BBYW Vol. 3 Chapter 39 (WN)


Chapter 39 – Seeker of Salvation


【POV: A certain country’s minister】


“What a bizarre question. Is it strange for a pirate to engage in acts of cruelty?”

“No, that is not what I…it seems to me that…you do not take pleasure in torture, governor.”

Carefully picking my words, I finally asked the question that had been weighing on my mind.

During my tenure as minister, I have had the chance to witness the darkness lying in the hearts of many men and women. Among them, there were those who delighted in the pain and suffering of others.

Merchants who whipped slaves in their spare time.

Nobles who exerted violence on young maidens.

Executioners who leisurely tortured prisoners.

This country had a fair number of people harboring such darkness in their hearts.

Drake, however, did not appear to belong to that group.

When he looked at the torture victims, Drake’s eyes were as transparent as crystal balls, void of any emotion.

He did not enjoy torturing them, nor did he feel any pity. It was like torture was menial work for him.

“That is correct, I do not do this because I enjoy it.”

Drake nodded to my words, plainly.

“Then, why do you…”

“Minister. This is an act of defiance. Defiance to god.”


Drake turned an emotionless gaze towards me.

“If I repeat such acts of cruelty, god might punish me one day. Not the evil god who cursed me, but a just one, who might finally kill me…that is why I continue this massacre.”

“W-What kind of reason is that…?”

“It might also be that I joined the Lion King pirates and brought down this country, because I hope that there might be a god able to kill me, somewhere in these southern seas.”


Drake’s words exuded an ego I could barely comprehend.

I hurriedly closed my mouth, stifling the protests rising from my throat.

I was not allowed to admonish him, no matter the reason.

“Nonsense!! You killed my people for such a reason!?”

Someone objected in my place, however.

The voice came from under Drake’s behind.

“Hmm? The throne’s making some strange noise.”


Drake slapped the “royal throne” a couple times, and a guttural voice rose in response.

The “royal throne” where the heartless pirate sat was actually none other than the former king of Garnet.

The literally “royal” throne turned his neck towards Drake and glared at him.

“There is no need to engage in these meaningless evil acts, for you will soon face your punishment, you bastard! Devil! Prepare to meet your maker!”

“Your Majesty…”

I couldn’t bear to look at what had become of my liege.

Ever since Garnet was conquered, the king had been forced to take the role of a chair. A “royal chair”, thus “throne”…this dark wordplay gave Drake the idea, though I could not see the humor in it at all.

“Wait, you say…but unfortunately, I’ve already waited a thousand years. I’m not going to wait any longer.”

Drake shrugged at the king’s cursing words, as if he didn’t feel particularly fazed.

I could not understand what he meant by “a thousand years”. The fearsome truth hidden in those words, however, chilled my spine nonetheless.

“I cannot die, even if I wish to. What worse torture could there be? I cannot stand it anymore. I have no intention to, either. If there is no one able to kill me, I will simply continue to kill others, until they appear.”


“Oh lord of heaven, o supreme god! Grant your divine punishment to my foolish self!! Carry my soul to the depths of hell!!”

Drake looked up and raised his hands towards the sky, and both the king and I became speechless.

Some time later, a new victim was dragged into the hall. And the game of cruelty started anew.

I could only pray, with all my heart, that god’s hand of salvation would punish the madman before my eyes.

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