never interested in the genre, I couldn’t help but feel stimulated.

Even such a titillating sight, however, left me unfazed — since it went on for over half a day.

“Kh…! Lord Dyngir…as your number one servant, I cannot possibly lose here…!!”

“Mmh…I’m not sure what you mean, but…Master’s slave is me…”

The trigger that started it all was Sakuya’s strange hostility towards my new slave, Sue.

Once the battle against the pirates ended and things calmed down, Sakuya challenged Sue to a “night battle”.

Sakuya saw herself as the leader of my lovers, so she probably wanted to put the new recruit in her place. Sue’s natural resilience, however, turned the tables on her.

“Gh…you little…!! How much energy…can you have…!?”

“Mmh..haah…I still have plenty left, actually.”

“Rrgh…you monster…!!”

Sakuya had been my lover since the age of 13: in terms of technique, she was definitely superior. 

Sue’s superhuman toughness, however, endured all of her attacks, and eventually Sakuya lost control of the battle.

At present, Sue was covering Sakuya’s small body with her own, licking extensively her delicate skin.

“Mmh…nh…I never knew you could do such things between women. Being with Master gives me so many new experiences…”

“Yeah, well, that’s not an experience I planned for you to have, though…”


The usually expressionless Sakuya was on the verge of tears. She would not surrender, however: the strength of her pride was shining as well.

“…guess I should help her out. It would be pitiful if she lost to a new recruit, after all.”

I shrugged and downed my drink.

I put the glass down on the table, slipped between the sheets and embraced Sue from behind.


“I’ve gotten bored of being left out, so I’m joining in.”


I stopped Sue moments before she reached victory and savored her healthy body to my heart’s content.

The daily and nightly banquets continued for over one week, until the town’s reconstruction ended.

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