BBYW Vol. 3 Chapter 48 (WN)

Chapter 48 – Fated Encounter with the Immortal Man

“The only place to slay a woman is on a bed. Only scum would enjoy torturing them.”

“Haha, that stings.”

The knife had without a doubt pierced Drake’s chest, but he pulled it out as if nothing had happened.

The wound closed quickly, leaving no trace behind.

“A magic tool boosting recovery…? No, that can’t be it.”

I was familiar with that kind of recovery. I had witnessed it since I was a child, whether I liked it or not.

“So that’s why you feel so familiar. To think there were others of the same species as that shitty hag…this has to be a nightmare.”

“Hmm, you’re not surprised? Most people who see me do this are speechless the first time.”

Drake shrugged, apparently disappointed, then tossed away the knife.

He then pulled out his sword, stabbed into one of the nearby corpses, and pointed it straight at me.

“Sakuya, Sue, you know what to do.”

“Yes, I will provide support. Do not worry about the rear.”

“I will hide and stay out of the way…please be careful, Master.”

Sakuya readied poisoned needles in both hands, while Sue scurried away and hid behind a pillar.

I drew my Siegfried from the sheath. Herakles was already equipped on my arm, flashing bright with a silver light.

“Your eternity or whatever ends tonight. Say thanks and die.”

“Haha! Try me, young one!”

I stepped forward into Drake’s range and slashed horizontally.

It was fast enough to be a lethal strike, but Drake deflected it with his blade.

“Nice one, you’re pretty well trained for your age.”


I ignored Drake’s praise and kept slashing.

Up, down, right, left.

Upwards feint, slash downwards. Feint right, slice left.

I attacked without pause, mixing dozens of feints, but Drake parried everything, without breaking a sweat.

“Pretty impressive to reach such a skill level at around twenty years old. It’s a shame for a talent like yours to be plucked now. 

“Really now? Sakuya!”

“Pardon me.”


As I continued attacking, Sakuya’s poisoned needles flew forward from behind my back. She had quietly come closer to us, using my back as cover.

“Petty tricks!”

The poisoned needles were aimed straight at Drake’s eyes, but he dodged them simply by flexing his neck. It was the least movement needed, but it still created an opening.



I swung my sword with enough force to cleave his torso in two.

Drake, however, managed to react at superhuman speed: my sword only grazed his arm.

“Not bad, not bad at all. You’re sure different from the rest of the small fries.”

“Tch…I wanted to end it with that.”

“Don’t feel so down, now. That would have ended anyone else other than…hm?”

Drake was smiling, pleased, but his face then turned into a grimace.

He was looking at the wound on his arm, which continued leaking blood.

Unlike the knife wound from a few moments ago, it showed no sign of healing.

“The wound isn’t closing…? Could it be…!?”

Drake looked at the sword I wielded, eyes wide in surprise.

“The cursed blade crafted to slay the fallen gods, Siegfried!? You have been chosen by that sword!?”

Drake’s expression shifted from surprise, to ecstasy, and finally to crazed laughter.

“Hahaha….HahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAA!! Yes!! Fantastic!! After a thousand years, you return to me  — as an enemy!! My beloved, supreme sword, the only one capable of killing me!!”

“What are you…”

“So you!! You are my fate!! Finally, finally you came! My destiny, god’s punishment, sweet grim reaper! I have waited a millennium for you!!”


Drake had discarded his sword and was just laughing, his arms wide.

The ecstasy and killing intent emanating from his body, however, prevented me from stepping forward.

“Aah, this is too much! I haven’t been this happy in centuries! How can I make you understand all these feelings, all this love!?”

“You disgusting freak!!”


I desperately suppressed my fear, approached Drake and slashed.

The attack wasn’t as strong as before, and he parried it easily.

“Don’t be so hasty! I waited for my reaper for so long…let me enjoy this more!!”


“Lord Dyngir!!”

Drake’s kick sank into my torso. I managed to regain my balance in midair as I was thrown backwards, reducing the momentum of the fall.

When I landed, Sakuya hurried to my side. I waved, reassuring her I was fine, then readied my sword again.

“I let his aura overwhelm me…pretty pathetic of me.”

“The enemy’s air changed…please be careful.”

“I know.”

Drake felt as if he was playing around until moments ago, but that atmosphere was completely gone now. His tanned, robust physique was clearly covered in fighting spirit.

I wasn’t sure why, but he seemed to recognize me as an equal opponent.

“Shall we start, then? Only one shall survive this bout! Let me first test if you are worthy to kill me!!”

“…do what you want. Don’t think your neck and torso will still be attached when I’m done, though!!”

“Hahaha!! That’s the spirit!!”

Drake put a hand in his breast pocket and took out a locket. He opened the brownish-red lid and threw it on the floor.

“This is the magic tool “Crimson Jar of Sealing”. It’s just a toy, with only the power to hold living beings inside it…now show me your strength, my sweet destiny!!”

The locket spewed red smoke, from which emerged a black beast-like creature.

The gigantic black dog, about twice the size of a lion, glared at me with its red eyes, then powerfully kicked the floor with its hind legs and jumped at me.

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